Here’s the truth you didn’t know about money

Money makes the world go round. That’s a popular saying. It’s indicative of how valuable people consider money to be. And it makes sense. After all, we use money for practically everything.


But you’ll be surprised to learn that you place way more importance on money than is necessary.

We have cultivated an unhealthy relationship with it that we must fix.


A briefcase full of money


Notice I’m not saying money is unimportant. Of course it is. But I’m saying it’s not as important as most of us make it to be.  And now you have to really place its importance and know how it fits into your journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


Why am I saying that money is not as important as we make it to be?

Before money became popular, people used to batter for goods and services. That means they bought goods and services with other goods and services. For example, if you had a bottle of cooking oil that I needed, I could buy it from you with, say, five cups of sugar.

In my culture, people still batter. Just a few days ago, an old relative didn’t have money to buy beans my mother harvested from the family farm. So, she bought those beans in exchange for a live chicken.


But gone are those days of battering. Now money is at the center of every transaction and nowadays if you don’t have money, you find yourself in trouble.

But note that we are the ones who placed money on this high ground. We loved it so much and worshiped it so much that it became something all of us wanted to have, regardless of the means of getting it.

We toil more than is necessary to get money just so we can feed our wants which increase all the time. And then we toil more to get more money so we can keep feeding those wants. It’s a vicious cycle that’s detrimental to our journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. It’s a battle we just can’t win.


Credit and debit cards are another form of money


We hold money in all its forms; the actual hard cash, our credit and debit cards, electronic money we can use to buy without ever touching it. Look, it’s still money. All of it.


So, how important is money, really?

According to the bible, it’s the least important of all things.

Matthew 6 v 33: But more than anything else, put God’s work first and do what he wants. Then the other things will be yours as well. (CEV)


God says we are to seek him first. We don’t need money to do that. Yet he says if we seek him first, put our relationship with him first, live according to his word, then he’ll provide for our needs.


Sadly, this is in contrast to what most of us are doing today.

Even people who claim to walk with God have put their relationship with God second after money. I’m not criticizing anyone because I’ve been guilty of doing the same thing. But I’ve also found that when I don’t obsess over getting more money, and I spend my time thinking of God and doing his work, I never lack anything.

I was thinking of that just yesterday. I needed money to buy something and I didn’t know where I was going to get it. But I reminded myself not to obsess about it. I kept thinking to myself and saying aloud, ‘God is taking care of all my needs.’

And all throughout yesterday, opportunities to get the money I needed came knocking on my door. I’m not there yet, but I thank God for what he’s given me and I’ll keep focusing on him and trusting him.


A jar of coins


I grew up with a healthy relationship to money. From a very young age, I saw my father being generous with his money. He worked from home and his profession was already considered archaic and people no longer wanted anything to do with it.

But the little that he got, he was always generous enough to share it with those who needed it.

That doesn’t mean he threw money around. No. He only gave it out when it was necessary. And guess what? Customers and more customers kept coming, including those who came home not for his services but just to drop off food or clothing for the family as a way of thanking him for his help.

My father died 13 years ago. During his tombstone unveiling early this year, my older sister spoke about him to the crowd that had gathered. She said, “Growing up, I wondered why we had everything we needed though our mother didn’t work and our father worked an outdated job from home. But I finally understood that God was taking care of us then, and is taking care of us now, because our father was kindhearted and trusted in God more than he did in his money.”

And she was right about that. Growing up, we had everything we needed, but not everything we wanted. Because wants are not important. I grew up understanding money was just a resource, nothing more than that. And that it was best used when shared with those who needed it.


So, what do we need to do?

Please bear in mind that I’m not saying there’s something wrong with money, or having it, or wanting to have it.

I’m saying there’s something wrong with putting money at the forefront of everything else in your life. When you obsess over it. When it comes in between your relationship with God and those that you love.


1Timothy 6 v 10: For the love of money is the root of all evil. (KJV)


I’m disturbed by how people have taken the above verse and completely contorted it. The bible doesn’t say ‘money is the root of all evil.’ It says ‘The love of money is the root of all evil.’ And this is the love I talk of above.

God has called for us to prosper in every area of our lives, including our finances. So, there’s no problem with money. The problem lies in our interpretation of it. Please get that interpretation right today so you can cultivate a healthy relationship with money and free your mind to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading this post. Please share your thoughts about money and what it means to you.



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