12 signs you are making progress in your life

How do you know when you are making progress in your life? Maybe you’ve been trying to become a better person like we all have. That’s not something to achieve overnight. It’s something to do for as long as we live. Are you seeing progress? The progress might be there, but maybe you don’t see it. So here are the 12 signs you are making progress in your life.


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  • Sign #1: Unimportant things no longer excite you but important things do

I’ll give you an example. I used to enjoy watching series and comedies. I’d look forward to taking a break from my work to watch a comedy. Sometimes I’d even watch the comedy before I finished my work. I loved doing that.

But that no longer thrills me. In fact, I hate doing it. Now whenever I finish watching a comedy, I feel like I’ve just lost 30 mins of my precious time. Even while watching it, I don’t enjoy it anymore.

Instead, I love working hard for myself and those around me. I feel fulfilled when I look back at my day and realize I accomplished something worthwhile. When that happens, I know I’m making progress in my life.


  • Sign #2: You only want to spend time with people who benefit you.

For me, that’s my family because I work from home. I used to enjoy it when friends or neighbors came over. Well, I still do because I love talking to others. But before, they came over to indulge in gossip, and I loved it. Now I just hate it and avoid anyone I know wants to gossip.

If you find yourself feeling guilty when gossiping, and the thrill of it is gone, then you are making progress in your life.


  • Sign #3: You choose healthy habits over unhealthy habits most of the time.

I said ‘most of the time.’ Not all of the time. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect in order to feel like you are making progress in your life. You just have to try and want to try harder next time.

If you see yourself consciously thinking about your food choices, and reaching for that banana instead of candy, that’s great. If you exercise, take care of your mental health, your overall health, then you know you are making progress in your life.


  • Sign #4: You get out of bed early in the morning.

Unless you work throughout the night and sleep in the next morning. There are many people like that, and it’s fine to do that if it works for you. But most of us do our work during the day and try to get our sleep at night. If you get out of bed early in the morning before the sun rises, then you are making progress in your life because you want to move with the day and not be left behind.


  • Sign #5: You spend more time with God

Lately I’ve been craving more time with God, and I spend more time with him now than I’ve ever had in my walk with him. God is our source. Spending time with him can only benefit you, not hurt you. The more time you spend with him, the more progress you make in your life.


  • Sign #6: You think of others more

I used to think only about myself. Everything was about me, and outside of that I didn’t care. For example, I used to hate it when my sister asked me to babysit. As far as I was concerned, I was childfree by choice and didn’t want to be burdened with other people’s kids.

But lately I’ve been volunteering to babysit my niece. And this morning when I thought about the possibility of my sister having another child, it didn’t seem like such a bad idea that we might have to pitch in more to help with her kids.

Not only that. Lately I’ve been more concerned for others than I’ve ever been in my life. I include others in my prayers all the time, those that I know and those that I don’t.

If you think of others more and are willing to help others, then you know you are making progress in your life.


  • Sign #7: You are no longer worried by the things that used to worry you.

I used to worry about the most ridiculous things. I’d worry about the future. What if my sister dies and I have to take in her kid? Yes, you must be thinking that I used to be a very selfish person. You are right, I did.

Now I don’t worry about anything. Instead I pray about everything and thank God for everything. I leave everything in the hands of God. I’ve found my rest in him. If you are doing the same thing, knowing for sure that God will give you the grace to deal with the most difficult things in life when they come, then you are making progress in your life.


  • Sign #8: You are content with what you have.

Yes, no matter how little. If you are no longer worried about money being an issue, then you are on the right track. I used to worry about money all the time. I worried I wasn’t going to have enough to build my own house and move out of home by age 35. Now I no longer do. I have way less money than I’ve ever had in my entire adult life, yet I’m more content than I’ve ever been. I’m believing God for the best and it’s working. If you feel content with what you have, then you are making progress in your life.


  • Sign #9: You are taking action toward getting out of debt

Even if that action seems small, don’t underestimate it. Don’t despair. That’s something, and it’s going to get you there. Some people say not all debt is bad. I personally hate debt. I believe God didn’t intend for us to be in debt. That’s why he says we must be content with what we have.

Now take those small steps toward eliminating that debt, and proceed to live within your means so you can also help others. If you do that, then you are making progress in your life.


  • Sign #10: You’ve stopped comparing yourself to others, or at least moving away from it

I was never one to worry about what others were doing, but to some degree I compared myself to them. Now I’m free from that. Though I have way less than most people my age have materially and financially, yet I feel wealthy in every way imaginable. Notice I’m not saying ‘wealthier than them,’ because that would be comparing myself to them. I’m saying I’m wealthy. I’m running my own race.

If you are also concerned with running your own race, working hard everyday to provide for yourself and others without worrying about what others are doing, then you are making progress in your life.


Sign #11: You are only involved in healthy intimate relationships

You no longer have to be in relationships that rob you. You are happy with the person you are with. If you are single, like I am, then having an intimate relationship with yourself means you are happy being single. You are single not because you are punishing yourself for making poor choices in past relationships, or any other reason. But you are single because that’s the best thing for you and you enjoy it.


Sign #12: You feel grateful

Gratitude is a sign that you are positive and optimistic about life. Even though not everything is in order and there’s still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to a lot of aspects of your life, being grateful means you appreciate the progress you are making and gratitude keeps you alive and hopeful.


The final word

To start making progress in your life, all you need to do is make a decision to do so. Once that decision is made, you’ll now work toward implementing that decision. You know what they say: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Remember, we are doing our best to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle, so if you see the signs above in you, then you are making progress. If not, then make some changes in your life until you see these signs.


Thank you for reading this post. Please let us know what you think of it by commenting below. And please share with us some of your own signs. Thank you.




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