A simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships

A simple healthy lifestyle is dependent upon you establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships.


A message about love for a simple healthy lifestyle


Please note that relationships have to be meaningful if they are to work. Not just meaningful to you, but to the other person as well.

Our world today is permeated with selfish relationships. Relationships have come to be about what I can get from the other person, and never about pursuing genuine love.

But I’ve gotten tired of hearing phrases like: well, it’s what it is, we just have to live with it.

Why do we have to settle for the worst things in life, mediocre at best? We are the ones who changed relationships from meaningful to selfish, and we are the only ones who can change them back.

So let’s not settle for less than what we deserve if we wish to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


You are worthy of love message for a simple healthy lifestyle


OK. So then, we have to examine ourselves.


What is stopping us from enjoying meaningful relationships?

The answer is pretty simple, if you think about it. But many people continue to miss this truth and therefore they cannot enjoy meaningful relationships that in turn allow them to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

This is the truth:

Meaningful relationships are all rooted on one thing: Love.


If you don’t think you are worthy of love, or that others are worthy of love, you can forget about having meaningful relationship with others.


That’s it. It’s that simple.

Love makes everything possible.

And love is the mother of all great things in this world.


If we can love ourselves and love others at the same time, then we have found the key to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


If we can love ourselves and others enough to know that we deserve only the best, then we’d form meaningful relationships that only promote that belief.


So am I saying that people today don’t have love?

Exactly. Maybe it’s not something you think is true. Or maybe you know it’s true but you don’t want to hear that truth.

Notice that in the above statements I didn’t say people should love themselves only. I said they should love themselves AND others.

True love goes beyond self to others.


Genuine relationships for a simple healthy lifestyle


You cannot say you truly have love until that love pours out to those around you. Only then can you genuinely say you have love in your heart.

So if you want to argue that there is love around us then I’m not going to argue with you. I see love around us, of course. But that love is self-love, and it falls far too short of the kind of love you need to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

Yes, again, I don’t want to offend anyone but today we love ourselves and nobody else. We revere ourselves and have turned that worship from the one being who deserves it: God.

We have so much self-love that we have no room in our hearts to love anybody else. That’s why we form empty relationships that are all about what we can get from the other person.


So how do I start loving others?

You just have to make a decision to love them. That’s all it takes to start: A decision.

You can’t wait for people to do good things for you before you start loving them. Simply because people aren’t perfect and if you wait for that to happen you might end up waiting forever.

Love others NOW with all their imperfections, the same way they should love you with all your imperfections.

Realize that love makes you and them grow and become better people than you were yesterday. And that’s what we need in order to heal this world.


What if someone hurt you?

Love them. It’s that simple. Does that mean you are not hurt or angry? No of course not. You’ll feel the disappointment, the hurt. But love them regardless. Only if you love those who hurt you and you show them that love, will they want to become better people.

If you want to know more about loving and forgiving others for their mistakes, read this.

So begin your journey now to love yourself and others so you can start enjoying the simple healthy lifestyle that guarantees results.

  • Start by loving yourself unconditionally
  • Make friends and love them unconditionally
  • Love your children unconditionally
  • Love your spouse unconditionally. That is what marriage is all about anyway.

Love everyone unconditionally.


Loving your spouse unconditionally for a simple healthy lifestyle


Don’t let unconditional love be something you reserve only for your pets. Pets are cute and we should love them, but people are indispensable and we should love them even more, treasure them, and not take for granted the little time we have with them in this world.

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again: The bible is my only source of truth. And the bible says everything is hinged on love. We are to love our creator, and we are to love others.

I can quote a few  verses about love.

1 Corinthians 13 v 2: What if I could prophesy and understand all secrets and all knowledge? And what if I had faith that moved mountains? I would be nothing unless I loved others. (CEV)

1 Peter 4 v 8: Most important of all, you must sincerely love each other, because love wipes away many sins. (CEV)

1 Corinthians 13 v 13: For now there are faith, hope, and love. But of these three, the greatest is love. (CEV)

1 Corinthians 14 v 1: Love should be your guide. (CEV)

1 Corinthians 16 v 14: Show love in everything you do. (CEV)

And there are many more verses.


Bible verse about love for a simple healthy lifestyle


The final word

We don’t have to let our relationships deteriorate like it’s the case right now in this world. We can turn things around and form genuine relationships based on true love. Only then can we enjoy the simple healthy lifestyle we deserve.


Thank you for reading this post. Please let us know your thoughts on the topic. What kind of relationships do you have? Are they all genuine and meaningful or can you do without some of them? What are your struggles in forming healthy relationships? Let us know in the comments below.









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