Make a vegetable garden without spending any money

You can make a vegetable garden without spending any money if you are really determined to have a good diet as a component of enjoying your simple healthy lifestyle.

Please do remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires a good diet.


A picture for making a vegetable garden without spending any money


  • Choose a suitable place to make your vegetable garden

This one is a no-brainer, and really, everyone should be able to do this. Just look for a spot that gets a lot of sunshine during the day. This way, you maximize the growth of your plants.

This is the easiest tip to make your vegetable garden without spending any money.


  • Recycle discarded materials to use for your vegetable garden

For almost a year I was planning on buying a net for my vegetable garden. For a whole year. And I’ve been waiting for that. It had never occurred to me before then that I could make a vegetable garden without spending any money.

But then early this month my budget told me I didn’t have money to buy a net. That’s why it’s so important to always create a budget. Read my post on tips to learn how to budget and be successful at it.

So then, knowing I couldn’t afford a net but desperately wanting a vegetable garden, I set out to look for discarded buckets, bathtubs etc to use as my containers.

I took a discarded fence wire to make the walls of my garden, took the old tattered net I’d gotten from my little brother, patched it up and used it as a roof.

This way, I’m confident I’ve made a structure that will keep out birds and my neighbor’s chickens.

To think I spent a year waiting for store-bought materials for a vegetable garden is ridiculous.

Please do the same. Find discarded materials to use for your garden. You are not going to look far and for long because people are always throwing out such things as leaky buckets and bathtubs, worn out fences and tattered nets. Doing this will enable you to make your vegetable garden without spending any money.


  • Take advantage of the rainy season for your vegetable garden

You should aim to have a supply of vegetables for the whole year. Don’t miss out on planting, especially during the rainy season if you want to make your vegetable garden without spending any money.

The rain will be free water for your garden. And please make sure to have a reservoir so you can harvest the rain water to use long after the rainy season is gone. Doing this will definitely help you make your vegetable garden without spending any money.


  • Make and tend to your own vegetable garden

I know a lot of people who say they don’t have the time to make and tend to their vegetable gardens.

But that garden is a source of the food you require in order to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle, so you have to set aside some time to make it and then tend to it.

Hiring another person to make and tend to your garden is not going to help you if you want to make your vegetable garden without spending any money.

Saying you are too busy to make and tend to your vegetable garden is like saying you are too busy to exercise or to nurture healthy relationships, your spirituality and your personal development. You can never enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle if you entertain such an excuse.

Eating right should be one of your top priorities, so then you must be responsible for making and tending to your garden. You don’t have to hire someone else to do that for you.

Set aside little time during your day for this very important activity and that will enable you to make your vegetable garden without spending any money.


  • Harvest and prepare your own seeds

You don’t have to buy seeds from the store if you really want to make your vegetable garden without spending any money.

I just harvested tomato seeds from a ripe potato I was cooking for my soup. I asked for some carrot, beetroot, spinach and kale seeds from a farmer near me.

But remember that we shouldn’t be all about taking; we must give too. Read my post on 8 important tips to be more generous.

So share your own seeds with other farmers as well so that you all end up with everything. This will help you make your vegetable garden without spending any money.


The final word

You really can make your vegetable garden without spending any money if you put a little effort into it. Don’t think you have to spend money to make a vegetable garden because you don’t. Just follow the tips above and don’t look back.


Thank you for reading this post. Please share your thoughts with us. How do you think you can make a vegetable garden without spending any money? If you’ve done that, please do share with us how you did it. If you haven’t yet but are planning to do it, please share your own tips.



The vegan vs meat eater debate: it’s not necessary

The heated vegan vs meat eater debate has been going on for quite some time now.


A picture for the vegan vs meat eater debate


If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll remember that I give little notice, if at all, to the science attempting to explain our lives. I believe that we let science decide on matters concerning us and we’ve stopped trusting our own bodies to take care of themselves, and that’s wrong.

I grew up in a rural place where we are not exposed to any information about scientific researches and things like that, so to start following those things now in my adulthood just feels so unnatural to me.

So, I don’t have the science behind this vegan vs meat eater debate, but I know many people do. Having said that, I believe people have managed to build a mountain out of this mole of an issue.

You know that a good diet is essential to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires a good diet.

So when I began this journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, I vowed to refrain from all the mind-numbingly confusing world of science and trust my own body. The vegan vs meat eater debate was one of the things I was determined to avoid.

I’m still enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle four years after that decision and haven’t looked back. By the way, I’m a meat eater.

Anyway, as I was saying, the vegan vs meat eater debate is totally unnecessary folks. And here’s why:


  • What you eat is your personal choice

Exclusively. What you eat is entirely up to you. Now, we all know some foods are better than others. But at the end of the day, what you put in your mouth is entirely up to you. So why are you wasting a lot of time encroaching into others’ personal space with this vegan vs meat eater debate?

It’s OK to advice others about their food choices, of course. But this vegan vs meat eater debate has gone overboard and is just trying to force ideas on people.

Really, stop it! What someone eats is a personal choice. And if you are to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle, you should be able to make your own choices and let others make their own choices.


  • People’s bodies are different

While we should be celebrating this fact we are fighting because of it. This is why science has little bearing in my life decisions – because somehow it manages to lump everyone into one category and there’s something wrong with you if you don’t fit in this category. That’s outright wrong.

