A simple healthy lifestyle requires forgiveness

A simple healthy lifestyle is NOT possible until you forgive yourself and others.

I bet you never thought I’d say that, huh? You think this is too ‘deep’?

Well, many people don’t enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle because they have ‘deep’  issues they haven’t forgiven themselves for.

And because of that they can’t reach their true amazing selves because they are too busy holding grudges.


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What do I mean when I say you should forgive yourself?

I mean you should cut yourself some slack:

  • Maybe you hurt someone
  • Maybe you are in a relationship you don’t want and don’t have the guts to leave
  • Maybe you messed up a good relationship
  • Maybe you got yourself into a big debt


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No matter your circumstances, you can start enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle now by forgiving yourself first.

No one is perfect. We hear that all the time. Yet we still put ourselves on a pedestal.

We are too hard on ourselves and that hinders us from enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

Because you can’t change what you did, forgive yourself, move forward and change what you can right now.

Be a better person today than you were yesterday.


I’ll give you my personal struggles.

  • I lost a job I should’ve held on to.
  • I got romantically involved with people I shouldn’t have gotten involved with.

I’ll just name those two among many others; I need you to see the point I’m trying to make.

I lost that job. Of course it was hard, leaving with no money and having to move back to my parents’. And I was bitter for quite a while.

But then one day I told myself I wasn’t going to be bitter anymore.


You might ask, what was the event that made me tell myself that at that particular moment?

The truth: No event.

One day, I was sitting alone and wallowing in my bitterness.

And then I remembered I was bigger than any challenge thrown to me because I’m a child of God most high.

I remembered James 1 saying I shouldn’t be anxious when going through trials and tribulations. They produce faith and patience in me so that ultimately I lack nothing.

I consider everything in the bible as the truth. So I used that truth to guide me from that moment forth and I haven’t looked back since.


A holy bible for a simple healthy lifestyle


The same thing happened with the relationship mistakes I made in the past. Intentional and misguided, and they made a negative impact in my life.

But I could no longer change what I had done. What I could do was use the grace God has availed to me to not repeat the same mistakes and be better.

OK, maybe your regrets are the same as mine, maybe not. The solution remains the same though.

Forgive yourself and move forward if you want to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


But forgiveness should go beyond yourself.

I’ve stressed this here before. Enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is dependent upon you looking beyond yourself to other people.

Selflessness is a virtue that will save you.

So, forgive others just as you’d want them to forgive you. Don’t condemn others the same way you shouldn’t condemn yourself.

Most often, we look at the mistakes other people have made and we hold a grudge. We constantly remind them of the way they hurt us.

  • Maybe your spouse cheated on you.
  • Maybe your friend stole money from you
  • Maybe you were wrongly fired from your job

And many others.

The devil will have you believe you need to seek justice and make those people who wronged you pay. Believe me, that’s NOT going to restore your peace.

The best thing to do is to forgive the people who hurt you and set them free in your heart. You forgive them, regardless of whether or not you feel like they deserve it.

When you forgive them, you not only release them but you release yourself. You let go of being angry and bitter all the time, to being peaceful and calm. Now only then, can you enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

Think about this. You sin all the time, and yet your sins now, as well as your past sins and your future sins have already been forgiven. Not because you deserve that forgiveness, but because God’s love for you is unconditional.

So, just as God’s love for us is unconditional, so should our love for others be, no matter what they have done to us.


I love you message for a simple healthy lifestyle


2 Corinthians 2 v 7 says that when others sin, we should forgive and comfort them, so they won’t give up in despair.

And we know exactly what this verse means.

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t get someone to trust you, no matter what you do? Maybe you promised someone something, and they think you won’t deliver, and they keep telling you that.

Instead of working hard to prove them wrong, it’s almost always easier to just break that promise. Why? Simply because the person didn’t think you’d honor your promise anyway.

We tend to confirm the identities people give us instead of proving our own identities.

A thief will continue stealing if we expect that of them. An unfaithful spouse will continue to be unfaithful because we keep reminding them that they are.

But if we remind someone who’s made a mistake that they are better and bigger than their mistake.

If we tell them that we respect and trust them to always do the right thing.

That there’s nothing they can do to make us love them less.

Then they tend to take the faith we have in them as momentum to do better.


The final word

So let’s build our characters the right way; by forgiving ourselves and others. Only then can we have enough peace to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


A forgiveness message for a simple healthy lifestyle


I had a wonderful time with this post. Please tell us your thoughts about it. Thank you for being with us and making an effort to be better.



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