8 things you must do to make exercise a habit

I’ve just realized that we’ve never talked about how to make exercise a habit. That should’ve been one of the very first posts under exercise as a key component of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

I know I wrote every exercise beginner needs these 10 must-know tips. It’s definitely a worthwhile read but I want to be as straight to the point as I can to address the issue of making exercise a habit. So keep reading.


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Like I just said, remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires exercise.

You  might still be struggling to make exercise a habit. Don’t worry, you are not alone. A lot of people all over the world are facing the same challenge.

Until only four years ago, I struggled to make exercise a habit. I’d take off on two full weeks of rigorous, faithful exercise, and then drop off for the following month or even months.

But then, four years ago when I made the decision to start enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, I knew I’d have to make exercise a habit.

I experimented with different things for a while before I finally found my rhythm. I’m going to share with you how you can finally manage to make exercise a habit.


  • #1: Make a decision once and for all that you are going to make exercise a habit

Really, this is the first step, and without a decision you can never move forward.

You might have started exercising and fallen off the wagon many times before. Assess your decision. Did you make it consciously and intentionally? Because chances are, you didn’t it. You were loose about it, taking that decision frivolously.

It’s time to change that. Make a conscious and intentional decision to make exercise a habit. Only then can you successfully embark on exercise.


  • #2: Don’t buy that gym membership just yet

Because then you might find yourself paying for a gym you don’t use. A lot of people seem to think buying a gym membership will force them to exercise. Turns out, it doesn’t and it won’t.

So, if you don’t buy that gym membership, how are you going to make exercise a habit? See #3.


  • #3: Use your own surroundings to exercise

Your stairs, your backyard, the road, the park. There’s a lot at your disposal for you to make exercise a habit.

I’ve realized that it’s when you make exercise a natural part of your life that it sticks. It’s much more natural to run at your park than it is to run on the treadmill.

We’d like to believe we are evolving with technology. But the truth is, we’ll always gravitate toward what is natural to us, and technology isn’t. But nature is and it’s time for you to use it to make exercise a habit.


  • #4: Don’t rely on exercise partners

There’s nothing wrong with finding partners if you want to make exercise a habit.

But the problem arises when the other person lags behind because then you might be tempted to fall behind as well.

What happens when your partner can’t make it to your jog around the park? Or is sick and has to rest for a week, or a month, or longer?

The danger is that you might tie your progress to another person’s and you definitely shouldn’t do that.

Refuse to take on exercise partners when you first begin to make exercise a habit. Go at it alone. Nothing wrong with letting a friend join you once in a while.

But know that you should exercise independently. That means you should also steer clear of personal trainers. Here’s why you don’t need a personal trainer.


  • #5: Incorporate rest days

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you are trying to make  exercise a habit is to never take rest days.

Rest days are critical to a healthy and consistent exercise regime. I recommend that you read 5 reasons why rest days are good for you. Also read how to know when to take a break from exercise.

Rest days allow your body to recuperate and become ready to resume exercise, and you absolutely need that.

Rest days also help you to keep your workouts new and fresh. Never taking rest days can lead to boredom.

You’ll want to read 7 simple tips to cure boredom during exercise.


  • #6: Do what you love

You might not know what that is when you first begin exercising. But I promise you will.

Try different things so you can find out what feels good to you. And then stick with that.

You can’t make exercise a habit if you force yourself to do things that don’t feel good to your body.

If you are worried that sooner or later you’ll get bored, don’t worry. That’s not going to happen because as time goes on, you’ll naturally want to challenge yourself more.

This is the first exercise mistake you are making is a post that will definitely interest you.


  • #7: Stop looking for the physical evidence of your efforts

Because you might get discouraged when you don’t see it. But know this: You might not see any physical changes in your body after taking on exercise, but improvements in your health have already taken root inside of you.

And how you feel is much more important than how you look. In time though, you’ll begin to see the physical evidence of your efforts. Just be patient.


  • #8: Make a commitment to honor all the other components of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

A healthy diet, healthy relationships, personal development and spirituality. You will much more likely succeed to make exercise a habit if you don’t neglect any of these other components.

Remember that it’s fruitless to exercise faithfully while you eat poorly, maintain unhealthy relationships, neglect your personal development and spirituality.

Remind yourself why:

a simple healthy lifestyle requires a good diet.

a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.

a simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality.


The final word

You can make exercise a habit just like you’ve made many other habits over the course of your life. But don’t expect things to happen naturally; be prepared to work hard to make your exercise habit stick.

Now is the time to stop making excuses and instead make things happen. You were meant to move your body, so claim that and enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading this post. What are your thoughts on it? Do you agree with my tips on how to make exercise a habit? Why or why not? Please share with us by commenting.

5 precautions to take if you exercise while you are sick

Knowing that a simple healthy lifestyle requires exercise, I’ve always had that dilemma of whether or not you should exercise while you are sick, and I know a lot of people are wondering the same thing.


A picture for precautions to take if you exercise while you are sick


As I write this post, I’m recovering from a cold I’ve had since Saturday. I always rest from exercise on weekends, so I didn’t have to exercise when I first got the cold.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed; but there’s something about standing up to a sickness that just makes it go away, or at least lessens its hold on you. That’s what’s happening with me right now.

