5 reasons why rest days are good for you

Many of us are scared of taking rest days off our workouts. We think they’ll drive us back on all the progress we’ve been making. The opposite is actually true. Rest days will ensure we maintain all the progress we’ve been making and position us to keep making more progress. Read on to find out why.


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We all know that exercise is essential if you want to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle. Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires exercise.

But we have to remember to give our bodies the rest they need. Don’t push your body too hard.

I used to be one of those people scared to take rest days off workouts. I felt like I was lagging behind whenever I took two days off. If I took a week off, I was beside myself with panic.

But I’ve come to embrace and appreciate rest days now since I started listening to my body. Read this post on how to listen to your body.

Remember that you can’t go wrong when it comes to listening to your body.

Now, here’s why rest days are absolutely good and recommended for you.


  • Reason #1: Rest days give your body a chance to recover

I just talked about this. Rest days allow your muscles to repair themselves and for your entire body to recuperate.

If you are really committed to listening to your body, it will clearly tell you when it’s tired. Respond accordingly by giving it as much rest as it needs.


  • Reason #2: Rest days allow you to return to your workouts with vigor

If you find yourself getting bored by your workouts, then it might be time for you to take some time off. Most of the time there’s nothing wrong with your workouts, but your body just needs something different.

Without even changing your workouts, taking some time off your routine can provide a solution for that boredom. Just a few days off, or as much time as you need, can bring you back to your workouts feeling fresh to carry on with the same routine.

Read my post on 7 simple tips to cure boredom during exercise.


  • Reason #3: Rest days make you want to try new workouts

For me, fresh workout ideas always come to me when I’m having my rest days. Before then I’m just so caught up in my workouts that I hardly have time to think about what I might want to do different.

But when I take a few days off, I always get the desire to try new exercises. You might end up sticking with those exercises, or changing back to your old ones. The point is, rest days give you the time and brain space to think of new ideas.


  • Reason #4: Rest days on their own give you an opportunity to exercise naturally

This is similar to the reason above. But this particular reason talks about moving your own body the natural way without consciously taking that as exercise.

Remember that rest days do not mean inactive days. You should still move on your rest days.

But now that you are abstaining from your regular workouts, now is the chance to move your body the way nature intended.

Take a casual walk, walk the kids to school, tend to your garden, do yard work. Get your body moving.


  • Reason #5: Rest days allow you to get in touch with your other faculties besides the physical

Now that you are taking time off your regular workouts, you can start reading that book. Or visit that aunt on the other side of town. Or give more attention to your spirituality.

And we all know all the above are key components of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

Working out can sometimes make you feel isolated from the rest of the world especially if you go for hours in the gym.

But taking a break allows you to get back in touch with the normal everyday life and for you to reconnect with the other important things in your life.


Note: You should remember to make exercise a healthy habit and make it coexist with the other important elements of a simple healthy lifestyle.

If you find exercise interfering too much into these other elements, then it’s time to sit down, re-evaluate your priorities and make sure to cater for every important element of a simple healthy lifestyle.


The final word

Rest days are not evil as some people seem to think. Rest days are an indispensable part of a successful workout routine.

If you insist on exercising continuously without giving your body a break, you’ll eventually tear it down, making it incapable of operating at its best.

Remember to listen to your body and respond to it accordingly. Embrace and appreciate rest days.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope you liked it. Do you take rest days off your workout routine? Or are you afraid to do so? Please share with us by commenting.


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