You needn’t be a church goer to be a legitimate Christian

I know there’s that worldwide belief that you have to be a church goer in order to be a legitimate christian.

But is there any truth to that? Does being a church goer really qualify or disqualify you as a legitimate christian?


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You’ll remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality. But is cultivating your spirituality synonymous with being a church goer?

I personally don’t go to church. I don’t have anything against church attendance. In fact, I love and support the idea.

I strongly believe that church brings believers together in one place where they can help each other’s faith; not to mention, worship God.


The word of God strongly recommends the idea of being a church goer.

Hebrews 10 v 25: Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer. (CEV)


But we have no biblical evidence that every Christian in the biblical times was a church goer. In fact, the above verse clearly spells out that not every christian was a church goer.

The bible also doesn’t condemn those who are not church goers. The condemnation was cooked up by some christians all on their own.

But of course I welcome corrections. So pick up your bible and start searching and find out where it clearly says or even merely implies that you are condemned if you are not a church goer.

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But why don’t I attend church?

Simply because I haven’t found a church I’m confident will help me develop my spirituality.

Sounds like a petty and childish excuse, doesn’t it? But I don’t want to be a mere church goer who puts away the bible to gather dust until next Sunday.

No. I want to be the kind of church goer who loves every minute of church and can’t wait to read the bible on my own.

I want a pastor that focuses more on teaching the word of God than on performing all the money miracles. And it seems like nowadays money is of more concern to christians than God is.

I don’t need all those miracles. Why? Because my existence on its own is a miracle. And I believe I’m a miracle to others.

So I need a church that teaches the word that cements that so I can use my gift instead of spreading my hands out to receive miracles from God knows where (no pun intended).

So yes, that’s the kind of church goer I want to be and why I still haven’t found a church I really want to attend.


So, why do I believe you need not be a church goer to be a legitimate christian?


  • Reason #1: Christianity is a personal relationship between you and God, not a religion.

Yes. It’s between you and God.

That doesn’t mean it ends there. If you read God’s word and let it change your way of thinking, then you’ll always be willing to obey the word and spread it to everyone else. And you don’t need to be a church goer to do that. You can do that outside of church.


  • Reason #2:  Being a church goer can limit your authority as a Christian

If you understand that being a legitimate christian isn’t based on following set rules and regulations, then you know that you, just like every other christian in the world, is in the ministry of spreading God’s word.

But there are many churches that prevent their attendants from ministering to others.

Those churches say the pastor is the only one who can minister to others and the congregation must listen.

My friend was once prevented by his church from holding morning sermons in our village clinic because the church believed that was solely the duty of the pastor.

Wherever we are, and whatever job we hold, we must each teach God’s word. I recommend that you read how to serve God in your profession.


  • Reason #3: Being a church goer can distract you from the word of God

I spoke about this earlier. There are a lot of christians who go to church, not to hear the word of God but to receive the so-called miracles produced by pastors.

They want prophecies that favor them. They spend so little time on the word that they’ve lost touch with it. They’ve thrown their spirituality out of the window.

This can happen to you if you are a church goer and you’ve chosen a church that focuses more on performing miracles than on spreading the word of God.

On my own at home, I read the word of God and dwell in it, teaching myself the ins and outs of it.

I understand that the word is my tool for every situation in life. I understand wealth differently from many other people who only focus on the financial aspect of wealth.

I feel wealthy in a way that makes my life more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined before I familiarized myself with the word.

You can and should do the same. Read these 6 easy steps to stay connected to your spirituality and get back on the right path to God.


  • Reason #4: Being a church goer can make you spiritually lazy

I’m sure you know of people who attend church because it’s something they feel they must do and have been doing since they were little.

They go to church because it’s family tradition. Many people like that have reduced church attendance to a chore and they don’t do anything to grow spiritually.

It’s people like that who’ll praise you because you are a church goer and condemn you because you are not. They attach your christian worth to whether or not you are a church goer.


  • Reason #5: The idea of being a church goer as a prerequisite leaves many people out

I know this first hand because before I knew my right standing with God, I used to feel left out just because I wasn’t a church goer.

If everyone out there understood Christianity as being a personal relationship between them and God more than it is about being a church goer, then they’d become responsible for their spiritual salvation.

There’s the self-condemnation that ‘I don’t go to church so I must be a bad christian.’

People who say things like that usually give up on themselves and on God. But if people understood that being a church goer or not, God loves each and every one of us, then we’d see those previously hopeless people spring to life to claim their positions as children of God.

You, as a child of God, church goer or not, should be aware of the many blessings our father has bestowed upon you.

Are you aware of God’s blessings for you? is a post you must read because it talks about one of God’s blessings for you being a life free of condemnation.

Come to God with all your flaws because he loves you regardless. Church goer or not, God wants to use you.

So get yourself ready by reading 5 ways to position yourself to hear from God.


The final word

Again, please don’t take this to mean that I don’t support the idea of being a church goer. Of course not.

However, I feel that people have attached being a church goer to being a legitimate christian and that’s just misleading, and it leaves many people despondent because they’ve been left out of the church ‘clique.’

Church goer or not, we must all be involved in spreading God’s message however we can while being aware of our worth as children of God.


Thank you for reading this post. Are you a church goer or not? Then please share your thoughts with us about this post.





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    Become a servant of God and see yourself as his loved child whether or not you are a church goer. Let’s all do our duty to further God’s mission here on earth while we still have the time. Please remember to share your thoughts with us by commenting. May God’s grace and peace be with you.

    Thank you.

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