Our grandmother moved in with us on Saturday when I was feeling my first symptoms.

On Sunday morning I asked my mother to rush home after church to tend to her so I could sleep in.

But no, I didn’t do that. Because I’m so used to getting out of bed early every morning, I was up and ready for the day before my mother even left for church at 8am.

I thought I’d continue my rest days for the whole of this week until next Monday. But this past Monday, though I still had the cold, I felt a strong desire to exercise.

So I did exactly that, careful not to push my body too hard. As always, I listened to my body, letting it dictate to me what it needed. Read my post on how to listen to your body.

So yes, I didn’t continue my rest days into this week like I’d thought. I’m still exercising every morning though I’m still not back to my normal self.


So, what are the precautions to take if you exercise while you are sick?


  • Precaution #1: Assess the strength of your sickness

If it’s just a weak cold like the one I had, then I don’t see any reason why you can’t exercise while you are sick.

Remember though that if your sickness is more serious, then you should take a rest day or days depending on the strength and length of your sickness.

I recommend 5 reasons why rest days are good for you.

Also read how to know when to take a break from exercise.


  • Precaution #2: Exercise only when your body feels up to it

You can exercise while you are sick if your body feels up to it. It’s all about listening to your body.

I thought my body would feel heavy and tired this past Monday morning; that’s why I anticipated I’d be continuing my rest days throughout this week.

But my body felt ready to go on Monday morning, so there was no need for me to say no.

Be honest with yourself about how your body feels. If you feel fit enough to exercise, then go ahead.


  • Precaution #3: Make sure you ease up on your workouts

You should ease up on your workouts if you want to exercise while you are sick. Though my body felt fine on Monday morning, I was aware that I was still sick and that I needed to not put more stress on my body.

You should be careful not to push your body too hard even when you feel like you can handle a strenuous workout.

Remember that your body needs to recover from the sickness. Only then can you push it harder.

If you ease up on your workouts, then you can exercise while you are sick.


  • Precaution #4: Exercise in environments where germs are less likely to spread

If you want to exercise while you are sick, then you’ll have to mind your environment for that period.

If you typically exercise inside a gym where you touch all the equipment and share the air inside, then it’s time to step outside to the park where you can jog while breathing in the fresh air.

That’s why I love exercising outdoors and without the use of any equipment. I keep my hands free and enjoy the fresh air.

If you want the air you breathe to be even fresher, then do your workouts in the morning. You’ll want to read here are 5 reasons why morning exercise is better for you.


  • Precaution #5: Make sure you have the right intentions for exercising

Remember that your health comes first before everything else. Don’t exercise while you are sick if health takes a backseat to beauty. If you are desperate for that bikini body, that’s a horrible reason to exercise while you are sick.

If exercise is a competition for you and not a genuine key component of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, then you are not in a position to exercise while you are sick.

Rather, get some rest especially if your body is screaming at you to do that.


The final word

If you love exercise, then there’s absolutely no reason not to exercise while you are sick as long as you are mindful of the precautions mentioned in this post.

Remember that enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. Don’t deny the strength of your sickness, or be in denial about your body being tired.

Take as many rest days  as you need if you feel really sick. Not even a month off your workouts is going to drag you back as long as you honor all the other key components of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle like diet, healthy relationships, personal development and spirituality.


Thank you for reading this post. Do you exercise while you are sick? Then tell us why and how. Or maybe you don’t exercise while you are sick. Share with us why by commenting.



Every exercise beginner needs these 10 must-know tips

Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you are an exercise beginner lost as to how you should begin your workouts, then you are in the right place.


A picture for 10 must-know tips for an exercise beginnerPhoto by Dom J from Pexels


Let me remind you that a simple healthy lifestyle requires exercise. Yet four years ago as an exercise beginner, when I first embarked on my journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, I had no idea where to start.

To jog or to walk? Were those even enough? Squats? I didn’t even like them and didn’t understand how they worked.

I knew very little about exercising. Though I was determined to exercise, the unknown about exercising was a little off-putting.

But I did it. Four years later, I’m still going strong in my workouts.


So, read these 10 tips every exercise beginner must know. I guarantee they’ll work for you.


  • Tip #1: Determine why you want to exercise

This tip is very important if you are an exercise beginner. It might seem like an obvious tip. You might be thinking, ‘duh, everyone wants to exercise for better health.’

But don’t take things lightly. Even if that’s a simple question to answer, you have to consciously and intentionally think about it.

You’ll realize that the ‘why’ will surpass the ‘how.’ Though you are lost as to how to start, the ‘why’ of doing it will be strong enough to compel you to start.


  • Tip #2: Clearly define your fitness goals

So you are an exercise beginner and you’ve just determined why you want to exercise. Already that’s tremendous progress.

Now, clearly define your goals. Where do you see yourself in fitness in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and more?

By clearly defining your fitness goals as an exercise beginner, you are propelled even further on your exercise.


  • Tip #3: Find exercises that you love

No one told me this as an exercise beginner. I watched YouTube and blindly copied celebrities’ exercise styles.

It took me a long time to learn that I’d never stick to exercise if I kept doing the exercises I hated.

So I soon discovered exercises that worked for me, and I haven’t looked back since.


  • Tip #4: Find a time that works for you

If it’s morning, that’s great. Read my post on here are 5 reasons why morning exercise is better for you.

