This is the first exercise mistake you are making

This morning as I did my exercise routine, I thought back to how I started off years ago.

I copied every exercise routine celebrities did, because, well, they look good.

Well, I guess in theory it was supposed to work because I was moving my body. And if I’d stuck with it long enough, I would’ve seen results.

But I didn’t see results because I didn’t stick with it long enough, surprise, surprise!

You can’t stay committed to an exercise routine you don’t like. I knew this when I started, and yet somehow I ignored it and thought doing what everyone else was doing would work for me.


A picture message about exercise


In our quest to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle we’ve already established the importance of exercise.

Read my first post on exercise here.

But exercise can be difficult if you still haven’t found out what works for you. And maybe you are struggling just like I did.


What could you be doing wrong?

  • Maybe you want to exercise a certain way because you’ve heard it works for Beyonce. And we have to admit, the woman looks amazing.
  • Or you want to spend two hours first thing in the morning exercising at the gym because most celebrities swear by it.

Well, I have news for you. THAT’S NOT EXERCISE.

That’s just you aimlessly copying what other people are doing and hoping it works for you. But it never does, does it?


Exercise was meant to be something you did naturally. If what you do doesn’t feel natural, then it’s wrong.


Dumbbell for exercise


Please look at the picture above. That’s my dumbbell and something I think is supposed to make my thighs stronger.

Now take another look, a closer look at the photo this time around. Notice the dust on these two pieces of equipment.

I bought these two almost four years ago and have used them a maximum of five times.



Because I just don’t enjoy using them. Using them those five times felt forced and I felt miserable.

You might be wondering why I bought them, then.

Because I bought into the myth that you have to have equipment if you want to exercise and enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

We see it all the time on TV and in magazines. People on treadmills, with dumbbells, shredding it.

Nothing wrong with that. If doing that works for them, great. If it works for you, great. But if it doesn’t work for you then it’s time to examine if it’s really something you want to do. And chances are, it’s not.

But that’s great, because by simply realizing it’s not working for you, you’ve made a breakthrough.

Now you can go ahead and change exercise to tailor it to your liking. Then you are well on your way to exercising for the long term so you can enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


Jogging outside vs treadmill for exercise


If you love running outside and not on the treadmill, then that’s perfectly alright.

I reserve 30 minutes for exercising every morning from 05:45 to 06:15. During this time I jog, and I do weight training every other day.

I feel like 30 minutes a day works for me. It’s not too much time and it’s not too little. It’s just enough and I’ve been doing it for years now.

I personally find it enjoyable to run outside. Sometimes I even run to the store.

Instead of lifting dumbbells, I lift buckets of water to water out plants and a lot more things when doing my household chores.


So what am I saying?

That you don’t have to suffer through exercise for 2 hours every day if it doesn’t work for you. Stick to a time that works for you.

Do whatever feels right to you. If it’s running, that’s OK. If it’s walking, that’s OK too. After I found out what worked for me, I spent an entire year just walking because I loved it and kept wanting to do it every day.

Embed exercise into your everyday duties. Run after your kids, or your dog. Use a bucket to water your plants instead of a hosepipe. Push wheelbarrows of manure to your garden. Just move.


The final word

Enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle through exercise has to be intentional and you have to enjoy your regime enough to look forward to doing it every day. There is no best regime, it’s all about what works for you.


Thank you for sitting through this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Please let us know your thoughts about exercise. How do you do it? What works for you?




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  1. Hello! Here is my second post on exercising. I felt like I needed to give you a glimpse of what works for me when it comes to exercise. More is coming to help you on your journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. Thank you for reading my post and following this blog.

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