10 reasons NOT to become the other woman

If you are a single lady, refuse at all costs to become the other woman. You should know by now that married men are off limits, and yet many of us still find ourselves caught in nasty affairs that only leave us hurt and broken.


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You’ll remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.

But being the other woman is anything but healthy. It’s never a good idea. The man has a wife for goodness’ sake.

He’s unavailable, no matter how much time you spend with him or how much he tells you he loves you.

I’m not judging you here. I’ve been misled into having affairs with married men before. Yes. Not a married man but married men. That’s a mistake I’ll never repeat.

It’s easy to continue an affair because a married man will promise you things in such a way that you believe every word he says.

Not necessarily because you are a gullible person. Well, they bring out the gullibility in even the strongest of women.

But it’s mostly because you’ve made yourself vulnerable to him and by agreeing to the affair in the first place, you displayed your desperation and now he’s playing on it.

Now here are the 10 reasons not to become the other woman:


  • Reason #1: He’s not trustworthy

He’s cheating on his wife with you. Why on earth would you want to give yourself to a man like that?

If you are hoping he’ll leave his wife for you, and he does, you’ll have lost because he can never stay faithful to you.

So, refuse to settle for becoming the other woman. Find a single man who’ll love you and make you his wife.


  • Reason #2: He doesn’t love you

I don’t care what he’s been telling you all along. A married man loves his wife. You are just a pastime for him.

I know what you are thinking. That you think he’s genuine about his love for you. Believe me, he’s not. He’s just taking advantage of you.

Prepare to free yourself by reading how to avoid being taken advantage of in relationships.

It’s always the other woman who gets the short end of the stick when it comes to love. Refuse that.


  • Reason #3: He’ll never leave his wife for you

It’s all a lie when he keeps telling you he’s going to leave his wife for you as soon as this or that happens. As soon as the kids are grown, as soon as the mortgage is paid off, etc.

A married man will not leave his wife for you. Leave him and open yourself to being genuinely loved by a man who’s available, who treats you as his first lady and not the other woman.


  • Reason #4: If he does leave his wife for you, you’ll never be happy

Would you be happy with a man who was unfaithful to his ex-wife? Every time he leaves the house, you’ll be wondering where he’s going. Is that how you want to live?

You can’t build a life with a man who married you out of his unfaithfulness. You as the other woman knows what he got up to when he wasn’t home, so how can you have peace of mind now as his wife?

There might not be anything sinister about his whereabouts when you are married. Maybe he’s genuinely working late. But would you believe that?

Why would you settle for that kind of stress in your life? I recommend live stress free with these 10 great tips.

People who enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle are supposed to be happy. Know that and claim your happiness by reading 17 simple things you must do to become happier.


  • Reason #5: He makes you love yourself less

And that’s a big no no. Being the other woman will bring your self-esteem and self-love crushing down.

How can it not when you got the man out of evil intentions? And when you know you are his second, third, fourth…choice.

If you are serious about enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, then you know you have to love yourself enough to be able to extend that love to others. Being the other woman will make that impossible.

I recommend 9 effective tips to improve your self-esteem.


  • Reason #6: You’ll never truly be accepted into his circle of family and friends

No matter how friendly they act toward you, you’ll always be the other woman. You are just the other woman who drove their woman of choice away. That’s not the way you want to be looked at.


  • Reason #7: He’ll never trust or respect you

You’ll always be the other woman for him. So he knows you have a knack for ensnaring men who are taken. That makes him lose trust and respect for you.


  • Reason #8: He’ll always be ashamed of you

I don’t care if you finally manage to get his ring around your finger; the man will always look at you as the other woman and he’ll always be ashamed of you.

Wonder why he kept quiet about family day at work? Because even as his wife, you are still the other woman and he doesn’t want to be seen with you in public.


  • Reason #9: You’ll always be a victim of his ex wife

Not just because you broke up their marriage. But you’ll never be rid of his ex-wife, especially if they have kids.

That’s one of the most annoying things about being the other woman. You can never be rid of the ex-wife and their kids.


  • Reason #10: You’ll miss out on the love God intended for you

This is the biggest con about being the other woman. You don’t get to meet that one special man God made for you because you were busy with another woman’s husband.

Ask yourself now. Would you want to spend a miserable life with a man who was created for another woman, or would you rather enjoy a long happy life with a man who was created specially for you?

Begin to see yourself the way God sees you. As his precious child. Claim the blessings he intended for you by checking out are you aware of God’s blessings for your life?


The final word

Maybe you think there’s something romantic or decent about being the other woman because you are watching other women do the same thing. Remember that you can never get the full picture if you are on the outside looking in.

You can’t build your happiness with a man who belongs to another woman. Refuse to stoop that low. Love and value yourself enough to want only the best in love.

God has someone special for you out there. Leave married men alone. In the meantime remain single so you can find yourself and get yourself ready for when you meet that special man.

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Thank you for reading this post. Have you ever been the other woman? Or maybe you are currently the other woman? Please share with us your experiences by commenting.

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