Just because eating meat feels good for your body doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same for the next person. Likewise, just because being vegan feels good to you doesn’t mean it’s going to feel good for the next person.

And you know what? That’s absolutely OK. Don’t go around converting people into your own diet beliefs, or copying others’ diet beliefs. Instead, learn to listen to your body and respond to it accordingly. Read this post on how to listen to your body.


  • People’s views are different

People believe different things, and that’s OK. For example, you already know by now that I hold the bible very close to my heart. It’s the manual for my life.

Now the bible tells us that everything has been put under our power. In fact, in the creation story in Genesis, the bible says God put everything under man’s power, including animals.

That dominion meant man was to do whatever he saw fit with creation. That included eating animals.

The bible also clearly tells us not to argue about matters of what to eat and what not to eat.

It says as long as those people who eat vegetables do it for the honor and glory of God, then that’s OK. Likewise as long as those people who eat meat do it for the honor and glory of God, it’s OK too. (Romans 14 v 1-3)

I could go on and on about what the bible has to say that will let you see that this vegan vs meat eater debate is just unnecessary and a waste of time.


So, instead of fighting over who eats what, why don’t we just embrace each other’s choices? Let’s encourage each other in love.

Don’t put that much emphasis on food as though we live only to eat. There are far more important things than that.

If we’d learn to recognize that, we’d get our priorities straight and never have to struggle with eating disorders because then we take food only as a means of energy and not something to obsess over. Read my post on how to stop obsessing over calories. I also have another post on how to stop binge eating.

That’s the number one reason why spending time on the internet watching people’s diet habits and copying them is detrimental to you. Read my post on 10 reasons to stop watching what I eat in a day videos.


The final word

I’m going to keep this post very short. I just felt like I needed to talk about this because I see a lot of people being deceived into this vegan vs meat eater debate.

People are taking time and energy away from more deserving things. Not to mention, as long as you let people dictate to you what you should and shouldn’t eat, you can never enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

Follow your own instincts, and don’t be afraid to stand up for your own choices. Read my post on do you have the guts to live life on your own terms?


Thank you for reading this post. I know for a fact that you’ve been exposed to this vegan vs meat eater debate at some point in your life. What are your thoughts about it? Please share with us by commenting.


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10 reasons to stop watching what I eat in a day videos

What I eat in a day videos were unknown to me until recently. One day I found myself on YouTube, looking at countless videos about fit people detailing what they ate on their days.


A picture to stop watching what I eat in a day videos


That was exciting of course, as is everything new. I was fascinated by the idea that a person could put all the food they ate into a video so the world could access that information. I knew a simple healthy lifestyle requires a good diet, so of course I knew this was something I had to check out.

I delved into these videos, and fell in love way too quickly. I have to admit, I clicked on the first video with a genuine intention to get some advice. Things were going so well with my eating that I thought I’d only be promoting what I was already doing as far as my diet was concerned.

But then I started clicking mindlessly on other videos. I got so deep into this world that I’d ditch my own work and go to YouTube just to spend all my valuable time watching people eat.

It didn’t take long for these what I eat in a day videos to take their toll on me. I’d counted myself as a healthy person before I started watching these videos. But now my eating was going haywire. Before I knew what was happening, I’d lost complete control of my eating and instead, it had taken control of me.

So after about two months of watching these videos nonstop, I decided I’d stop watching them. So for a good six months after that, I didn’t even look at any thumbnail of a what I eat in a day video.

I got my eating back on track. Felt as alive as I’d felt before I discovered these videos.

And then at the beginning of this very month (July), I found myself back to binge watching these videos. I took to them with new vigor and excitement. But it didn’t take long for these videos to burn me again.

And now I’m back in that stage where I’ve lost control of my eating. I’ve seen the damage these what I eat in a day videos can do to the watcher. So I’m about to give you reasons why you should stop watching them.


  • Reason #1: what I eat in a day videos rarely cater for the underdog

And this is very true. We know that eating healthy is not expensive. In fact, it’s the cheapest thing you can do because you can even grow the food you eat.

For example, I know I can’t afford to keep buying vegetables and fruits from the store, so I’m about to start my own backyard garden where I can grow my own vegetables all year round.

My neighbors grow oranges, lemons and peaches in their backyards, and I’ll start battering for these with my vegetables. I’ll get the best of everything without spending money.

But what I eat in a day videos rarely show any backyard gardening, or its pros. I don’t know about you but in these videos I’m always taken into a grocery store where everything is bought.

Remember that enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is accessible to everybody. So refuse to let anyone mislead you into thinking you can’t afford to eat right because you definitely can.


  • Reason #2: A lot of the food shown in what I eat in a day videos is processed

This one always stuns me. I see a lot of supposedly healthy food in these videos, yet the food is heavily processed.

In my home, I have one item in my cupboards that’s processed. And that’s the spice my family uses. Other than that, I do not eat any processed foods. We eat our grains unprocessed, as well as our milk, meat, vegetables and whatever fruit is in season.

So what was I thinking following the advice of someone who eats heavily processed foods when I know it’s better to stay away from these foods?


  • Reason #3: What I eat in a day videos are more concerned with getting more views than actually helping you

It’s true. We see countless what I eat in a day videos, and the majority of them couldn’t care less about helping you. There are only a few genuine videos out there. But the majority have no incentive to help you. The vloggers act like they are helping you, but what they are doing is mostly for views.


