7 surprising benefits of tithing you didn’t know about

If you are like me, you’re probably wondering about the benefits of tithing. I have to say, I only just started tithing, and it has already changed my life in a way I’m about to share with you.


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Maybe you feel protective over your money. There’s nothing wrong with that. We work so hard for our money that we should be careful of how we spend every piece of it.

Do you feel like tithing is one of those things that just eat away at your hard earned money? I used to believe that, and for years I didn’t tithe because I believed I was giving away my money to money-grabbing preachers.

I couldn’t stand that thought. And Christianity has become so extravagant that this didn’t help matters. All these preachers who are living the high life and yet doing so little to help those around them.

All the new christian churches coming up everyday with fancy names. I always thought, why do we have to break from one church to form another if we are really after one God?

All those things just clouded my mind and my attitude toward tithing. But I’ve come to learn the following benefits of tithing that will make you want to start tithing.


  • Benefit #1: Tithing shows that you trust God more than you trust your money

This is one of the benefits of tithing that you probably already know, but it’s worth repeating. Tithing lets God know that you trust him and don’t trust on your money to take care of you.

It shows you realize and appreciate that he’s the one giving you the strength to do the work you do, and therefore you are so thankful that you want to give back some of your harvest to him.

But we don’t directly give our money to God. Meaning God doesn’t reach out his hand and accept the money from me. The money goes into the hands of the preacher and that’s what used to bother me. Which brings me to the second benefit.

But before I go there, I hope you start recognizing the demonstration of your trust in God as one of the benefits of tithing.


  • Benefit #2: Tithing shows that you trust God more than you trust your preacher

Not to sound negative about preachers. But we all know that false ones continue to emerge in staggering numbers.

If you are worried that by tithing you’ll just be feeding a greedy preacher, then you are in good company.

Like I said, I worried about that too. But remember that your primary reason for tithing is to demonstrate to God your trust in him. Now, it doesn’t matter who accepts the money from you.

If the preacher takes your money to feed his flamboyant lifestyle, then take comfort in knowing that that’s between him and God.

Just because the preacher used your money for selfish reasons doesn’t cancel your tithing. You know why you are tithing and you remain in right standing with God.

So next time you find yourself worrying about whether or not your tithe is going to fall into the right hands, know you are tithing to God. That definitely counts as one of the benefits of tithing.


  • Benefit #3: Tithing makes you content with what you have

And really, contentment with your life is the key to a fulfilled life and one of the great benefits of tithing. When you are content you don’t have to worry about having that sixth car or that bigger house.

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Instead of worrying, you thank God for what you have. By tithing, you are saying that you are so content with what you have that you are willing to give to God.

Just think about it. If you feel like you want more money, then you can never tithe because then tithing becomes counterproductive.

But if you celebrate what God has already given you, you tithe cheerfully and gratefully.


  • Benefit #4: Tithing improves your finances

Like I said above, you might think tithing is counterproductive because you are taking money out of your pocket when the money should be coming in.

But tithing helps you improve your finances in that you learn to live within your means. That ties into the contentment we spoke about above.

If you are content with what you have, then it follows that you’ll not feel the need to have more money to buy things you think you need.

People who tithe are always better at budgeting and managing their finances than people who don’t tithe. So, this is another one of the great benefits of tithing to think about.


  • Benefit #5: Tithing makes you feel rich

This is similar to benefit #4. But by making you feel rich, I mean literally feeling like you have more than you actually have.

You can try this immediately. Next time you feel lack, maybe in your finances, reach into your wallet, pull out some money, even if it’s just a little bit, and help someone else.

This will immediately put you over your current financial status by making you see and believe you have more than the other person. That will definitely make you feel rich.

With so many people feeling in lack today, I count this as one of the great benefits of tithing.


  • Benefit #6: Tithing  makes you joyful

This benefit is similar to the one about contentment. But it goes beyond contentment into joy. The joy comes from knowing you trust God wholeheartedly and that you released your harvest to benefit someone else.

Now that I’ve started tithing, my joy comes from knowing that with the little that I contribute, I’m helping to build a church that will accommodate more people than it does now, a church that will contribute to the salvation of many. Being joyful is definitely one of the great benefits of tithing.


  • Benefit #7: Tithing opens up many spiritual doors for you

You’ll remember that spirituality is one of the key components of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality.

Tithing elevates your spirit in an amazing way and this is one of the great benefits of tithing. You feel a connection to God and humanity on a level higher than that experienced by people who don’t tithe.

While tithing should definitely not be misunderstood as something to do to buy God’s love and favor, tithing allows you to enjoy many blessings not enjoyed by people who don’t tithe.

Putting your trust in God elevates you to enjoy your intimate relationship with him at a higher level.

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The final word

The benefits of tithing are not to be taken lightly. If you tithe faithfully and willingly, you’ll reap the benefits above and many more.

Trust God enough to know that he’s taking care of you. Remember that he gives you the strength to work hard for the money you have and it’s not by your own effort.

Most importantly, never feel forced to tithe. Tithing should be done willingly and cheerfully.


Thank you for reading this post. What are your feelings and thoughts on the post? What do you think are the benefits of tithing? Please let us know by commenting.

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