But don’t think for a second that you are doomed if you feel morning exercise is not for you.

Find a time that works for you. If it’s afternoon, go for it; the same thing with evening.


  • Tip #5: Take rest days

As an exercise beginner, you want to appropriate rest days into your routine. Just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself for two months, exercising everyday.

No, that will just exhaust you so much you might just quit exercising altogether.

Learn to listen to your body so you know when to take rest days. I recommend my post on how to listen to your body.

I also recommend how to know when to take a break from exercise.

Also check out 5 reasons why rest days are good for you.


Rest days will give your body the chance to repair and restore itself so you can return to your workouts with vigor.

Exercising for too long can be off-putting, especially for an exercise beginner. It can also lead to boredom. Taking rest days just might be the cure for that boredom.

Read my post on 7 simple tips to cure boredom during exercise.


  • Tip #6: Learn from others

It’s OK to learn from others if you are an exercise beginner.

Just remember that at the end of the day, you have to tailor  other people’s advice to better suit you instead of copying the advice just as it is when it clearly doesn’t work for you.

As you do your walk in the park, or around the neighborhood, you’ll definitely meet people who are trying to achieve similar goals. Don’t be scared to spark up a conversation about exercise, or to ask for their advice.

You can’t bring yourself to start a conversation? Then read my post on 12 easy tips to become a good conversationalist.


  • Tip #7: Stay away from the mirror

During my time as an exercise beginner, I’d step in front of the mirror everyday to judge my progress, even a mere few days after starting my workouts.

If my thighs burned, then I figured they looked toned. And I was always disappointed to realize that wasn’t the case every time I stepped in front of the mirror.

Stay away from the mirror. The mirror is not the perfect gauge for your progress.

You might not see the benefits of exercise manifested on the outside, but they are already taking place on the inside, even for an exercise beginner. Take pride in that.


  • Tip #8: Judge your progress over the long term rather than the short term

This follows perfectly from Tip #7. Exercise as a key component of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle should be a lifelong journey. You should be firm about that as an exercise beginner.

So instead of judging your progress every month, do it every year. You are in it for the long run, remember? Be patient with yourself.


  • Tip #9: Don’t compare yourself to anyone

This is a tip that almost every exercise beginner misses. They want to compare themselves to those people who’ve been exercising for years.

Doing that will just demoralize you. You have to work hard and be patient so you can reach your fitness goals the same way those people did to achieve their own fitness goals.

You’ll want to read my post on how to stop comparing yourself to others.


  • Tip #10: Be grateful

Yes. There are many out there who can’t even start exercising. But you’ve made a decision to start. That’s highly commendable.

There’s always plenty to be grateful for even as an exercise beginner. Be grateful that you are alive and that you are taking correct steps to better your life.

Also be grateful for your progress. Gratitude will work wonders in propelling you toward success in your journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


The final word

I commend you as an exercise beginner for making the decision to make exercise a part of your life. You have to remember to work diligently and patiently to make exercise a habit, just like with everything else in life.

Just take things step by step. Don’t rush into doing anything you are not ready for. Do what works for you and take pride in it. Again, congratulations. You are well on your way to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading this post. Are you an exercise beginner? What are your own tips? Please share with us by commenting.

Or maybe you’ve been exercising for a while now. Please do share your tips of how you managed as an exercise beginner.

5 reasons why rest days are good for you

Many of us are scared of taking rest days off our workouts. We think they’ll drive us back on all the progress we’ve been making. The opposite is actually true. Rest days will ensure we maintain all the progress we’ve been making and position us to keep making more progress. Read on to find out why.


A picture of dumbbells for why rest days are good for you


We all know that exercise is essential if you want to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle. Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires exercise.

But we have to remember to give our bodies the rest they need. Don’t push your body too hard.

I used to be one of those people scared to take rest days off workouts. I felt like I was lagging behind whenever I took two days off. If I took a week off, I was beside myself with panic.

But I’ve come to embrace and appreciate rest days now since I started listening to my body. Read this post on how to listen to your body.

Remember that you can’t go wrong when it comes to listening to your body.

Now, here’s why rest days are absolutely good and recommended for you.


  • Reason #1: Rest days give your body a chance to recover

I just talked about this. Rest days allow your muscles to repair themselves and for your entire body to recuperate.

If you are really committed to listening to your body, it will clearly tell you when it’s tired. Respond accordingly by giving it as much rest as it needs.


  • Reason #2: Rest days allow you to return to your workouts with vigor

If you find yourself getting bored by your workouts, then it might be time for you to take some time off. Most of the time there’s nothing wrong with your workouts, but your body just needs something different.

Without even changing your workouts, taking some time off your routine can provide a solution for that boredom. Just a few days off, or as much time as you need, can bring you back to your workouts feeling fresh to carry on with the same routine.

Read my post on 7 simple tips to cure boredom during exercise.


  • Reason #3: Rest days make you want to try new workouts

For me, fresh workout ideas always come to me when I’m having my rest days. Before then I’m just so caught up in my workouts that I hardly have time to think about what I might want to do different.

But when I take a few days off, I always get the desire to try new exercises. You might end up sticking with those exercises, or changing back to your old ones. The point is, rest days give you the time and brain space to think of new ideas.