  • Reason #4: What I eat in a day videos are permeated with unhealthy eating

I can’t name vloggers here out of respect for them. But there are a lot of what I eat in a day videos that are just downright dangerous to the viewers. You see vloggers sipping on smoothies all day long with no proper meals.

And the signature food in these videos is almost always smoothies. I have nothing against smoothies. But when the smoothies take the place of proper meals, that’s where I have a problem.

We have to have proper meals and can’t maintain a healthy eating plan outside of proper meals. Don’t feel compelled to follow any fad diet you meet in what I eat in a day videos.

Forget the smoothie diet, and the six small meals a day diet. I speak about why the ‘eating six small meals a day’  plan is not working for you.


  • Reason #5: What I eat in a day videos promote supplements you don’t need

Every one of these videos always has a protein shake somewhere. I’d never heard of protein powder until I started watching these videos. I have to say, I don’t like what I have to say about protein powder.

What could possibly be the reason to justify taking something like protein powder and all those supplements when you can ingest them naturally? What happened to eating the right foods so you can get every nutrient you need?

I understand that a lot of our vloggers are sponsored by companies which make these supplements. But you should be aware of this and realize some of the things these people advertise are only to keep their end of the bargain with these supplement companies.


  • Reason #6: What I eat in a day videos can trigger an eating disorder

I know this first hand. These videos can shake you even when you’ve never had an eating disorder. I started doubting my eating when I watched all these what I eat in a day videos. That’s because of the ‘food envy’ these videos promote.

‘Food envy’ is when you are envious of what someone else eats, even when you might be eating similar foods. I abandoned my everyday staples in favor of what the vloggers were eating. And because my body was not happy with this change, I spiraled into uncontrollable binge eating.

 I can imagine the problem to be worse if you’ve struggled with an eating disorder before. It’s not worth it watching these videos and going back on all the progress you’ve made to get out of the eating disorder.

Be honest with yourself about the food you are eating. You know the basics of a good diet. It’s a balanced diet. Remember that everything should be eaten in moderation.

Binge eating is usually a sign that your body is unhappy in some way. Learn how to stop binge eating. If you’ve started worrying about calories thanks to these videos, and you shouldn’t be, read my post on how to stop obsessing over calories.


  • Reason #7: what I eat in a day videos contradict each other

This is one of the reasons why I felt inadequate in my eating. I know eggs are good, and that meat is healthy, as long as these foods, just like other foods, are eaten in moderation and as part of a balanced diet.

Some of the what I eat in a day videos will be echoing this. But there’ll be some which will be telling you eating all animal products is bad. Because we look up to these vloggers, we are thrown into a dilemma and almost always feel compelled to abandon our eating habits in favor of theirs.


  • Reason #8: What I eat in a day videos ironically go against listening to your body

Maybe the vloggers are listening to their bodies. But are you listening to your body or you are listening to them give an account of how they listen to their bodies?

It can be hard to listen to your own body when you’ve let a vlogger get into your head like that. If you find yourself tempted to exercise a certain way because your favorite vlogger exercises that way;

Or you feel like you must sleep for only 5 hours a night because this vlogger is hellbent on working hard at the expense of their health;

Or you feel like you must stop drinking milk just because your vlogger said milk is bad for them, even though it’s good for you;

then you have to realize you’ve gone against listening to your body.

Step back from what I eat in a day videos and get back in touch with your body by listening to it. Read my post on how to listen to your body.


  • Reason #9: What I eat in a day videos do not have any entry requirements

Anybody can make what I eat in a day videos, including you. While that might seem like something to celebrate, it’s actually not that good. If anybody can make what I eat in a day videos, then it means sometimes we follow the advice of people who are not qualified to give such advice.

We know enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is accessible to everyone. But you can’t begin to give advice on healthy eating if you are not eating healthy. The advice has to come from your own experiences, from the heart.

I can judge by some of the content of these videos that certain vloggers have histories of unhealthy eating. Imagine following advice from such people, adopting their habits and signing into unhealthy eating without being aware of it.


  • Reason #10: What I eat in a day videos take away the spontaneity of healthy eating

Remember that enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle has to be effortless because it’s what we were meant to do by our creator. Don’t make it rigid and mechanical by watching what I eat in a day videos that now dictate to you what to eat and when to eat it.

That takes away the spontaneity of healthy eating. I miss the times healthy eating was spontaneous to me. I reached for the right kinds of food without thinking too much about it and lived my days without thinking of food nonstop.

Now thanks to these what I eat in a day videos, food has taken the place of more important things. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: we eat to live, we don’t live to eat. Food is meant to give us the strength to live our lives. Don’t get your life centered around food. That’s truly a pathetic life.


The final word

Do yourself a huge favor by avoiding what I eat in a day videos at all costs. Look at the reasons I’ve outlined above and be honest with yourself about whether or not they resonate with you. And I’m willing to bet they do. Maybe not all of them, but the majority.

And even if it’s only one reason you identify with, that’s still a strong enough reason to stop watching these videos and focus on enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle the way it was meant to be enjoyed: spontaneously.


Thank you for reading this post. Maybe you love what I eat in a day videos like I used to. Tell us about that. Or maybe now you’ve stepped away from them like I have. Tell us about that as well. Or maybe you’ve been undecided about whether or not to continue watching them. Well, tell us about that. And I hope these reasons help you make up your mind.


