5 qualities of the most fulfilling life goals

Life goals are a must-have for everyone.

Recently I listened to an inspiring and wise man who said humans don’t need life goals. That our existence is a goal on its own.

While I think we should be grateful for our existence; I also believe we need goals to propel us. We thrive on motivation, and having life goals gives us the motivation we need to keep getting out of bed every morning.


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It’s only when we make self-centered life goals that life becomes unfulfilling for most people.

So, what are the 5 qualities of the most fulfilling life goals?


  • #1: They more on others and less on yourself

Your life goals will fulfill you to the end of time if they are focused more on others and less on yourself.

It’s much more fulfilling to have a life goal to help the needy than to have one where you want to own a house with ten bedrooms.


  • #2: They focus more on life itself and less on material things

Nothing wrong with wanting to have goals that focus on nice materials things for yourself: a nice house, a lovely car etc.

But your goals will be much more fulfilling if you focus on life itself, and life is much larger than our material wants.

Setting goals to be happy, content, peaceful, patient, kindhearted is much more fulfilling than setting life goals to own several houses in the world’s largest cities.


  • #3: They are independent of the influence of others

There’s nothing wrong with good influence from others. But we face more bad than good influence in making our life goals.

You might feel pressured to set life goals that will make your loved ones happy, rather than give you fulfillment.

You might also be tempted to set life goals so you can keep up with the Joneses.

Read how to stop comparing yourself with others so you can set yourself free to make life goals free from the bad influence of others.

I also recommend do you have the guts to live life on your own terms?

Your loved ones should only be of good influence. Remind yourself why a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.


  • #4: They remove money as an issue

Life goals that are dependent upon you having a certain amount of money won’t carry you far.

Fulfilling goals should be goals you can implement right here right now, regardless of the weight of your pocket.

Goals that focus on being generous, kind, loving, peaceful, happy, compassionate etc don’t require you to have money.

Read 8 important tips to be more generous.


  • #5: They are timeless

No matter how much time passes, true life goals should continue to stand and fulfill you.

There’s nothing wrong with saying you want to do this and that within 5 years. But the time lapse can leave you feeling unchallenged and unfulfilled.

In contrast, goals to be happy, generous, helpful etc don’t have an expiration date.


The final word

In order to truly enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle, life goals should move from being shallow to being deep and meaningful, and the best way to do that is to look at real life, especially with focus away from self to others.

Setting goals the right way can maintain our fulfillment to the end of time, making us live longer, and productively.

The above 5 ways of making the most fulfilling life goals are deeply rooted in God and what he requires of us according to his word.

Familiarize yourself with God’s will for your life by reading the bible. I recommend 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.

While you are at it, pray to God and ask him to plant the right life goals in your heart. Read 10 easy tips to improve your prayer life.

You can’t follow God and not be happy and fulfilled. An intimate relationship with our Father guarantees the best things in life.

Are you aware of God’s blessings for you? Read this post and know your rights as a child of God.



Thank you for reading this post. What do you think of it? What do you define as life goals? And what are your own goals? Please share with us by commenting.

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    If you are still not clear what your life goals are, then you need time to establish some. Remember to think more about others and less about yourself when you make these goals. And also remember to share your thoughts with us by commenting. Thank you and may God keep blessing you. Amen.

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