  • Reason #4: Rest days on their own give you an opportunity to exercise naturally

This is similar to the reason above. But this particular reason talks about moving your own body the natural way without consciously taking that as exercise.

Remember that rest days do not mean inactive days. You should still move on your rest days.

But now that you are abstaining from your regular workouts, now is the chance to move your body the way nature intended.

Take a casual walk, walk the kids to school, tend to your garden, do yard work. Get your body moving.


  • Reason #5: Rest days allow you to get in touch with your other faculties besides the physical

Now that you are taking time off your regular workouts, you can start reading that book. Or visit that aunt on the other side of town. Or give more attention to your spirituality.

And we all know all the above are key components of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

Working out can sometimes make you feel isolated from the rest of the world especially if you go for hours in the gym.

But taking a break allows you to get back in touch with the normal everyday life and for you to reconnect with the other important things in your life.


Note: You should remember to make exercise a healthy habit and make it coexist with the other important elements of a simple healthy lifestyle.

If you find exercise interfering too much into these other elements, then it’s time to sit down, re-evaluate your priorities and make sure to cater for every important element of a simple healthy lifestyle.


The final word

Rest days are not evil as some people seem to think. Rest days are an indispensable part of a successful workout routine.

If you insist on exercising continuously without giving your body a break, you’ll eventually tear it down, making it incapable of operating at its best.

Remember to listen to your body and respond to it accordingly. Embrace and appreciate rest days.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope you liked it. Do you take rest days off your workout routine? Or are you afraid to do so? Please share with us by commenting.


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Here’s why you don’t need a personal trainer

You don’t need a personal trainer and can have victory on your body goals without one. And I’m serious about that and will explain why.


A picture for why you don't need a personal trainerPhoto by icon0.com from Pexels


When I began this journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, I wishfully looked  at people with personal trainers. They had everything they could ever need to exercise successfully and reach their body goals, or so I thought.

If I’d had the money to hire a personal trainer, I probably would’ve done exactly that. Well, where I am, we don’t have them moving around.

But I would’ve gone into the city which is very close, walked into one of the gyms and asked some person I didn’t know, who didn’t know me, to become my personal trainer. Do you realize something wrong with this picture?

You don’t know each other from Adam, and yet somehow you are convinced this personal trainer can take care of your body much better than you ever could take care of your own body.

You are handing over not only your body, but your power to this personal trainer.

And as if that’s not bad enough, you are paying this personal trainer. You are actually rewarding them and thanking them for taking away the power you’ve just handed them.

Let me tell you this: you don’t need a personal trainer. You are your own personal trainer. You know your body better than anyone else ever could. If you don’t, then you need to work toward doing exactly that.

The question is: why do you trust your personal trainer more than you trust yourself?

Is it because they have a degree of some sort in this area? Is it because they’ve worked with many before you and have managed to help those people reach their goals?

The above are legitimate reasons people use for hiring their personal trainers. But think about this: when you work with a personal trainer to get you to lose 30 pounds, who does the work? Is it you or your personal trainer?

Who does those squats, and the jogging, and the sit ups? Who ditches the junk food and replaces it with healthy food? Is it you or your personal trainer?

Of course you are the one doing all the work.

Am I saying the personal trainer has no contribution to your success? I’m going to be confident in saying NO here. The personal trainer has absolutely no contribution to your success. You did everything on your own.

If you think the personal trainer has to be thanked for pushing you, then maybe you have to take a look at your own goals and make sure they are in order.

If you are serious about losing weight, and are determined to do everything in your power to realize that goal, then why do you have to be pushed in the first place?

We realize goals by motivation. Everything that you achieve in life is by motivation. Whatever you didn’t achieve, you didn’t have the motivation for it. It’s the same thing with realizing your body goals.

If you have a strong enough motivation, then you can realize your goals without having to pay ridiculously large amounts of money to a person who stands there, hollers at you to keep moving and offers one or two tips about improving your diet.

If you don’t believe me, then take a look at every personal trainer around you. Ask them about how they became a personal trainer. They are people like you who made a choice to follow this career path. Anyone can make that choice, including you.

The difference is, instead of having a certificate that says you are following this career path, you don’t have that certificate. And you don’t need it. They cultivated the love to do what they do. You also have to cultivate the love to do what you do, which is losing weight and taking care of your body.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you are simply putting all your trust on someone who made the same choice you should be making now. To focus on working with your body to make it the best it can be.

The difference is, you will be much better in making that choice because it’s a choice to make your body better instead of having someone else do that for you.

I know a lot of people who are slacking on getting their bodies in shape because they still haven’t found a personal trainer. That’s a sad excuse.

What happens if you never find a personal trainer? What would happen if all personal trainers suddenly stopped working? Do we fold our goals of achieving a better body?

If you watch programs like “The Biggest Loser,” you know that the participants almost always gain their weight back after returning home. You can’t chalk that up to the absence of their trainers.

No. These participants did all the work when they were in the program. And they must continue to do all the work outside of the program.

But they don’t. Instead they act like their personal trainer was the one doing all the work, the one with the body goals. When they entered that program, they handed their bodies and power to people they didn’t even know and decided these trainers would achieve their goals for them.

That’s now how things work, not if you are serious about achieving your goals.

So stop using the lack of a personal trainer as an excuse to not do the necessary work to reach your ideal weight, to stay in shape, to stay fit and healthy.