You need these 12 tips if you want to eat less sugar

Eat less sugar. We hear this all the time. Sometimes we are the ones dishing the advice. Yet we find ourselves going back on our own advice and piling on those teaspoons of the white stuff. Many people find sugar too hard to resist. Sometimes we eat sugar and we’re not even aware of that.

I’m about to share with you what you can do to eat less sugar, and you’ll be glad you read this.


A picture for tips to eat less sugar


  • Tip #1: Reduce the amount of sugar you put into your tea or coffee

Now this is going to be difficult at first. I remember when I first tried to eat less sugar. My tea tasted like nothing. I didn’t like that. But I suffered through it until I got used to it.


  • Tip #2: Use healthier sugar alternatives

And no, I’m not talking about agave and all those things of questionable nutrition. I’m talking about using fruit in place of sugar. For example, instead of adding sugar when you make bread, add a banana. I do exactly that because I love bread and now I can enjoy it guilt-free.


  • Tip #3: Ditch sugar altogether in some foods

Yes. In some foods you don’t even need to use healthier alternatives. Eat your food without sugar. Like I said, it will be hard at first but you’ll get used to it and start enjoying having your food without sugar.

In my culture we have soft porridge every morning. It’s a grain called sorghum that’s been fermented and now added to boiling water. It’s almost like grits. It’s a very healthy dish that consists mostly of water and gets the metabolism up and running first thing in the morning.

Now, most of us here are used to adding sugar to the porridge. A few people don’t. I want to stop adding sugar but it’s hard. So I’m taking things slow and I’ve significantly reduced the amount of sugar I add to it. Soon I’ll stop adding sugar altogether.

Do the same thing with your food and that will help you eat less sugar. Your food will actually taste better and authentic without the sugar.


  • Tip #4: Avoid most breakfast cereals

Because they contain a lot of hidden sugar. Have something non-sugary instead. It’s easy to do that. If you really want to eat less sugar you’ll find something nutritious to have for breakfast instead of all those sugar-laden cereals.


  • Tip #5: Ditch sugary drinks

All of them. The soda, and all those juices you think are healthy for you but are just full of sugar. Drink water instead. I used to have soda every day. Ironically, I thought having it with my meals showed I was living the high life. Meanwhile I was doing my body injustice.

Now I’ve completely cut off all the sugary drinks and I’ve fallen in love with water. Please do the same thing. It’s as easy to fall in love with drinking water as it was to fall in love with drinking that soda.


  • Tip #6: Make your kitchen sugar free

Honestly, if you are trying to eat less sugar but you have a cookie jar on your counter, how successful do you think you are going to be? Empty those drawers of all the chocolate bars. You can’t be tempted by what you don’t see.


  • Tip #7: Be smart about your choices when you go out

Observe I didn’t say, ‘don’t go out.’ You can eat less sugar and still go out on your own or with your friends. Just be smart about your food and drink choice wherever you go.


  • Tip #8: Teach your mind that sugar is bad

I have no idea why people still can’t understand the power of the subconscious mind. It will believe and register everything you feed it as long as it’s done consistently enough.

Tell your mind that sugar is bad. Associate it with pain. If you meditate on this your subconscious will pick on it and you’ll feel your desire for sugar melting away. The subconscious is a powerful tool to use if you want to eat less sugar.


  • Tip #9: Don’t include sugary foods into your grocery budget.

Yes, do this intentionally and watch it work some magic in helping you eat less sugar. By creating no space for sugary foods in your budget, you are less likely to buy those foods because buying them will mean going over your budget.


  • Tip #10: Don’t buy into the concept of a cheat day

That’s a ridiculous concept which people use to justify eating all that sugar. Remember to teach your subconscious mind that sugar is bad and you won’t even consider this cheat day concept.


  • Tip #11: Eat enough food

Many people are driven into eating more sugar because their bodies are starving. Their bodies are literally screaming at them and asking for food and they choose to ignore that because well, they must remain on this diet because summer is officially beginning next week.

Please don’t do that. Eat enough food so your body doesn’t crave sugar and rebel against you. Eat a balanced diet and don’t skip out on your starchy carbs because doing that can drive you to eat more sugar.


  • Tip #12: Get enough sleep

Yes, really. Sleep matters too. If your body is starved of sleep, it can go into a panic mode and make you crave unhealthy things like sugar. Learn to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs if you want to eat less sugar.


The final word

It’s easy to eat less sugar. If you follow the tips above, you can’t fail. It might be hard at first but you’ll soon get the hang of it and you’ll be well on your way of getting rid of sugar completely.


Thank you for reading this post. Please share with us how you eat less sugar. Your thoughts are very valuable to us.


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Here’s why the ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan is not working for you

A lot of people who call themselves weight loss experts propose eating six small meals a day in order to lose weight. A lot of people are struggling with weight issues and want to lose weight, so many people have tried this ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan.

I’ve never struggled with my weight. But I’ve experimented with a lot when it comes to food and diet, and that includes eating six small meals a day.


A picture for why the 'eating six small meals a day' plan is not working for you


I don’t claim to have any scientific knowledge of a lot of things. I don’t need it because my body is far better at communicating what it needs than science will ever be. So, if you are interested in what others who might have more knowledge have to say, I’ll give some links below so you can follow up.


Now here’s where I have a problem with this ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan:

  • It goes against listening to your body. 

In our journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle that gives results, we know listening to our bodies is key. This post is dedicated to listening to your body.

