Here’s the effortless and natural way of drinking water

Are you struggling with drinking water? We hear about the importance of drinking water all the time. We are told we should drink anywhere between 1.5 and 2 liters, or between 6 and 8 cups of water everyday. We are told of all the benefits of drinking water: clear skin, easy digestion, easy flushing out of toxins, etc.


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I used to struggle with drinking a lot of water. I knew the benefits of doing it, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’d even convinced myself that I hated water. Can you believe it? Nature’s free and best drink, and I hated it.

So, a few months ago, I decided to give this drinking water thing a try. I found a 2 liter bottle and filled it up, and carried it with me around the house. And surprisingly, I went through those 2 liters everyday. It was a struggle at first, became easier as days went by but remained a bit of a struggle.

And then I realized why I was still struggling when drinking water should’ve felt effortless and natural.


Let me share with you my realization.

I was trying too hard. There. That was it. I was trying way too hard to drink water that I struggled and couldn’t get used to the practice. Of course I needed some effort in starting, but I was already on my way, and it should’ve gotten easier, but it hadn’t.

Once I admitted to myself that I was trying too hard, I thought of ways I could make this practice of drinking water effortless and natural. And here’s what I did.

  • I ditched the bottle and started drinking from small cups.
  • I got up from my desk when I was working to go get some water. Sometimes I even went outside the house and drank water there. That gave me a change of scenery and made drinking water more enjoyable and natural for me.
  • I stopped keeping track of how much water I drank. I just told myself to drink a lot of it. But I was no longer hell-bent on consciously measuring it.


So, the first day I did the above, I felt myself enjoying drinking water. So I carried on with my new strategy. It’s been a few months now and today I can confidently say that I’m drinking a lot of water and it’s effortless and natural.


Could people around you be complicating your efforts to drink water?

I used to watch a lot of fitness videos. It was great at first. I saw people trying to achieve what I wanted to achieve. But the problem came when I let them influence everything I did so much that I was just copying what they did, without regard to whether or not it worked for me.

One day I decided to spread my own wings and fly on my own. I decided that instead of listening to someone else’s body, I was going to listen to my own body. I was armed with a lot of information about health and fitness. Not to say I didn’t think I needed more, of course I did, but I believed the basics I knew would get me where I needed to be: on my way to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

So, I started watching less and less fitness videos until one day I just stopped. Now I had a chance to focus on my body and let it decide what it wanted to do. One thing I learned was that I’d adopted this water bottle technique from these videos. Those people carried huge water bottles everywhere and obsessively tracked their drinking throughout the day.

Well, for me that didn’t work. Drinking water is natural. You are not taught how to do it, you are born with that knowledge. Why should it suddenly become hard?

So, I knew then that though that strategy worked well for the vloggers, for me it was just not working and I needed to find out what worked for me.


So, here is what I think you should consider doing

  • If drinking water is a burden then consider ditching the bottle and drinking straight from cups.
  • Make those cups smaller so that you are likely to finish a cup and even go for more water, than not finish the cup and feel bad about it
  • Take every chance you can get to drink water. When you are inside the house and outside.
  • You don’t always need a cup. Make drinking water effortless and natural by playfully drinking from a fountain, or drinking as you water your garden.
  • Remember to incorporate food that contain a lot of water in your diet.


The final word

Remember that in our journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle we put strong emphasis on the ‘simple’. We are slowly but surely doing away with the complicated way a lot of people have adopted in favor of a simple way that gets us where we want to go.

If you have that mentality that you can’t drink a lot of water then you need to get rid of it right now. Anybody can drink a lot of water, including you. And if you have that mentality that you hate water, then get rid of that mentality as well. How does that even make sense?

Start drinking a lot of water for your health. Make it effortless and natural and I guarantee you’ll stick with it for the long run.


Thank you for reading this post. Water is such an indispensable part of our lives, so of course I’ll be back to write more about it. In the meantime enjoy this post and let us know what you think of it. Is drinking water easy for you or do you also struggle with it? How do you make it effortless and natural? Please tell us in the comments below.


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