8 effective but simple strategies to be productive

Are you looking for effective but simple strategies to be productive everyday? Maybe you are just like the rest of us. You get out of bed every morning with the intention to be productive, but when you go to bed at night and look back at your day, you feel like you didn’t achieve much. I used to struggle a lot with that.

That was before I discovered effective but simple strategies to be productive. Now I’m about to share with you those strategies, so keep reading and get ready to receive.


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I know we never give this much thought, but when you sit down and really reflect on how quickly time passes, then you realize we can’t and mustn’t waste even a single second. This moment that you are in right now, you’ll never get back. You might get to do the same thing you are doing right now, but not at this minute of this day. The past second is gone forever and you’ll never get it back.

So then, we have to use our time wisely, be as productive as we possibly can so that we make best use of the little time God has given us on this earth.

OK, so what are my effective but simple strategies?


Strategy #1: Make the decision to be productive.

This might sound like a stupid strategy, but many people miss everything because they miss this first step. Everything begins with a decision. I’m not talking about what we usually say. “You know, I have to learn to be productive with my days.” That’s not a decision. That’s just a frivolous comment you make in passing.

“From this moment forth, I make a decision to be productive with my days.”

This statement is the kind of decision I’m talking about here. Make this decision and stick to it.


Strategy #2: Get out of bed early every morning

I don’t know about you. But if I get out of bed late, like 9 or 10 am, I feel like I’ve lost a huge and important chunk of my day. And now I feel like I have limited time to do the things I need to do.

And getting out of bed early in the morning, around 5, for me is so important that when I miss these first few hours, I just lose the motivation to do anything else throughout my day.

The earlier you get out of bed, the longer your day will be in a good way, a way that lets you do everything that needs to be done. People are still struggling with getting out of bed early in the morning. Maybe you are too. Just practice and you’ll get there. Don’t beat yourself up over failed efforts, just get back up and carry on.


Strategy #3: Read the bible

The word of God gets me going every morning, first thing before I do anything. The word gives me the courage to face my day, the zeal to get out and make things happen. Our God speaks against laziness. So a few years ago I made a decision to no longer have anything to do with laziness because I prefer to stay in good terms with my God.


Strategy #4: Exercise

Exercise, like reading the bible, will get you going. Exercise wakes the body up in ways you can’t possibly imagine. I stretch every part of my body from head to toe, and can literally feel the blood running through my veins. After I’m done with my 30 mins session, I feel ready to face my day.


Strategy #5: Shower or take a bath very early in the morning

After your workout, don’t wait before you take your shower. Just do it right away. I do it even before I think about breakfast. There’s something about bathing that makes me think ‘OK, now the train has left the station.’ Maybe showering early in the morning takes me back to my school and work days when I knew my day was on right after I showered.


Strategy #6: Have a healthy breakfast

Many people roll their eyes at this one, but it’s very important. If you have nothing healthy to eat, take the time to prepare it. Of course you if don’t have the time, you would’ve prepared for your breakfast the previous day. Don’t be one of those people who claim they are too busy to cook or to eat healthy. Be smart and know that a healthy breakfast is the right fuel for your body.


Strategy #6: Make a to-do list and tackle the most difficult things first

I never used to understand this one but now I do. I always start with the things I consider difficult or important. For example, I write my posts as soon as I get into my office. And then I go on to my novel. Even before I reach my word limit and have to stop, I feel energized to come back and meet my count because I already started.

The most difficult or important thing could be anything. It could be household chores for you, like it is for me. Anything. Just remember to do that first.


Strategy #7: Take some time to interact with those around you.

Notice I didn’t say take some time ‘off’. The people around you are not a break from your day, they are part of your day. Don’t be one of those people who doesn’t want visitors because you want a productive day. No, a simple healthy lifestyle that excludes the social aspect is not possible.


Strategy # 8: Always reflect on your day and be grateful for whatever you accomplished.

This lets you see where you went wrong. But even then, give your self an applause for the little that you did, as long as you know you’ll keep trying. Thank God for your productive day. After all, he’s the one who gives you the strength to work.


The final word

Being productive can take time to master, but you’ll get there if you work hard at it and remain patient with yourself.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share some of your effective but simple strategies for being productive. Remember to leave a comment below.

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