Your body will tell you when it’s full. And we know we must stop eating as soon as we feel the first signs of fullness. Now, if you follow the ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan, you ditch the important element of listening to your body, and now your plate dictates whether or not you should stop eating.

If you find your plate empty and you feel far from satisfied, then I’m willing to bet you’ll either be getting the second helping, which now goes against the plan, or you’ll be miserably counting hours until your next meal. And dreaming about your next meal is an indication that you are starving and that can’t sustain you for the long term as far as losing weight is concerned.

A lot of people who follow harmful fads like this one tend to go back to overeating, erasing any fake progress they might have done while following the plan.


  • It’s always a bad idea to eat just because your clock says so

This is very similar to the first point. We know you should eat when you feel hungry and stop as soon as you feel full. If you do that, you are guaranteed to lose weight and keep it off, provided you help your diet with all the other necessary tools like exercise and eating clean.

Now, the proponents of this ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan say you should eat after a certain time. They calculate time after your last meal to determine when you next meal should be. That’s the ultimate mistake because when you do that, you go against what your body communicates.

If your body says you are hungry and you are still two hours away from your next meal, do you honestly think you can wait? And what if you still feel full when your next meal comes up? Do you stuff yourself then so you don’t break the rules?

There’s no specific time for eating. Your lunch doesn’t have to be at 1pm if you don’t feel hungry.


  • Everyone is different and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ plan for eating

We have different appetites as well as different metabolisms. Some people are satisfied by only a small amount of food while others are satisfied by a larger amount of food. There’s nothing wrong with that because we are different.

As long as you learn to listen when your body tells you that you are hungry and when it tells you that you are full, then you can manage to keep the weight off without resorting to the ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan.

The problem with this plan is that it lumps people up in one category and assumes we are all the same, which we are not.


  • It’s not sustainable

Now I’ll explain the sustainability part of this plan, or lack thereof.  The ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan might be sustainable if you are trying to lose weight for the summer, or for your wedding that’s coming up in four months’ time. But it won’t work if you want to keep the weight off for as long as you live.

I mean, does it make sense to actually think you can stick to a plan like that all your days? Where you are rarely satisfied with what you eat and you are looking at the clock to tell you when you should eat again?

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, the formula is simple: eat healthy food when you are hungry and stop as soon as you feel full. Simple as that.


  • Food and diet experts as well as scientists change their claims all the time

Today, eggs are bad and tomorrow they are not. Caffeine is bad for you but this is the weird way it can actually benefit you, and the list goes on. Come on, how much more of this can a person take?

I know the basics of a great diet: have healthy food in the right proportions when you are hungry and stop as soon as you feel full. I feel the need to chant this because it’s the ultimate truth when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

With these basics, I no longer have to be swayed by scientists. They can claim this today and disclaim it tomorrow, but our basic plan will never get old or grow out of fashion.


The final word

If you are trying to lose weight and keep it off, then learn to listen to your body. Your body is your best messenger and it will always tell you the truth. There’s no need to go into crazy diet fads, in fact, these will do you more harm than good.

Listen to your body and be in tune with it. Then you’ll know what it needs and as long as you do that, you’ll never go wrong. The ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan is just a ridiculous plan that might have worked for the original user who then thought it could be adapted to the whole mankind. It can’t.


Thank you for reading this post. I know I might have stepped on a few toes by discrediting the ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan. But I thought I might say my two cents.

Maybe the plan works for you, and if you can stick with it for the long term, which I doubt you can, then go for it. But if you’ve tried it and it failed you, don’t worry, it was never a good plan to begin with. Listen to your body; that’s the best plan.

Please share with us your thoughts on the ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan by commenting below. Your thoughts are very valuable to us.


Here‘s Dr. Kellyann’s take on the ‘eating six small meals a day’ plan.

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Here’s the effortless and natural way of drinking water

Are you struggling with drinking water? We hear about the importance of drinking water all the time. We are told we should drink anywhere between 1.5 and 2 liters, or between 6 and 8 cups of water everyday. We are told of all the benefits of drinking water: clear skin, easy digestion, easy flushing out of toxins, etc.


A picture for the effortless and natural way of drinking water


I used to struggle with drinking a lot of water. I knew the benefits of doing it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’d even convinced myself that I hated water. Can you believe it? Nature’s free and best drink, and I hated it.

So, a few months ago, I decided to give this drinking water thing a try. I found a 2 liter bottle and filled it up, and carried it with me around the house. And surprisingly, I went through those 2 liters everyday. It was a struggle at first, became easier as days went by but remained a bit of a struggle.

And then I realized why I was still struggling when drinking water should’ve felt effortless and natural.


Let me share with you my realization.

I was trying too hard. There. That was it. I was trying way too hard to drink water that I struggled and couldn’t get used to the practice. Of course I needed some effort in starting, but I was already on my way, and it should’ve gotten easier, but it hadn’t.

Once I admitted to myself that I was trying too hard, I thought of ways I could make this practice of drinking water effortless and natural. And here’s what I did.

  • I ditched the bottle and started drinking from small cups.
  • I got up from my desk when I was working to go get some water. Sometimes I even went outside the house and drank water there. That gave me a change of scenery and made drinking water more enjoyable and natural for me.
  • I stopped keeping track of how much water I drank. I just told myself to drink a lot of it. But I was no longer hell-bent on consciously measuring it.


So, the first day I did the above, I felt myself enjoying drinking water. So I carried on with my new strategy. It’s been a few months now and today I can confidently say that I’m drinking a lot of water and it’s effortless and natural.


