8 reasons to celebrate being single

Are you single? Then you’re in good company because I’m also single. In fact I have been single for almost all of my adult life. I know to some of you that might sound dismal, but it’s one of the reasons I believe I’ve been able to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle. Unattached and free to find my true self.


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Am I saying being single is the best thing?

I’m not saying that. Rather, let me put it this way. It depends on who you are and your situation. It’s best for me, but it must not be for you. But I’m also saying that being attached to another person isn’t the only call for celebration.

Being single is also something to celebrate, and there are many single people like me who enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle because of their status.


Here are the 8 reasons to celebrate being single

Number 1: You get to discover your real self                                                                      

Yes, when you are single, you really do discover your true self, unless you are bitter about your singleness and you shrivel into your shell until you find someone. If you embrace being single, you’ll realize that now is the time to find out who you really are, what you truly like and dislike.

I’ve gone out with men in the past, and sometimes I pretended I liked the things they liked just because I didn’t want to create disagreements and I wanted to please them. Thankfully, I was in these relationships for a short time. I can imagine that if I’d been in them for a long time, I might have carried on with that pretense for way too long to remember who I really was.

I’m sure I’m not the first and last person to go through this. It’s easy to say ‘be yourself’ when you are in a relationship but often times it’s not easy to do, practically. But if you are single, then you can be honest with yourself about who you really are.


Number 2: You can develop an intimate relationship with God.

God loves you, single and/or attached. But when you are single, you can come as close to God as you want without worrying about the possibility of that displeasing your partner.


1 Corinthians 7 v 34

Unmarried women and women who have never been married worry only about pleasing the Lord, and they keep their bodies and minds pure. But a married woman worries about the things of this world, because she wants to please her husband. (CEV)


Please let me clarify here that Apostle Paul is not saying anything against marriage. If you follow up on the whole chapter, he says if you are married you should stay married and if you want to get married, you should go right ahead and do so.


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But when singleness and being attached are compared, singleness allows you to serve God in the best way possible.


Number 3: You learn self-control

Not just in matters of sex, but with everything else in life. Your self-control in sexual matters teaches you self-control in other areas of your life, leading to you being more wholesome.


Number 4: You can cultivate many relationships.

It can be hard to make certain kinds of friends when you are attached. If you are a woman, it can be hard making male friends because you don’t want to make your partner jealous. The same thing goes for when you are male and want to make female friends.

But when you are single, you can be friends with whoever you like, not for frivolous reasons, but for the mutual benefit of yourself and others. I talk about relationships here.


Number 5: You have a chance to discover true and unconditional love

The world has reduced love to almost nothingness. Conditional love that’s here today and gone tomorrow. And this kind of love is more prevalent in romantic relationships. If you are single, you can cultivate unconditional love and keep the people in your life as they also keep you.


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Number 6: You can enjoy a stress-free life.

Let’s face it. Being in a relationship is stressful.  No two people can possibly be the same so stress is bound to come up when these two people are involved.

But when you are single and you embrace that, you only have yourself to deal with and that takes a load off your shoulders. Unless you really have problems. But even then, you are your own best solution to your problems, so you can resolve issues in a way that best suits you. And we can all agree that being stress-free is instrumental to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


Number 7: You can invest time in acquiring new skills and knowledge

Because you are single and you spend a lot of time with yourself, you can recognize a desire to go back to school, read more, or anything that allows you to make yourself intellectually better than you are now.

And because you enjoy many meaningful relationships, you can empower others so they can also be better people.


Number 8: You can get involved in worthy causes

Again, being single frees you up to focus on establishing relationships that are not just beneficial to you but to others. And you tend to be more sensitive to others’ needs and you are much more aware of the plights of others. So you can extend a helping hand.


Final word

There’s no reason to feel ashamed just because you are single, as the world will have you think. You are a valuable human being, single or attached. Please celebrate your singleness and don’t rush into relationships prematurely just to avoid being single.

Learn to love yourself first before you love others. And learn to enjoy spending time with yourself first before you move into the company of another person.


These are obviously not the only reasons to celebrate being single. There are many more. Share your thoughts with us about the other benefits. We are interested in knowing whether you are single and attached, and how that’s going for you. Thank you.



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