Here are 5 reasons why morning exercise is better for you

Are you thinking of taking on morning exercise? When I started taking exercise seriously almost four years ago, I grappled with the question of when to exercise. It was either morning or evening for me.

I did myself a favor by experimenting with both times until I settled on morning exercise. I’m about to share with you why I strongly believe that you get the most out of exercise when you do it in the morning.


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Please remember the significance of exercise when it comes to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle by reading my post.

Before I give my reasons, I suggest you do what I did. You experiment with both morning exercise and evening exercise. People are different, and while morning exercise might work for me, you might prefer evening exercise.

Remember, the key to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is finding out what works for you and sticking to it instead of letting your beliefs be swayed by other people. Celebrate your uniqueness by doing things you way. Listen to your body in everything you do. Read my post on how to listen to your body.

Now, I’ll remind you again, as I have in some of my past posts, that I know nothing about science and always rely on my own body to tell me what is right and wrong. So, I’ll talk about morning exercise solely from what my body tells me versus what science might say.


Now here are my reasons for why morning exercise is better for you:

  • Reason #1: It’s the perfect tool to wake your body up

You’ve just gotten out of bed, hopefully got your 6 to 8 hours of sleep. And now you hit the fresh morning air outside. Now, after being curled up in your bed for at least 6 hours, morning exercise is the best thing to unravel your body and get it ready for the rest of the day.

I’ve made comparisons between how I feel pre-workout and how I feel post-workout, and I can confidently say my body feels pretty much sleepy pre- workout and totally revived post-workout.


  • Reason #2: Morning exercise makes you confident that you’ll conquer your to-do list

A typical to-do list will have your workout in it. And during those times when I experimented with evening exercise, I had a little bit of anxiety lurking at the back of my mind, knowing after doing everything else on my to-do list, I still had to do my workouts.

For most people exercise is the most difficult task on their to-do list. Now morning exercise makes you confident about the rest of your tasks because now you’ve just gotten the most difficult thing out of the way.

Besides, morning exercise clears your mind and body, making both ready to deal with the demands of the rest of your to-do list.


Reason #3: The fresh morning air is good for you.

I always pride myself in thinking that I breathe the cleanest air by doing my morning exercise. I’m one of the few people outside in my neighborhood first thing in the morning. The air is crisp and I can smell its freshness. This is the time when I feel most conscious of my breathing. I’m actually aware of the fresh air as it fills my lungs. Breathing in clean untainted air is one of the best pros of morning exercise.


Reason #4: There are less distractions in the morning

Think about it. The kids are still in bed. You have all the time to yourself before everyone wakes up and demands your attention. You can exercise, meditate and focus on getting your body ready for the day.

Now, if you exercise in the evening, you’re reeling from the stresses of the day behind you. On top of that, there are evening tasks to do like cooking and helping with homework.


Reason #5: You feel most optimistic in the morning

You are fresh out of bed, excited by the possibilities of the rest of your day. Nothing has tainted your day yet and you have resolutions set for the day. You are eager to start your day and deliver on your resolutions. So, your morning exercise is done with that optimism.

Additionally, in the morning, you tend to challenge your body more than you do with your evening exercise. Because you are optimistic, you can take on new physical challenges. And you have the stamina for those challenges.


The final word

Remember that while this post is about how morning exercise is better for you, everyone is different. If you prefer evening exercise, then don’t let this post bring you down. This post is based on my personal experiences, and the experiences of many other people. But it doesn’t in any way demean evening exercise if it works better for you.

If you are just starting to exercise and you don’t know whether to go for morning exercise or evening exercise, then this post will help you make a decision, provided you’ve experimented with both times and listened to what your body says about the best time for you to exercise.


Thank you for reading this post. Please let us know which one you prefer: morning exercise or evening exercise, and why. Your thoughts are very valuable to us so please leave a comment below.


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