Could people around you be complicating your efforts to drink water?

I used to watch a lot of fitness videos. It was great at first. I saw people trying to achieve what I wanted to achieve. But the problem came when I let them influence everything I did so much that I was just copying what they did, without regard to whether or not it worked for me.

One day I decided to spread my own wings and fly on my own. I decided that instead of listening to someone else’s body, I was going to listen to my own body. I was armed with a lot of information about health and fitness. Not to say I didn’t think I needed more, of course I did, but I believed the basics I knew would get me where I needed to be: on my way to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

So, I started watching less and less fitness videos until one day I just stopped. Now I had a chance to focus on my body and let it decide what it wanted to do. One thing I learned was that I’d adopted this water bottle technique from these videos. Those people carried huge water bottles everywhere and obsessively tracked their drinking throughout the day.

Well, for me that didn’t work. Drinking water is natural. You are not taught how to do it, you are born with that knowledge. Why should it suddenly become hard?

So, I knew then that though that strategy worked well for the vloggers, for me it was just not working and I needed to find out what worked for me.


So, here is what I think you should consider doing

  • If drinking water is a burden then consider ditching the bottle and drinking straight from cups.
  • Make those cups smaller so that you are likely to finish a cup and even go for more water, than not finish the cup and feel bad about it
  • Take every chance you can get to drink water. When you are inside the house and outside.
  • You don’t always need a cup. Make drinking water effortless and natural by playfully drinking from a fountain, or drinking as you water your garden.
  • Remember to incorporate food that contain a lot of water in your diet.


The final word

Remember that in our journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle we put strong emphasis on the ‘simple’. We are slowly but surely doing away with the complicated way a lot of people have adopted in favor of a simple way that gets us where we want to go.

If you have that mentality that you can’t drink a lot of water then you need to get rid of it right now. Anybody can drink a lot of water, including you. And if you have that mentality that you hate water, then get rid of that mentality as well. How does that even make sense?

Start drinking a lot of water for your health. Make it effortless and natural and I guarantee you’ll stick with it for the long run.


Thank you for reading this post. Water is such an indispensable part of our lives, so of course I’ll be back to write more about it. In the meantime enjoy this post and let us know what you think of it. Is drinking water easy for you or do you also struggle with it? How do you make it effortless and natural? Please tell us in the comments below.


How to stop obsessing over calories

Are you obsessing over calories? If you are anything like me just a few months ago, then you worry about every little thing you eat. You wonder if you should have that slice of white bread, or if you should go for another helping of tonight’s delicious dinner.

Maybe you measure everything you eat. You know the caloric content of all your food like the back of your own hand. All the media hype has made you believe you need to do that if you want to keep excess weight off.


A picture to help you stop obsessing over calories


Well, I have great news for you.

Counting calories is NOT necessary.  In fact, it can be detrimental to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle where diet is concerned. You can enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle through eating the simple, intuitive way.


Thanks to a lot of information sources out there, we now have a better understanding of what is good for our bodies and what is not.

But when does that understanding become too much? When we think we have to know the caloric content of each and everything we put in our mouths? Worse still, when we think we have to know whether a banana has more or less calories than an apple.


A picture to help you stop obsessing over calories


Honestly? Who cares which one has more calories than the other? If you need that information simply to determine which of these fruits to eat, then you are wasting valuable time and energy on something that doesn’t matter at all.

Since I’ve moved past that madness of counting calories, I’ve come to see how much I robbed myself of my peace of mind by focusing on things like that.


So, what’s the alternative to counting calories?

Eat healthy. That’s it. Simple. Eat a balanced diet that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water and cutting back on sugar, salt and oil. Just eat healthy and as long as you do that, you never have to worry about counting calories again.


A picture to help you stop obsessing over calories


Let’s not complicate healthy eating because it’s just not complicated. It’s very simple. You know the foods that are healthy for you and those that are not. So then, eat the healthy foods and avoid the unhealthy ones. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But people have thrown that simplicity out through the window and they want to know calories in each and every food, the side effects of consuming the good food,  and so forth.

Why are you worried about the side effects of consuming too much squash? Why are you eating too much squash in the first place? Eating should be done in moderation, so you don’t ever have to worry about over-consuming healthy foods.


How about if I have a habit of having cheat meals but still want to keep the weight off?

It doesn’t matter. As long as you eat your cheat treats as well as your healthy foods in moderation, you are fine.

Speaking of cheat meals, this is a concept I’ve never understood. People who eat healthy often say they reward themselves for eating healthy by giving themselves a treat like ice cream or chocolate cake.

You have been eating healthy, and that’s great. Now, here’s where this concept boggles my mind. If you have been eating healthy, why do you reward yourself by eating something unhealthy? How is an unhealthy food a treat?

Indulging that mentality makes you continue to have a bad attitude toward healthy food and a good and encouraging attitude toward unhealthy food. With that mentality you can never really eat healthy for the long term because you associate that with pain, and you’ll always go back to unhealthy food because it gives you pleasure.


A picture to help you stop obsessing over calories


How about you change your mindset right now?

Healthy foods are great for you. They give your body the right fuel, and they keep away sickness and disease. Now that’s a treat.

Unhealthy foods are bad for you. They give your body the wrong fuel and they invite sickness and disease. Now that’s punishment.

