8 important tips to be more generous

The world would be a better place if we’d all learn to be more generous. I believe that generosity is a human trait everyone is born with, but our own selfish desires sometimes dampen it until it’s so dormant that we can’t even believe we have it.


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I know for one that I’d love to be more generous. In fact this is one of my life goals. Now, being generous wasn’t something I thought of until recently. Since accepting God into my life and having his word tell me to love others, I’ve been burning with the desire to be more generous.

Generosity might actually seem counterproductive to your own growth if you look at it in the shallow way. I mean, you are trying to get more stuff and yet you must give some of it away.

And remember that generosity is not about giving away only material things. There are other resources to give like your talents, time, labor etc.

Our relationships with others are more strengthened if we learn to be more generous. And we know that in order to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle we must form and nurture healthy relationships. Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.

Now, I present to you tips to be more generous.


  • Tip #1: Get in the word of God

If you follow my blog, you already know by now that getting in the word of God is my first step and tip toward everything in life.

The word of God is a true manual for our lives and if we follow it, we can never go wrong. The word of God encourages us in more places than one to give to those in need.

2 Corinthians 8 v 12: It doesn’t matter how much you have. What matters is how much you are willing to give from what you have (CEV).

If that’s the case, then everyone of us must give because whatever our situation, there’s always someone more in need than we are.


  • Tip #2: Be content with what you have

You can’t be more generous if you are always complaining about what you don’t have. You want more clothes, more cars, more money. You believe you can never have enough.

If that’s your mentality then you can’t possibly be more generous because all you are concerned with is hording more things.

Instead, be happy with what God has given you. He promises to always be with us, so whatever you have, he’s given you. Be happy with it.


  • Tip #3: Stop copying and envying others

If you want to be more generous, you are going to have to stop copying those around you. This tip is a great complement to tip #2: Be content with what you have.

Copying others is so detrimental it will lead you spiraling into an unfulfilled life. Whatever your friends, your neighbors, your relatives have, that’s none of your business. Run your own race. Do you have the guts to live life on your own terms? is a post you’ll need to really live this tip.


  • Tip #4: Get involved in the lives of others

Sometimes we want to be more generous, but we can’t be if we live in our own little bubbles because then we are not aware of how other people live and the lacks they have.

Get involved in the lives of others. Definitely not in an intrusive kind of way but in a way that lets them know you care about them. This way, you’ll be able to identify who needs what and you are at a much better position to help and be more generous toward others.


  • Tip #5: Be grateful

This sounds similar to tip #2: be content with what you have. But being content is one thing, actually showing gratitude for that contentment is quite another.

If you are content but that contentment is hidden inside of you, you can’t fully be more generous. There’s something about giving thanks for what you have, audibly giving thanks, that just opens up your spirit to be more generous.

So don’t be shy, or take gratitude for granted. Show it.


  • Tip #6: Partner with others

You don’t have to be more generous alone. Encourage others to also be more generous. Sometimes it’s not that people don’t want to be more generous, it’s just that they don’t know where to start.

So without being boastful, let others know what you are doing and partner with them so you can all be more generous.


  • Tip#7: Be modest in your generosity

By modest I mean don’t tweet your own horn and let everyone know last night you fed so and so’s family. It’s in fact better to not be generous at all than to brag about what you do for others.

If you want to be more generous, do it to help others, not for your own glory.


  • Tip #8: Start small

If you worry that you have to do big deeds in order to be more generous then you are wrong. It’s actually the little things that might count most with those you help.

Start small, and that can be buying school stationery for a poor kid, or helping them with homework. Sounds simple enough, right? Maybe you have the talent to tutor kids, so use that talent to benefit those kids. Read these 10 important steps to discover and develop your talent.


The final word

We can all be more generous if we step up and realize that we already have so much. Stop complaining about what you want, and start being thankful for what you have. As long as your needs are already met, then you have more than enough to live on and to be more generous with.


Thank you for reading this post. Please share your thoughts with us by commenting. Let us know your own tips of how we can all be more generous.


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