How to stop obsessing over calories

Are you obsessing over calories? If you are anything like me just a few months ago, then you worry about every little thing you eat. You wonder if you should have that slice of white bread, or if you should go for another helping of tonight’s delicious dinner.

Maybe you measure everything you eat. You know the caloric content of all your food like the back of your own hand. All the media hype has made you believe you need to do that if you want to keep excess weight off.


A picture to help you stop obsessing over calories


Well, I have great news for you.

Counting calories is NOT necessary.  In fact, it can be detrimental to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle where diet is concerned. You can enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle through eating the simple, intuitive way.


Thanks to a lot of information sources out there, we now have a better understanding of what is good for our bodies and what is not.

But when does that understanding become too much? When we think we have to know the caloric content of each and everything we put in our mouths? Worse still, when we think we have to know whether a banana has more or less calories than an apple.


A picture to help you stop obsessing over calories


Honestly? Who cares which one has more calories than the other? If you need that information simply to determine which of these fruits to eat, then you are wasting valuable time and energy on something that doesn’t matter at all.

Since I’ve moved past that madness of counting calories, I’ve come to see how much I robbed myself of my peace of mind by focusing on things like that.


So, what’s the alternative to counting calories?

Eat healthy. That’s it. Simple. Eat a balanced diet that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, drinking a lot of water and cutting back on sugar, salt and oil. Just eat healthy and as long as you do that, you never have to worry about counting calories again.


A picture to help you stop obsessing over calories


Let’s not complicate healthy eating because it’s just not complicated. It’s very simple. You know the foods that are healthy for you and those that are not. So then, eat the healthy foods and avoid the unhealthy ones. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But people have thrown that simplicity out through the window and they want to know calories in each and every food, the side effects of consuming the good food,  and so forth.

Why are you worried about the side effects of consuming too much squash? Why are you eating too much squash in the first place? Eating should be done in moderation, so you don’t ever have to worry about over-consuming healthy foods.


How about if I have a habit of having cheat meals but still want to keep the weight off?

It doesn’t matter. As long as you eat your cheat treats as well as your healthy foods in moderation, you are fine.

Speaking of cheat meals, this is a concept I’ve never understood. People who eat healthy often say they reward themselves for eating healthy by giving themselves a treat like ice cream or chocolate cake.

You have been eating healthy, and that’s great. Now, here’s where this concept boggles my mind. If you have been eating healthy, why do you reward yourself by eating something unhealthy? How is an unhealthy food a treat?

Indulging that mentality makes you continue to have a bad attitude toward healthy food and a good and encouraging attitude toward unhealthy food. With that mentality you can never really eat healthy for the long term because you associate that with pain, and you’ll always go back to unhealthy food because it gives you pleasure.


A picture to help you stop obsessing over calories


How about you change your mindset right now?

Healthy foods are great for you. They give your body the right fuel, and they keep away sickness and disease. Now that’s a treat.

Unhealthy foods are bad for you. They give your body the wrong fuel and they invite sickness and disease. Now that’s punishment.

It’s easy to see which of the above options is good for you. It’s eating healthy food. Go with that and train your brain to know that healthy foods are only what you should be eating.


If you have been addicted to unhealthy foods for a long time, that’s OK, you are not alone.

But the answer remains the same. Just meditate more on healthy foods and less on unhealthy foods. Slowly, with patience, you’ll get to a point where things have switched, and now you associate eating healthy foods with pleasure and eating unhealthy foods with pain. And then, you’ll start reducing the amount of unhealthy foods you are eating until one day you look at your meals and you realize you haven’t thought of ice cream or chocolate cake for two whole weeks.

I guarantee you, if you adopt this mentality of eating healthy, you’ll never have to worry about counting calories again. And then you can enjoy a good diet in a simple way that lets you enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


The final word

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to learn the caloric content of your food, as long as you don’t take that information obsessively and you let it rule your eating and complicate what was supposed to be simple, intuitive eating.


Thank you for reading this post. I know many people still struggle with calorie counting so please leave your comment below and let us know what you think of this post. Your thoughts are valuable to us.


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