It’s easy to see which of the above options is good for you. It’s eating healthy food. Go with that and train your brain to know that healthy foods are only what you should be eating.


If you have been addicted to unhealthy foods for a long time, that’s OK, you are not alone.

But the answer remains the same. Just meditate more on healthy foods and less on unhealthy foods. Slowly, with patience, you’ll get to a point where things have switched, and now you associate eating healthy foods with pleasure and eating unhealthy foods with pain. And then, you’ll start reducing the amount of unhealthy foods you are eating until one day you look at your meals and you realize you haven’t thought of ice cream or chocolate cake for two whole weeks.

I guarantee you, if you adopt this mentality of eating healthy, you’ll never have to worry about counting calories again. And then you can enjoy a good diet in a simple way that lets you enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


The final word

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to learn the caloric content of your food, as long as you don’t take that information obsessively and you let it rule your eating and complicate what was supposed to be simple, intuitive eating.


Thank you for reading this post. I know many people still struggle with calorie counting so please leave your comment below and let us know what you think of this post. Your thoughts are valuable to us.


How to stop binge eating

As I write this post on binge eating, I’m full beyond explanation, and this happens occasionally.

So it’s after dinner and I have all the classic aftermaths of binge eating.

  • I’m feeling guilty and thinking I should’ve stopped eating after the second helping. Or even the first one. And I tell myself this is the last time I do it.

But so far the guilt hasn’t weaned me off binge eating and at some time in the near future I always find myself back to stuffing my face.


  • If it happens on a Saturday, I always comfort myself by saying it’s the weekend and I’m allowed to enjoy myself. So then I always tell myself it’s alright if it happens the next day on Sunday too because I can always start my no binge eating life on Monday.


It’s excuse after excuse, and I can’t help it. But I know this habit has to go if I want to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle .


A picture of a man binge eating


What is binge eating?

For those of you who love simple, non-scientific definitions like me, binge eating is simply eating more food than you need to a point where you feel uncomfortably full. It’s that uncontrollable moment where you just stuff food into your mouth and you can’t bring yourself to stop no matter what.

But you always feel ashamed and guilty afterwards, and yet you still go back to binge eating. This vicious cycle is one of the biggest diet challenges faced by people trying to accomplish a simple healthy lifestyle.


So am I saying that you are not the only one binge eating?

Absolutely. There are more people struggling with binge eating than you realize. Some more than others but it’s an extremely common problem, so please don’t feel alone.


So why am I binge eating?

The reasons for binge eating vary from person to person but the most common reasons are:

  • Boredom – You eat because there’s nothing else to do
  • Anxiety – You eat because you’re feeling anxious about something
  • Stress – You eat because you’re feeling stressed

But I’ve realized that for me, it’s also the less common reasons that lead me to overeat.

I could be feeling emotionally alright and still binge eat. There’s that greediness that occasionally takes over me and makes me want to eat more than I can handle, and I can’t explain what triggers it.

Some people say it’s still some underlying emotional issue that might not be obvious to me at the time.

It’s during such times that I find myself eating the kind of foods I don’t normally eat, food that I dislike even.

I’m not a fan of candy, and I’ve especially hated chocolate since I was a kid. But during a binge eating episode, I could find myself easily devouring a chocolate cake.


A picture of a person binge eating chocolate


So you must be wondering why I have a ‘how to stop binge eating’ post when I’m struggling with it myself.

The truth is, I used to binge eat more than I do now. In fact, I feel like I’m at a point where I can triumphantly say I’m on my way to conquering it. Believe me, I didn’t always feel this way.

You might disagree, but I feel like my victory after all those past failures more than qualifies me to write this post. I’m just an imperfect human being trying to express what worked for me to a world of other imperfect human beings.

So I just want to share with you the tips I implemented to reduce this habit.


So what did I do?

  • First I acknowledged that binge eating was a problem I had. I just called it that: a problem I had. I didn’t call it my problem because I hate taking ownership of bad things. It wasn’t mine, it was just something I hadn’t yet learned to control.


  • And that’s another thing people overlook. And this is very important. Don’t take ownership of binge eating. Don’t claim it as yours. It’s not yours. Realize it’s just a bad habit you picked up somewhere that you’ll soon be rid of. If you make it your own you won’t be able to get rid of it.


  • I determined what food meant to me. Before I got to where I am now, I prioritized food over everything else in my life. I lived to eat. But once I realized food was only meant to give me energy so I could carry out God’s work, food became something I ate to live, not the other way round. That really turned things around for me.


  • I reminded myself to stop eating once I felt full. I actually had to consciously track my food intake until I reached a point where I felt comfortably full.

I didn’t wait until I was too hungry. I ate just when I started feeling hungry. That way it was less difficult for me to stop when I was full.


  • I learned to eat and drink in one sitting. That way I didn’t overindulge.


  • I learned to eat more fruits and vegetables. Over consuming fruits and vegetables is still binge eating. But it’s funny how the brain will make you feel less guilty about overindulging on healthy food than you do on unhealthy food. But make no mistake, it’s still binge eating.

But going from binge eating unhealthy food to healthy food helped me tremendously. Eventually I graduated from binge eating fruits and veggies to just not overindulging at all. It was a process I had to be patient with.


Fruit to help you stop binge eating


  • Which brings me to patience. You have to be patient with yourself and realize this is not something you can accomplish in one day. It’s a process you have to respect. Patience is a virtue you have to learn to employ in life, not just with healthy eating.


