How to successfully live a celibate life

If you’ve made a choice to successfully live a celibate life then you are not alone. Many people, though a lot of them haven’t come forward about their choice, are choosing to live a celibate life. I have personally chosen to live a celibate life and I’m about to share with you why I’ve made that choice and the benefits of it.


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I’ve had romantic relationships in the past. In fact, two weeks ago I was sitting here in my office and thinking of all those relationships. I counted the number of people I’d gone out with, and sad to say, I’d slept with each and every one of those people. And my fingers fell short of counting those people.

I sat here on this chair and cringed, shaking my head in shame. Now, the moment I accepted Christ into my life, I knew I was free from shame because the bible says those who believe in Jesus Christ will never be ashamed. The bible also says that once I’m in Christ, I’m a new creature, blameless.

But two weeks ago I couldn’t help but feel that shame I’d almost forgotten. I made a decision to become celibate in February 2017. I wasn’t happy with the way my life was going, and I’d just discovered how deeply in love I was with God. So I wanted to focus fully on him and remain as pure as I could be while I did that.

Now, I’m still celibate as of 11 July 2018. If you were to ask me how it’s been trying to live a celibate life, you might not like the answer I have to give. See, many people living this life are struggling. But some have found a way to successfully live a celibate life, and I’ve found that way too.

But people would like for us to tell them that living a celibate life is hard and not doable, just so they can have an excuse to not live a celibate life. The truth is living a celibate life is a personal choice you shouldn’t have to justify. And anyone can live a celibate life. It’s not hard at all and I’m about to share you why I say that.

It’s important to point out that your decision to successfully live a celibate life might not have a spiritual bearing. Maybe you just want to be celibate to avoid the complications of relationships, to focus on finding yourself, or to avoid sexually transmitted diseases because these reasons also had a huge bearing in my own decision.

That’s why I have this post under the Lifestyle category and not the Spirituality category. So that you don’t doubt your decision if it’s not based on spirituality. Whatever your reasons for choosing a celibate life, I’m here to help you.

Here’s how you can successfully live a celibate life too:


  • Be sure about your decision and be happy with it.

And this is really the whole point: that you intentionally want to successfully live a celibate life. You can’t be happy about it if you feel forced to do it. Or if you think you want to do it just because right now you’re single. What happens when you meet someone later today?

No, you have to really establish that you want to live a celibate life and be happy with your decision. It’s the only way you can successfully live a celibate life.


  • Tell God about your decision

You might be celibate for a reason outside of God but you are going to need him in order to successfully live a celibate life. I don’t care who you are. Your self-discipline and self-effort are not going to be enough to get you through this especially in the early stages. Only God’s strength can get you through this. So tell him about your decision and humbly ask for his guidance.


  • Renew your mind with the word of God

And there’s only one way to do this: read God’s word. You can’t think the way you’ve been thinking all along and think you can successfully live a celibate life. Remember, you haven’t been able to successfully live a celibate life because you’ve been thinking like the world.

When you renew your mind, you exchange your own ideas for God’s ideas. And God’s word clearly says that we have everything we need in order to live a life that pleases God. That life includes being celibate as long as you are single. If you renew your mind and start thinking along these lines, you’ll feel your sinful desires melting away to be replaced by contentment in celibacy.

And renewing your mind is not just a one time thing. No, you have to stay in the word every day to renew your mind. You are always going to need the word for you to successfully live a celibate life.


  • Avoid temptations

Just because you’ve now renewed your mind doesn’t mean you are immune to temptations. If fact, don’t be foolish and subject yourself to temptations. You can’t intentionally watch porn and think you won’t be tempted. Of course you’ll be.

You can’t go out to the strip club and think you won’t be tempted by all that nudity. Of course you’ll be. If you want to successfully live a celibate life you have to remove yourself from all temptations.

By the way, if you’ve truly renewed your mind, you won’t even consider watching porn or entering a strip club.


  • Associate with people who can help you

That means rethinking your old friendships. If you want to successfully live a celibate life you can’t keep hanging around with friends you used to hang around with while you were still sleeping around. But do them a favor by letting them in on your decision to successfully live a celibate life.

Invite them to join in that life. Let them decide. If they want to live this life, then partner with them so you can help each other. But if they are intent on continuing with their current way of live, wash your hands off them because it’s the best thing for you to do.

Again, don’t listen to people who mock you and make fun of your celibate life. Be proud of your life and don’t be afraid to speak about it when confronted, though you shouldn’t have to defend yourself about that.

Remember that enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is dependent upon being in healthy relationships.


The final word

It’s possible to successfully live a celibate life even in these times when sex rules the world. Remember that you first have to be sure and happy about your decision. That’s extremely important.

Don’t worry about what people say to you and behind your back. Take pride in your celibate life, knowing you are avoiding a lot of disappointments and heartache by choosing this life, not to mention you can have the most intimate relationship with God.

Remember to lean on God, whether or not the choice to live a celibate life is based on a spiritual reason.


Thank you for reading this post. Tell us what you think of it. Maybe you are not celibate, but you definitely have some thoughts about celibacy. So let us know what those thoughts are. And maybe you are celibate. Tell us how you successfully live a celibate life.


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