If you are considering getting a personal trainer, wait. Put your wallet back into your pocket and think about this for a minute:

  • How badly do you want to reach your ideal weight?
  • How badly do you want to stay in shape?
  • How badly do you want to keep fit and healthy?

The motivation has to be strong enough to get you started and keep you going.

Once you are certain of how much you want to achieve these goals, make a plan of how you are going to work toward achieving these goals. And then stick to that plan. Educate yourself on what works and what doesn’t by listening to your body.

You have everything you need in order to get the body of your dreams and enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle without having to hire a personal trainer.

Take charge of your body goals now!





Here are 5 reasons why morning exercise is better for you

Are you thinking of taking on morning exercise? When I started taking exercise seriously almost four years ago, I grappled with the question of when to exercise. It was either morning or evening for me.

I did myself a favor by experimenting with both times until I settled on morning exercise. I’m about to share with you why I strongly believe that you get the most out of exercise when you do it in the morning.


A picture for why morning exercise works best for you


Please remember the significance of exercise when it comes to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle by reading my post.

Before I give my reasons, I suggest you do what I did. You experiment with both morning exercise and evening exercise. People are different, and while morning exercise might work for me, you might prefer evening exercise.

Remember, the key to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is finding out what works for you and sticking to it instead of letting your beliefs be swayed by other people. Celebrate your uniqueness by doing things you way. Listen to your body in everything you do. Read my post on how to listen to your body.

Now, I’ll remind you again, as I have in some of my past posts, that I know nothing about science and always rely on my own body to tell me what is right and wrong. So, I’ll talk about morning exercise solely from what my body tells me versus what science might say.


Now here are my reasons for why morning exercise is better for you:

  • Reason #1: It’s the perfect tool to wake your body up

You’ve just gotten out of bed, hopefully got your 6 to 8 hours of sleep. And now you hit the fresh morning air outside. Now, after being curled up in your bed for at least 6 hours, morning exercise is the best thing to unravel your body and get it ready for the rest of the day.

I’ve made comparisons between how I feel pre-workout and how I feel post-workout, and I can confidently say my body feels pretty much sleepy pre- workout and totally revived post-workout.


  • Reason #2: Morning exercise makes you confident that you’ll conquer your to-do list

A typical to-do list will have your workout in it. And during those times when I experimented with evening exercise, I had a little bit of anxiety lurking at the back of my mind, knowing after doing everything else on my to-do list, I still had to do my workouts.

For most people exercise is the most difficult task on their to-do list. Now morning exercise makes you confident about the rest of your tasks because now you’ve just gotten the most difficult thing out of the way.

Besides, morning exercise clears your mind and body, making both ready to deal with the demands of the rest of your to-do list.


Reason #3: The fresh morning air is good for you.

I always pride myself in thinking that I breathe the cleanest air by doing my morning exercise. I’m one of the few people outside in my neighborhood first thing in the morning. The air is crisp and I can smell its freshness. This is the time when I feel most conscious of my breathing. I’m actually aware of the fresh air as it fills my lungs. Breathing in clean untainted air is one of the best pros of morning exercise.


Reason #4: There are less distractions in the morning

Think about it. The kids are still in bed. You have all the time to yourself before everyone wakes up and demands your attention. You can exercise, meditate and focus on getting your body ready for the day.

Now, if you exercise in the evening, you’re reeling from the stresses of the day behind you. On top of that, there are evening tasks to do like cooking and helping with homework.


Reason #5: You feel most optimistic in the morning

You are fresh out of bed, excited by the possibilities of the rest of your day. Nothing has tainted your day yet and you have resolutions set for the day. You are eager to start your day and deliver on your resolutions. So, your morning exercise is done with that optimism.

Additionally, in the morning, you tend to challenge your body more than you do with your evening exercise. Because you are optimistic, you can take on new physical challenges. And you have the stamina for those challenges.


The final word

Remember that while this post is about how morning exercise is better for you, everyone is different. If you prefer evening exercise, then don’t let this post bring you down. This post is based on my personal experiences, and the experiences of many other people. But it doesn’t in any way demean evening exercise if it works better for you.

If you are just starting to exercise and you don’t know whether to go for morning exercise or evening exercise, then this post will help you make a decision, provided you’ve experimented with both times and listened to what your body says about the best time for you to exercise.


Thank you for reading this post. Please let us know which one you prefer: morning exercise or evening exercise, and why. Your thoughts are very valuable to us so please leave a comment below.


If you are looking for more ideas on why morning exercise is better for you, read this amazing post by bodybuilding.com.

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7 simple tips to cure boredom during exercise

Do you have a problem of boredom during exercise? I know I sometimes do. I used to struggle with that a lot more in the past than I do today. Today when I get bored, I know what to do. This post is going to help you cure boredom during exercise.


A picture for how to cure boredom during exercise


In our journey of enjoying a simple healthy exercise, we know we have to exercise. But sometimes the motivation to actually start exercising is there. But then we struggle with following through with our session out of boredom.

You are doing your routine, and you suddenly find yourself bored and tempted to stop. We know we cannot yield to that boredom. So then, how do we proceed to cure boredom if confronted by it?


What could be causing boredom during exercise in the first place?