You can employ these tips to help you on your journey of stopping binge eating so you can enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle. Obviously these are not all the tips you can use, so do share with us your own tips.


The final word

There’s no reason to feel ashamed if you have a problem of binge eating. There are people out there who support you and want to guide you through quitting this habit and I’m one of those people.



Thank you for reading this post. Please let us know your thoughts on it. Share your struggles with binge eating and how you are trying to overcome it. Your thoughts are very valuable to us.


A simple healthy lifestyle requires a good diet

A simple healthy lifestyle is NOT possible without a good diet.


You are what you eat sign for a simple healthy lifestyle


I’ve delayed bringing up diet in our guide of a simple healthy lifestyle.  And that’s because most people have taken diet and exercise to be the only key elements of a simple healthy lifestyle.

But that’s NOT the case. While diet and exercise are both important, they are not the only elements. We’ve covered other key elements here and here.

More on these elements and others will be covered soon.

But in this post, we’ll look at how diet is a requirement to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


What is diet?

I have to be honest with you. I’m not even going to pretend I know more about diet than the fact that it’s the kind of food we eat on a daily basis.

That’s it. That’s all I know.

I have very little understanding of the fad diets that are going on around. I’ll admit though, there was a time I bothered to learn about them, and try them.

But they felt unnatural and complicated, and only gave me short-term results. And I’m all about a simple healthy lifestyle that gives lifelong results.

So I ditched all of these fads and stuck to what I knew, which is:

In order to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle where diet is concerned, we have to eat clean.


And what does eating clean mean?

It means:

  • Ditching processed foods
  • Eating organic foods
  • Eating tons of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Not overeating
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Cutting back on unhealthy fats, sugar and salt
  • Cutting back on caffeine and alcohol
  • Cultivating a healthy relationship with food. That includes avoiding stress-eating


Fresh fruits and vegetables for a simple healthy lifestyle


I could list a lot of things. But in a nutshell, eating healthy is all about listening to your body. And to tell the truth, that’s ONLY what you should concern yourself with.

But people have complicated what was supposed to be a simple healthy lifestyle by buying into these fads that only lead to disappointments.

I hope you are sipping some water as you read this. And incorporating it into your meals.


Having water with meals for a simple healthy lifestyle


So, as soon as I told myself I was going to stick to the basics, I was fine. And I actually accomplished what I was looking for: a simple healthy lifestyle.

But I bet you’ve seen all those people on YouTube who eat tons of fresh fruits and vegetables and all the so-called healthy food. And I bet you thought: I can’t afford that.

You’re right. I’ve seen those videos too. And I have to admit, eating healthy doesn’t seem simple at all.

The gruesome prices of these healthy foods in some stores!

But I’m here to offer you a solution.

Many of these bloggers are promoting some of these stores, so they have to talk about them and convince you to buy from them.


So then, is it possible to eat healthy and not have to spend a lot of money?

Absolutely yes! Like I said, don’t worry about money. A simple healthy lifestyle has existed since before people worried about their bank balances.

If you haven’t been eating healthy because you think you don’t have extra money to spend on healthy food, then consider this:

  • Take all that money you’ve been spending on McDonald’s and buy healthy food instead. And chances are, McDonald’s isn’t the only unhealthy food you’ve been spending your money on.
  • So, divert all that money toward clean food, and you’ll start reaping the benefits of a simple healthy lifestyle immediately.
  • Obviously not all your food has been unhealthy. Still, instead of buying lots of rice and meat, buy smaller and put the rest of the money toward fruits and vegetables to help that rice and meat.
  • I’m sure you have a backyard you can grow vegetables in, or a window sill you can put vegetable pots on, so go on and grow your own vegetables.
  • Go to farmers’ markets, buy what is in season.

So, don’t be swayed by the people you see who make enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle complicated. A simple healthy lifestyle was meant to be just that: SIMPLE.


Again, ignore whatever and whoever makes you think eating healthy is complicated.

That’s the main reason why I stopped watching ‘What I eat in a day’ videos. I won’t talk much about that here though. I will dedicate an entire post to it soon.

Anyway, I might be stepping on toes when I say this, but I found these videos misleading and quite dangerous for the following reasons:

  • I saw people who promote eating very little. People who promote eating habits that leave you unsatisfied and lethargic. I know because I tried them.
  • Some bloggers even go as far as dreaming about the food they crave. They say they think about food all the time. Which to me isn’t normal.

Is it possible they think about food nonstop because they are starving themselves?

I mean, when did healthy eating become so complicated?

Have some rice, have some bread and all those other carbs people are warning you against. Remember one thing: Moderation is key and they won’t hurt you as long as they are part of a balanced diet.


Eating bread and rice for a simple healthy lifestyle


It’s that simple.


So what am I saying exactly?

Don’t blindly follow the herd. Don’t be the kind of person who becomes gluten intolerant just because Kourtney Kardashian is. Stop depriving yourself and start living.

As long as you ditch unprocessed foods, eat organic,  eat in moderation, including tons of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and drinking a lot of water, then your diet is on the right track.

And remember, while diet is very important, it’s only part of a simple healthy lifestyle. So don’t nurture it and ignore the other key elements.


Thank you for reading this post. I have a lot more to say about diet, so keep checking this blog. Now is the time for you to share your valuable thoughts with us. What does diet mean to you and how do you incorporate it into your journey of a simple healthy lifestyle?