Tips to save more money from a small salary

You want to save more money. And you’ve been trying for quite a while now. But with the small salary you’ve been earning for years now, it seems impossible to save more money.

We’ve all been there. But I’m about to offer you the best tips you can be sure will work, so keep reading.


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It’s that time of the month when I’m budgeting for our family bills. There’s grocery to buy, water and electricity bills to pay, funeral covers, etc. This month we have to spend less than what we always do so we can save more toward our savings. So since yesterday I’ve been thinking of ways I can cut back on our expenses and save more money.


Here are the tips that have worked for me in the past and continue to work for me:


  • Tip #1: Slash your grocery bill by finding cheaper but healthy alternatives for some of your staples. You don’t have to buy the most expensive brand of pasta. And I’m not asking you to compromise quality. I’m saying there are lots of cheaper options for goods out there that are still healthy.


  • Tip #2: Cut off some of the food completely and instead, buy lots of cheaper vegetables and fruits. Instead of that expensive brand of pasta, ditch it altogether and buy lots of vegetables and fruits to go with your other staples. Your health will thank you.


  • Tip #3: Please, cut back on the bottled water. This is one of the worst wastes of your money.


  • Tip #4: Make your coffee at home. Again, buying ready-made coffee is just an unnecessary expense.


  • Tip #5: Eat out less. I know cultures are different. But in my culture, people almost never eat out. Of course now some families do, thanks to what they copy from TV, but that’s just less than 1%. The rest of us make our own meals and eat at home. I’m 31 now, and in all my 31 years, we’ve never eaten out, not once. We can bring something from the store for the family, but it’s always something too small to be counted as a meal, so we always have our home-cooked meal after eating that anyway.


  • Tip #6: Cut back on the junk food. Junk food can quickly raise your food bill. You can cut back on the junk food by eating more at home and less out. Like I said, in my culture we just don’t eat out. We tend to cook healthy food.


  • Tip #7: Arrange for a single trip to the store once a week. Instead of stopping by the store every afternoon on your way from work, just go once a week. Start by writing all that you’ll need for the whole week, remembering that you don’t even need some of the stuff. If you’ve made a mistake and experience shortage sometime during the week, it’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Go to the store and buy it but correct your mistakes next time.


  • Tip #8: Cut back on the clothes you buy. This one is really a no-brainer. I still get stunned by people who believe they must have a new item of clothing every month end. Why would someone do that? Buy just enough to wear. Having a closet full of clothes you’ve worn once and even forgotten about isn’t funny, not even when we see all those celebrities doing it on TV.


  • Tip #9: Drop your gym membership. Do you really need a gym? Almost all people who go to the gym think they do, but trust me, you don’t. You have your own body to use for exercise, so do exactly that. There’s plenty of space around you to walk, jog, do squats, pretty much everything people do at the gym, minus the equipment. But even then, remember that the fancy equipment at the gym is just an imitation of the real thing we have at our disposal at all times. You have enough things to lift at home, so you don’t need dumbbells. You don’t need the treadmill, or that stationery bike.


  • Tip #10: Quit drinking and smoking. Drinking and smoking take all your money. You don’t need them, in fact, you’d be better off without them, and that goes well beyond your pocket. Quit these nasty habits, save more money and enjoy better health.


  • Tip #11: Walk to the nearby mall instead of driving. Yes, save that gas money for something else, or to put toward your savings.


  • Tip #12: Learn to live only on your salary and avoid loans. Without the burden of loans, you learn to live within your means, can use your salary more wisely and save more money.


  • Tip #13: Buy a good second hand car, or a car that won’t deduct too much from your salary. You don’t need that fancy car. It does nothing but take from you.


  • Tip #14: Pay yourself first. When you get your salary, pay yourself first. And not so you can go and lavishly spend that money, but so you can put it toward your savings. Most people make a mistake of paying everyone else and then themselves last, and most of the time, after paying everyone else, there’s nothing left for you. Commit to paying yourself a set percentage of your salary every month. Then learn to work with the remainder to pay for all your other expenses. This will force you to be creative in cutting back your expenses. Believe me, this works.


  • Tip #15: Cut back on your cellphone bill. If you are the kind of person who always has to be calling someone else and speaking until in the end you’ve both said all you possible can and all you can exchange is ‘ya, ya” then you need to cut back on your cellphone spending. Learn to talk to people face to face more. If you have internet at home, skype. This will also help you cut back on the time you use on the phone, and now you can put that time toward something worthwhile.


  • Tip #16: Enjoy free entertainment. You don’t need to spend money to be entertained. Go to the park, the library, free concerts, and most importantly, learn to entertain yourself so you don’t have to look to other people to entertain you.


  • Tip #17: Tithe. Now, I know this sounds counter-productive. How can I expect you to take a percentage of your already little money and give it to God? But you need to understand this. Tithing is  proof of your trust in God. That he’s your creator, the one in charge of your life, your provider, your protector, your everything. By tithing, you say to God that you trust him and are willing to give back a little of all that he gives you. When you tithe, God will give you the wisdom to deal with your money, and you’ll learn to save more.


The final word

You don’t need more salary in order to save more money. If you are misusing your salary right now, how do you expect to save more on a larger salary? Wouldn’t you just increase your spending and still struggle to save more money? Rather, all you need to do is work with what you have now to save more. That will keep you content with your salary now instead of complaining about the salary you don’t have but wish you had. It’s very possible to save more money. Employ the above tips and you are guaranteed to smile all the way to the bank as you watch your savings grow.


Thank you for reading this post. I loved writing it because money has become easy for me to handle. Of course, it helps to look at it as just another resource like air instead of giving it the high place we tend to give it. These are definitely not all tips to save more money from a small salary, so please share with us your tips in the comments below.


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