Are you aware of God’s blessings for you?

Blessings. What a lovely word we all want to hear. But do you feel like you do not yet have God’s blessings? Maybe you look at everyone around you and think, “How come everyone else but me seems to be walking in God’s blessings?”

The most important thing to remember is that as a child of God, you have every right to have every blessing our father says you can have. Those blessings are there for your taking. Taking them for yourself is just a matter of stretching out your heart in faith and claiming what is rightfully yours.


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God loves a humble heart, but I know of a lot of Christians who’ve been led to believe that we must live a life of lack if we are to prove our humility.  That’s how they mistakenly define humility. To them it’s passiveness and lack of action.

But that is not what humility in the biblical context means. Humility simply means the willingness to submit to God in every way possible. To count his ways more important than yours. To lean on his own understanding and not on your own. The bible clearly tells us to do this in:

Proverbs 3 v 5: With all your heart you must trust the LORD and not your own judgment. (CEV)

That’s humility. But it doesn’t in any way hint on being passive and doing nothing in matters of God. In fact passiveness and inactivity are the exact opposite of humility.

Now, with your humble heart, you can receive everything the father promises us in the pages of the Holy Bible.

There are many blessings God has made available for our taking:


  • Healing and a sound body

1 Peter 2 v 24: He used his servant body to carry our sins to the cross so we could be rid of sin, free to live the right way. His wounds became your healing. (MSG)

Exodus 15 v 26: Then he said, “I am the LORD your God, and I cure your diseases.”

I can’t possibly outline all the healing scriptures in this post. So I’ll be back in the near future with a post dedicated solely to healing. But as a child of God, you should know healing and a sound body is one of God’s blessings for you.


  • Prosperity

I hope you haven’t bought into the stupid and false claim by some people that God doesn’t want us to be prosperous. Again, they wrongly attribute poverty to humility. How ridiculous is that? How can God invent prosperity and not let any of his children have it? In fact, God’s children are the rightful claimants of prosperity.

We should be more prosperous than the world. But many of us still aren’t because we have not reached out to take it in faith.

Proverbs 3 v 9-10: Honor the LORD by giving him your money and the first part of all your crops. Then you will have more grain and grapes than you will ever need. (CEV)

Proverbs 16 v 3:  Share your plans with the LORD, and you will succeed. (CEV)

Again, as with healing, there are many more scriptures on prosperity. We will address those scriptures soon. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these two, meditate on them, and realize that you are supposed to be prosperous. Prosperity is one of your many rights as a child of God.


  • God’s companionship 

    You are a child of God, and one of God’s blessings is his eternal companionship. He promises never to leave you. So that means wherever you go, whenever, God is always with you. That doesn’t mean you won’t go through hard times. But when you do, you can count on God’s presence. He’ll walk with you through the most difficult of trials. And if you’ll succumb to his counsel, he’ll see you through those times to victory.

God says whatever happens, don’t quit on him because he’ll never quit on you.

Hebrews 13 v 5: Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you.” (MSG)


  • A life free of condemnation

Think of all the things you’ve done wrong. Let’s not pretend. We’ve all sinned, committed huge sins. But God forgives us each time, for even the deadliest of sins. God says no sin is big enough for him not to forgive. And he says that when we come before him with our sins and confess them, and then repent, he’s faithful enough to forgive our sins, blot them out of our lives, and make us new again.

2 Corinthians 5 v 17: Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The past is forgotten, and everything is new. (CEV)

God says don’t beat yourself up over your past mistakes. He’s made you so clean that you can boldly stand before people and say I am innocent, I have wronged no man.

So then, because God promises a life free of condemnation, don’t continue to condemn yourself, or let the world condemn you. If you abide in God’s word, he’ll give you the grace to sin no more, then you can boldly stand before the world and say, “I am innocent.”


  • Life

When we talk of a life free of condemnation, free of sickness and disease, free of lack, you might put an emphasis on the last parts of those phrases and overlook the ‘life’ part.

Notice you must have life before you can enjoy all of the above, and life is what God has promised us.

Romans 6 v 23: For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.(KJV)

If you sin, you invite death, plain as that. But if you follow God and obey him, you invite eternal life. Children of God can just reach out and claim the life that our Father has made available to us.


The Final word

The bible says we have everything we need in order to live a life that pleases God. If we please God, obey him, we can have every one of God’s blessings, all of them. If you’ve been deceived into think you are not to be healed or prosperous, or any of the above, then shut that down, push it completely out of your mind. Familiarize yourself with the word because all of God’s blessings are contained in his word. May you enjoy everyone of these blessings and many more. And may God’s peace and joy be with you, in Jesus name, Amen.


I hope you enjoy this post and become more enlightened in the matters of God. Please share some of God’s blessings that you’ve realized in your life so we may all grow. Leave your comments below. Thank you.


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