That’s the question you have to ask first and foremost. If you’ve been doing your routine for months now, and suddenly boredom replaces your usual enthusiasm, then you need to identify where this boredom is coming from so you can now deal with it.


  • Tip #1: Maybe it’s time to change your routine

Maybe you’ve been doing what you are doing for way too long and your body is screaming at you to give it a change. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a routine if it works for you. But when you suddenly experience boredom, it might be time to change things.

Don’t worry. The change might be for a little while until your body can get excited again about the old routine. Cure boredom during exercise with this simple tip.


  • Tip #2: Maybe you just need to rest altogether

I know this one happens with me quite a lot. At first, I didn’t know what was happening. But I’ve since come to learn that when I’m bored, sometimes all I need to cure boredom is to rest from my workouts altogether.

I exercise on weekdays. So taking a rest from my workouts will last all of the 5 weekdays plus the weekend. And during this time I get a lot of rest, including enough sleep. I usually go back to my workouts the following Monday. And usually I’m excited to get back again even if it’s to my old routine.

So, next time you get bored, think about taking a rest from your workouts altogether as a way to cure boredom.


  • Tip #3: It might be time to get an exercise partner

Maybe you’ve been doing your workouts and they’ve been working for you. But suddenly you feel bored. Then maybe you need some company, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Everyone is taking on exercise now in an effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle. So, you won’t be in short supply of people to exercise with. Maybe one of your family members, or a friend, or a colleague.

Exercising with a partner enables you to not only avoid boredom but to actually be excited about making new goals and meeting them, so definitely consider taking on a partner to cure boredom.


  • Tip #4: Change your environment

Sometimes your routine is not the problem; your environment could be your problem. And this is usually the case when you exercise indoors, perhaps at a gym. That same environment everyday, with perhaps the same equipment, and the same faces around you, could be triggering your boredom.

Don’t take this the wrong way. Having regulars at the gym makes you feel like part of the family. But maybe your body is screaming at you to get out into a different environment.

Next time you feel that boredom approaching, leave the gym and jog outside, or take a walk. Go to familiar places, and unfamiliar ones as long as you are safe. Exercising outside beats exercising inside any day, and it’s such a simple and fun way to cure boredom.


  • Tip #5: Go easy on your body

Maybe your workouts are too intense for your body. People who want to achieve results in a short period of time usually put themselves through ridiculously rigorous workout regimes.

Your body will definitely tell you if you push it too hard. So your boredom could stem from the fact that your body can’t handle your workouts, therefore go easy on your body.

Even if you love jogging and you feel like you do it effortlessly, go walking instead of jogging maybe two times out of the five of your workout days. Walking is easier on the body. Your body will appreciate the relief and you’ll cure boredom at the same time.


  • Tip #6: Don’t put off exercising until too late in the day

You are likely to be bored with your workout if you are too tired. If you work during the day and you wait until you get out of the office to exercise, then you might end up not exercising at all.

It’s usually hard to muster the motivation to exercise after a long day. Instead of pushing your workouts to the end of the day, try starting your days with them. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and exercise before you shower and go to work. You’ll feel better throughout your day, have more energy and will likely not have to deal with that kind of boredom again.


  • Tip #7: Exercise by doing what you love

This is perhaps the most important tip and all of the above tips are dependent on it. Do something you genuinely love. Don’t feel compelled to exercise a certain way because you know it works for so and so. Do what makes you happy and that will work for you.

If you love jogging, then jog. If it’s walking for you, then walk. Or maybe you like a sport like tennis, then great, go ahead and play tennis. You are much more likely to stick to something you like than something you don’t like. Please remember that.


The final word

Exercise is something everyone of us must do, and it was meant to be effortless and natural. If it’s anything but, then it’s time to look into what you are doing, identify problem areas and start fixing them.

That will put you in a place where you can cure boredom and exercise regularly for the long term, enabling you to actually enjoy your simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading this post. Please adopt the above tips and watch your workouts transform into a constant practice. Remember to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.


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How to know when to take a break from exercise

Do you ever wonder how to know when to take a break from exercise? I’m here to help you figure that out.

In our journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, we’ve already established the significance of exercise.  I talk about that here. But like everything else, when done too much, exercise can become a curse instead of a blessing.

You have to know when to stop so that you body can take the rest it needs to repair itself before you begin exercising again.


A picture to take a break from exercise


I’m sure you’ve felt like the picture above at some point. I know I have. In fact, for the past two days I’ve been down with flu. When it started, before it manifested itself but I saw signs, I thought of continuing with my exercising.

But then I thought about what I’m writing about right now: the importance of giving your body the rest it needs. So I decided to skip my workouts for the rest of this week and resume next week Monday.


So how do you know when it’s time to stop and take a break?

I’ve been exercising for a few years now, long enough to identify the signs telling me that it might be time to put my routine aside and take a break. Let me share with you those signs:

  • When you are trying to work out, but you feel tired even though you got enough sleep last night.
  • When all of a sudden, the very workouts you’ve been enjoying feel like a drag.
  • When you are preparing to exercise and you feel yourself dreading it.
  • When you are exercising and all you can think about is your rest days ahead.


These are not the only signs, but I’ve felt these more than the other signs. When I do, I know it’s time to shelve my workouts and take a rest. And I always benefit from doing that because I always come back to my workouts with renewed enthusiasm.


