10 important steps to discover and develop your talent

Are you looking for steps to discover and develop your talent to fruition? Maybe you’ve found out what your talent is, but you have no idea how to develop that talent to fruition. Or maybe you still struggle with discovering that talent in the first place. Then this post is for you.


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Every one of us has a talent. I don’t believe the people I meet who say, “I don’t have a talent.” Our God would never put us on this earth without a purpose. We all have talents that we must use to bring honor and glory to our Lord.

My talent is writing. I’ve loved writing from as early as I can remember, and I write passionately and effortlessly. I was telling my sister sometime ago, that when I have my fingers on the keyboard of my computer, sometimes I find myself writing phrases that don’t feel like they are coming from me.

My fingers are on the keyboard, and it’s like there’s something deeper in me that’s directing my fingers to all the right letters. Many times, I finish writing, look back at what I wrote, and it feels so magical that I think, “did I really write that?”

I believe that’s what a talent feels like. You have abilities that seem almost supernatural. And you do things in a way no one can really describe. These are the very things that make us unique. And you do those things effortlessly.

And it goes without saying that we should use our talents to benefit others. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about others. Focusing beyond self to others is one of the important keys to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. I talk about extending your love to others by forming healthy relationships in this post.

OK, by now you should be eager to hear what I have to say about how to discover and develop your talent to fruition, so I’ll get right into it.


  • Step #1: Know and understand that you have a talent, regardless of whether or not you’ve found it yet.

This post would be fruitless if you carried on with the belief that you don’t have a talent, or that you are one of those people not meant to have a talent. I would hope the reason you are reading this post in the first place is because even though you haven’t yet discovered what your talent is, you believe you do have it. Realizing you have a talent is the first important step to discover and develop your talent.


  • Step#2: Pray and ask God to help you discover your talent

I feel the need to remind you as often as possible that we can’t do anything outside of God. Well, we can try but we’ll fail. Don’t be fooled by the temporary victory you see, outside of God, that can’t hold.

Anyway, humble yourself before God and ask him to show you what your talent is. The bible clearly says if we ask for what pleases God, he’ll grant our wishes. As long as you want to discover and develop your talent not for selfish reasons, but for the benefit of others, God will reveal your talent to you.


  • Step #3: Try different things

I’m not saying be foolish and walk into trouble. You should exercise caution and use common sense in everything you do. Again, your talent was meant to bring honor and glory to God, so obviously by saying try different things, I’m not suggesting you swing around a pole to see if God gave you a talent to be a pole dancer, or a stripper.

No, when I say try different things, I mean whatever is not in contradiction with the word of God.


  • Step #4: Refuse to let failure bring you down

We’ve heard of great people who discovered great things after many failed attempts. Hello, Thomas Edison, anyone? And he isn’t the only one. If you feel inclined toward something and you feel strongly about it, then keep doing it. Chances are you’ll fail once, maybe twice, maybe more than a hundred times, but keep trying because you are bound to get it right someday, sooner if you don’t give up.


  • Step #5: Refuse to take criticism for your attempts

I can imagine what people were saying to Thomas Edison every time his experiments with the light bulb failed. Maybe people outside of his family didn’t know what he was doing, but I’m sure his family did. I can imagine his child saying, “Just drop it, will you, Dad? It’s never going to work.”

What would’ve happened if Edison had given up? His great invention would never have existed. And the world wouldn’t be enjoying the fruits of his tireless labor everyday.

It’s hard when people criticize your attempts. It’s even harder when those people are very close to you. But don’t lose heart. Explain to them why you need to keep trying and then keep trying. Don’t give up.


  • Step #6: Surround yourself with positive people who inspire you.

You have a higher chance to discover and develop your talent if you are around positive people who inspire you. You might be able to do it around negative people, but it would be hard. Whether or not you’ve discovered your talent, you should still always surround yourself with positive people. Make friends with positive people and spend time with colleagues who are optimistic about life.


  • Step#7: Remember to be humble

Not just to God but to those around you. You can’t be arrogant and go around with a chip on your shoulder because you still haven’t found your talent. No, be humble. Humility is a virtue that will never fail you.

Here’s how humility will benefit you even more. When you discover and develop your talent, you might explode into a celebrity among your people. Now is the time to remember your background and identity. And humility will help you do that.


  • Step #8: Help other people discover and develop their own talents

While doing that, you might just discover and develop your talent. Maybe your talent lies in being of service to others. Yes, that’s a talent. One that we are more than ever in need of now when the spirit of individuality has taken over.


  • Step #9: Express gratitude

Gratitude is another virtue that will get you far. When you express gratitude, you tell your mind that things are going well. You keep reassuring yourself. Gratitude is like a magnet that draws good fortune to you. A content and grateful heart has a better chance of helping you discover and develop your talent than a begrudged and ungrateful heart does.


  • Step #10: Don’t stop living your life

In an attempt to discover and develop your talent, you might get caught up in the hype of trying different things and forget to breathe and live like you’ve been living. It’s the case sometimes that your talent is hidden in the little mundane things you do everyday.

The mundane act of ushering at church could turn out to be your very own talent. So could mothering your kids. There are many mothers out there, but few great ones. So take pride in your everyday life lest you miss your calling.


The final word

Don’t despair if you are struggling to discover and develop your talent. You will. Just implement the steps above. Most importantly lean on God because he’s the one with all the answers, including yes, what your talent is.


Thank you for reading this post. Tell us what you think of it by commenting. What did you do to discover and develop your talent? Please share your steps with us.


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