Declutter your kitchen: 8 things to get rid of RIGHT NOW!

It’s easier to declutter your kitchen than you think. Keep reading because I’m about to reveal to you the 8 things your kitchen will definitely be better off without.


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Remember that a simple healthy lifestyle is just that: SIMPLE. It’s something we were meant to enjoy naturally and effortlessly.

And now that you’ve made the decision to enjoy this journey, you shouldn’t only remove all the temptations from your kitchen, but you should also get rid of most gadgets and resort to the traditional and natural way of doing things.

There are a lot of kitchens out there that just spell a complicated life the second you land your eyes on them. Kitchens like that cloud your thinking, and your living.

It’s time to do away with that complication and embrace the simplicity that marks our new way of living. You’ll be glad you did.

So what should you get rid of if you want to declutter your kitchen?


  • Item #1: Cookie jars

Of course, these are first things to go. I don’t know why people overestimate their resistance to sugar by surrounding themselves with cookies..

You can’t eat healthy when you have several cookie jars surrounding you, not even when it’s only one jar. And no, the solution is not to stash them in your pantry so that ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

That won’t help you. Get rid of them altogether because you no longer need them. Remember to teach your mind to crave only healthy foods.

Trust me, getting rid of those cookie jars is a great step you can take to declutter your kitchen.


  • Item #2: All processed foods

Processed foods are the other thing you need to get rid of if you want to declutter your kitchen. I don’t care what they are, just get rid of them. For every processed food in your kitchen right now, there’s a healthy alternative somewhere out there.

Don’t say you have no access to healthy food alternatives because you do. Even if you have to drive an extra mile to get to them, then do it.

You are going to have to make an effort if you are really serious about enjoying a healthy diet as a key component of a simple healthy lifestyle.

It’s worth revisiting my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires a good diet.


  • Item #3: Those extra cupboards

To declutter your kitchen isn’t just about food, you know. Some people just have those extra cupboards and drawers they never use.

Even if you do use them, you’d find that you’d do better if you used fewer cupboards.

Less is more when it comes to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. Get rid of those cupboards and enjoy the extra space and reduced cleaning.


  • Item #4: That dishwasher

The dishwasher should be one of the first things to let go of when you declutter your kitchen.

Maybe it’s because I’m from a completely archaic culture where we do everything manually. But I choose my archaic culture over the dependence on machines to do my work.

People who are pro dishwashing claim it saves them the time they don’t have to do the dishes. I personally don’t buy that.

If you are so busy that you have no time to take care of your own environment, then it’s time to rethink your priorities.

What are you so busy with? Work? Saying you are too busy to do work in your own kitchen because you are busy doing work for someone else is just absurd.

Always put your health and well-being first. Only then will you be able to take care of someone else’s work.

Get rid of that dishwasher to declutter your kitchen. Refuse to buy into human philosophies that usurp you of your power over your own time and life. Take charge.


  • Item#5: Measuring utensils

Like I said, maybe it’s because I’m from a different culture. But I’ve never understood the concept of using measuring utensils in the kitchen.

Are we so out of touch with our instincts that we’ve created utensils to think and decide for us?

I know how much of every ingredient to add to my food when I’m cooking. Sometimes I get my measurements wrong, but that’s OK. I get them right the next time.

Like I said, I believe in taking charge of everything in my life. Declutter your kitchen by getting rid of those measuring utensils and learn to use your own instincts and observation in your kitchen and pretty much every other area of your house and your life.


  • Item #6: That television

Please, let’s just stop with the TV watching. It’s bad enough that you are wasting your precious time watching your television in the living room. Now, to have one in your kitchen is just too much.

What is it about watching empty entertainment that’s more fulfilling than spending some quiet time in your kitchen where you can eat mindfully?

Watching TV takes your mindfulness away. That’s why a lot of people have developed a bad relationship with food. For one, it’s easy to overeat when you are watching TV because you are not paying attention to the messages your body tells you when it’s full.

Read my post on how to stop binge eating. And as soon as you finish doing that, get up and declutter your kitchen by getting rid of that television.


  • Item #7: Your books

As you declutter your kitchen, all those books have to go as well. Have a room you dedicate to reading and take those books there. And no, it’s not your bedroom because you don’t need all that mental stimulation just before you sleep.

Put the books in the living room where you can entertain yourself with them instead of watching TV.

I just mentioned the importance of eating mindfully. And you can’t do that if you are reading a book simultaneously in the kitchen.

By the way, get rid of some of those recipe books too. Stop spending money on many recipe books. If you’ve been doing so, then by now you should have a hang of your cooking.

Now is the time to try things on your own. Fail and keep trying. Remember, you can’t listen to your body if you have other things like books stealing your attention.

Reconnect with your body by reading how to listen to your body.


  • Item #8: All those gadgets

I’m talking about those fancy cutters that create fancy patterns on your vegetables, all those graters you don’t need, and many other gadgets I’ve seen on TV whose names I don’t even know.

You don’t need them. Your body will recognize healthy food no matter how it’s cut. So don’t even worry that your food isn’t going to look pretty anymore.

Focus your energy instead on actually making your food healthy.


The final word

Like I said earlier, it’s actually easier to declutter your kitchen than you think. All you need to do is be honest with yourself about what you really need in your kitchen and what you don’t.

Important: what you need, not what you want. You can easily get by without your wants.


Thank you for reading this post. What are your own thoughts on how to declutter your kitchen? Please share with us by commenting.





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