A picture to take a break from exercise


There are many people who don’t believe in taking rest days. They feel like that one skipped workout is going to derail all the hard work they’ve been doing. They feel like taking some time off is a betrayal to their commitment toward exercising. Rest days are just a concept they do not understand or agree with.

I used to be that kind of person. But that was before I discovered this journey of pursuing a simple healthy lifestyle. I knew the importance of exercising in this journey. The most important thing I understood was that everything I did on my journey was going to be a life long commitment. I was going to be doing it for the rest of my life.


With that established, I also knew I was going to have to be smart in everything I did. If I were only exercising for the short term, for example: to get a bikini body for the coming summer, then maybe it would make sense to not take rest days off (it doesn’t make sense, actually). But my journey went beyond this summer to all the others for the rest of my life.

And I wasn’t just exercising to look good, I was exercising to feel good. That meant all seasons of the year, all year round. So then, I had to listen to what my body was telling me. Whenever it told me something, even though it went against everything I’d planned, I knew I had to listen to it. That included listening to it when it told me to take a break from exercising.

You should listen to your body too. You don’t want to be that person who dreads working out simply because you failed to listen when your body told you to stop.


A picture to take a break from exercise


You have to know that refusing to take a break so your body can rest can actually derail all the hard work you’ve been doing by tearing down your body and making it unfit to carry on more exercise.


So what do you do on your rest days?

Rest days don’t mean inactive days. I think people are scared of rest days because they think they have to be inactive. No. Rest days mean you retire from your usual workouts, but you remain active.

You can be active in other things other than your workouts. In fact, you should be active in other things besides your workouts.

  • Continue with your chores and do some of them manually, like washing dishes and doing laundry
  • Walk your kids to school
  • Walk your dog
  • Tend to your garden
  • Walk to the mall

There are many more things you can do. In fact, these things on their own are sufficient to keep your body fit if you do them regularly. Say no to an inactive lifestyle so you don’t have to worry about taking rest days off your workout routine.

Rest days are not a curse, they are a blessing. Treat them as such and enjoy them when they come.

Remember to also get a lot of sleep. Sleep is important whether or not you are on your rest days.


A picture to take a break from exercise


Like I said, I’ve been down with flu, but I’m feeling like myself again today. But I’ve decided to take the rest of this week off my workouts. I’m continuing to remain active and I’m getting lots and lots of sleep.


The final word

A simple healthy lifestyle is not possible without exercise. But you have to approach exercise with a rational mind. You need a break from exercising now and then so your body can get some rest. You are not in a race, take things at your own pace. Listen to your body and know when to stop. Remember, your body will never lie to you.


Thank you for reading this post. I had a great time with it after being off the internet for two full days. Please let us know what you think of the post. Do you take rest days off your workouts or are you scared of taking them like many of us are? Let us know in the comments below.

This is the first exercise mistake you are making

This morning as I did my exercise routine, I thought back to how I started off years ago.

I copied every exercise routine celebrities did, because, well, they look good.

Well, I guess in theory it was supposed to work because I was moving my body. And if I’d stuck with it long enough, I would’ve seen results.

But I didn’t see results because I didn’t stick with it long enough, surprise, surprise!

You can’t stay committed to an exercise routine you don’t like. I knew this when I started, and yet somehow I ignored it and thought doing what everyone else was doing would work for me.


A picture message about exercise


In our quest to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle we’ve already established the importance of exercise.

Read my first post on exercise here.

But exercise can be difficult if you still haven’t found out what works for you. And maybe you are struggling just like I did.


What could you be doing wrong?

  • Maybe you want to exercise a certain way because you’ve heard it works for Beyonce. And we have to admit, the woman looks amazing.
  • Or you want to spend two hours first thing in the morning exercising at the gym because most celebrities swear by it.

Well, I have news for you. THAT’S NOT EXERCISE.

That’s just you aimlessly copying what other people are doing and hoping it works for you. But it never does, does it?


Exercise was meant to be something you did naturally. If what you do doesn’t feel natural, then it’s wrong.


Dumbbell for exercise


Please look at the picture above. That’s my dumbbell and something I think is supposed to make my thighs stronger.

Now take another look, a closer look at the photo this time around. Notice the dust on these two pieces of equipment.

I bought these two almost four years ago and have used them a maximum of five times.



Because I just don’t enjoy using them. Using them those five times felt forced and I felt miserable.

You might be wondering why I bought them, then.

Because I bought into the myth that you have to have equipment if you want to exercise and enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

We see it all the time on TV and in magazines. People on treadmills, with dumbbells, shredding it.

Nothing wrong with that. If doing that works for them, great. If it works for you, great. But if it doesn’t work for you then it’s time to examine if it’s really something you want to do. And chances are, it’s not.

But that’s great, because by simply realizing it’s not working for you, you’ve made a breakthrough.

Now you can go ahead and change exercise to tailor it to your liking. Then you are well on your way to exercising for the long term so you can enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


Jogging outside vs treadmill for exercise


If you love running outside and not on the treadmill, then that’s perfectly alright.

I reserve 30 minutes for exercising every morning from 05:45 to 06:15. During this time I jog, and I do weight training every other day.

I feel like 30 minutes a day works for me. It’s not too much time and it’s not too little. It’s just enough and I’ve been doing it for years now.

I personally find it enjoyable to run outside. Sometimes I even run to the store.

Instead of lifting dumbbells, I lift buckets of water to water out plants and a lot more things when doing my household chores.


So what am I saying?

That you don’t have to suffer through exercise for 2 hours every day if it doesn’t work for you. Stick to a time that works for you.

Do whatever feels right to you. If it’s running, that’s OK. If it’s walking, that’s OK too. After I found out what worked for me, I spent an entire year just walking because I loved it and kept wanting to do it every day.

Embed exercise into your everyday duties. Run after your kids, or your dog. Use a bucket to water your plants instead of a hosepipe. Push wheelbarrows of manure to your garden. Just move.


The final word

Enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle through exercise has to be intentional and you have to enjoy your regime enough to look forward to doing it every day. There is no best regime, it’s all about what works for you.


Thank you for sitting through this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Please let us know your thoughts about exercise. How do you do it? What works for you?




A simple healthy lifestyle requires exercise

Exercise is a MUST-DO if you want to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


Jogging for a simple healthy lifestyle

I know you’ve been waiting for this part because a lot of people struggle with exercise. I know because I used to struggle with it.

But I’ve learned a few simple tricks that have made exercise a healthy and enjoyable habit.

Now I’m about to let you in on those tricks.


First, what is exercise?

I’m all about simplicity. So simply put, I say exercise is any physical activity that benefits your body.

There is no reason to complicate it. And you know how I feel. People have complicated what was supposed to be a simple healthy lifestyle and robbed themselves of its joy.

They’ve added unnecessary elements that make exercise unbearably difficult.


So what do I mean when I say that a simple healthy lifestyle requires some exercise?

I mean, in order to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle, you must move your body in a way that benefits it.

But like I said, exercise was meant to be simple because your body was naturally designed to move. If people today moved more, they’d stave off problems that come with being immobile.


I’ve heard many excuses about why someone doesn’t exercise. I’ve used those excuses myself. They include:

  • I don’t have time
  • I haven’t found a gym
  • And believe it or not, I don’t have a comfortable gym gear.

I considered these excuses. And then I thought: what if there was a way to bypass all of these and get the exercise that I know my body needs?


  • What if I could remove time as an issue?
  • What if I could exercise outside of a gym?
  • What if I could use the clothes I have to exercise?


To remove the above as issues, I settled on the best solution:

Embed exercise into your daily activities.

Daily activities include but are not limited to:

  • Doing chores
  • Shopping
  • Gardening
  • Taking your children to school
  • Washing the car


Walking and gardening for a simple healthy lifestyle


There are many more daily activities and all of them require movement.


Now thanks to modern technology, we no longer have to move much in order to execute our daily activities.

  • Vacuum cleaners and washing machines have taken the load off household chores
  • We drive to do our shopping and to take our kids to school
  • Even better, we can order goods and have them delivered right at our doorstep.
  • Instead of walking to a friend’s house, now we can just call them.


While technology was supposed to make our lives better, it has contributed to increased stagnancy of our bodies. We no longer have to do much to execute tasks.

On the other hand, technology was never meant to be a curse. You don’t have to buy every piece of technology out there if you have your own God-given, natural and functioning body.


If you move your body naturally, you’re bound to love exercise.


I didn’t use to love exercising. In fact I hated it, dreaded it every time I knew I had to do it. But that was before I discovered this secret. That exercise was meant to be enjoyable because it was meant to be something we did naturally.

Since then, I haven’t looked back.


I’ll share with you my daily physical routine:

  • I do my chores, which include sweeping the house, mopping, doing dishes by hand and cooking
  • I lift several full buckets to water our plants
  • I walk to the store, the post office, pretty much everywhere I live
  • I do laundry by hand
  • I garden

These are only a few of what I do, and all of them require me to move my body a lot. I still get up at 05:30am every weekday to exercise for 30 mins.

But I find that on top of those 30 mins, I get a lot more exercise by embedding it into my daily activities.


Your chores might be different from mine. Whatever they are, try to use your own body to do them so that you can get the exercise you need. Especially if you are the kind of person who perhaps doesn’t like scheduling time for exercise.


There is another benefit of getting up early in the morning to exercise besides helping my body.

I get to spend time with nature that early in the morning. I breathe in the fresh air before anything corrupts it.

For example, this morning when I got outside, the setting moon shimmered beautifully. I watched it as I did my rounds, finished with a little bit of yoga still facing the moon.

After taking a bath, I went outside to look at the impending sunrise. The colors in the sky are just magical that time of the day. And when the sun does come up, the magic is just too much to take.

I’ll tell you, spending time with nature makes me aware of God’s presence more than doing anything else. And that is my ultimate idea of a simple healthy lifestyle.

Now my body just can’t get enough of exercise. I’m in great shape and my overall health is just fantastic.


Enjoying nature for a simple healthy lifestyle


My final word

A simple healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult when it comes to exercise. Just move your body as you go about your day. But know when to slow down so that you don’t end up doing more harm than good by wearing your body down.

If you haven’t tried exercising the natural way, just get up and employ what I’ve just advised and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Please let us know your thoughts about this post. What do you make of exercise? What are your struggles and successes regarding it? Your thoughts are valuable and they keep me blogging.