A simple healthy lifestyle awaits you. Hello and welcome.

Welcome to my blog. I enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle and so can you!


A simple healthy lifestyle message

But I didn’t use to live this beautiful life.

For a long time I was lost and didn’t know how to start.

Until one day I discovered the working recipe of a simple healthy lifestyle.

I used it and the results have been amazing.

Stick with this blog to learn THIS recipe.


So what does this blog want to do for you?

  • I will share my journey with you.
  • I will also teach you how you can go about enjoying your own simple healthy lifestyle.

I can tell you straightaway that we’ll enjoy it the originally intended way–the simple way.


Because it’s the ONLY way guaranteed to give you results.

Ditch the complicated and confusing information out there.

Instead, employ the simplest strategies for a life of continued health.


Those long before us never struggled with pursuing a simple healthy lifestyle.

How did they manage it effortlessly?

Because it was built into their everyday lives.

  • They enjoyed the best food – natural and untainted.
  • They moved their bodies to get the exercise they needed.
  • They placed great value in everyday interactions with each other
  • They entertained themselves the simple, natural and mentally- stimulating way.
  • And they enjoyed the nature that had been put at their disposal.


Can we still enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle today?

Yes, we can! In fact, everyone should.

Because life has only blessed us more today. We have even more at our disposal than our forefathers did.

So nothing should be stopping us from enjoying an equally simple healthy lifestyle, if not better.


Today we get more information about health than we can handle.

You don’t have to go with everything you are told.

Especially when science goes back and forth about what is actually the key to a simple healthy lifestyle.

Instead of being overwhelmed by all this information, sieve through it to find what works for you.

We don’t really need today’s research because we already have evidence of what works. All we need to do is revisit it.

I’m here to help you on that journey.

To help you revive that old and proven method of achieving a simple healthy lifestyle the effective way.


A simple healthy lifestyle message

What is YOUR part now in starting the journey to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle?

Enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is in your hands.

What I will provide is a guide to how you can start NOW.

Follow this blog and be well on your way to living the way you’ve always wanted to live. A life of excellent health on every level.

Be a testimony to those around you and to the world.

A simple healthy lifestyle guide you want to start using right now

A simple healthy lifestyle is VERY possible.

I made that clear on the first post of this blog, of course. But I still think you need to hear it again, and again, until you believe it.


A simple healthy lifestyle is possible

We often hear that we can enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

But we don’t hear about how we can do that. We are only given a long list of tips.

Tips to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle

  • Eat clean. Avoid processed foods. Instead eat organic.
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Exercise
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid stress
  • Nurture healthy relationships
  • Meditate


Anyway, we see people who give these tips implement them to begin enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

Yet, surprisingly, their simple healthy lifestyle becomes  anything BUT simple!


So, enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is not possible?

 It most definitely is!

The above tips are achievable RIGHT NOW. But only if they are simple.

I wasn’t enjoying the simple healthy lifestyle I knew I was meant to enjoy.


I had tried all these tips of a simple healthy lifestyle and failed. Why?

  •  I didn’t have a gym membership like my advisors did.
  • I didn’t have equipment at home for when I couldn’t go to the gym.
  • I didn’t have tight leggings and a crop top like everyone I saw in blogs and on YouTube
  • I couldn’t afford the fancy food they told me to eat
  • I didn’t have a camera I could use to record my progress.


But the underlying reason was: The simple healthy lifestyle I modeled after WASN’T simple at all!

Why was  so hard?

  • No one gave me a good reason why I should enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle
  • No one stressed the point that EVERYONE should enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle
  • Everyone gave me the wrong idea of what enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle looked like
  • What I got were tips. No one showed me how to actually use them.

So, now, I’m about to teach you.


Starting the guide to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle:

Your successfully journey  of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle starts here RIGHT NOW!

And now I’ll get into the guide I promised you in my last post.

So, stand up right now. Fetch yourself a glass of water.

We have started now, can you see that?

Come back to your computer. Read this very important key to implement the guide.

We will look at this very key on this post.

And that is:



Yes. Love yourself. It’s the only way you can unlock the magic of a simple healthy lifestyle.

You don’t feel good about yourself? Maybe haven’t in a long time?

That’s OK. You are not alone. We’ve all been there.

You should feel good about yourself because you are valuable, unique and indispensable. That’s the truth I’m here to tell you today.

You are the exact likeness of our Creator. Now that’s big. Internalize that and remember it all the time.

But loving yourself doesn’t just end with you.

I hear overweight people say, “I want to lose weight so I can look good at the beach.”

That’s a good reason, of course. But it is entirely focused on the self, and that is not enough to sustain you for the long run.

Why? Because when self-doubts come up, enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle always takes a backseat.

Then you find yourself back to square one, simply because you are trying to be your own main focus.

Many people today are NOT enjoying the simple healthy lifestyle they deserve because there is too much self-worship.

Life has become all about superficial self-image. We have become so self-centered that we can only think of ourselves and no one else.

A simple healthy lifestyle is NOT possible in that case.


A simple healthy lifestyle is possible

Now, loving yourself so you can be a blessing to others carries you farther.


Being healthy for your children, for example,  is a much better reason than looking good at the beach.

And that’s because you’ll want to stay healthy for as long as your children live.

But even better, being healthy for the world will ensure you enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle until you die at that ripe old age.


Because the world is big. There are people who need you now and many that aren’t yet born  you’ll need you twenty years from today.

So you have to be healthy for them.

A simple healthy lifestyles begins with loving yourself enough to take care of yourself so you can bless others.

It’s about loving yourself enough to take care of yourself because you are a valuable, unique and indispensable human being with a life purpose.


How do you begin to love yourself so you can enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle?

From this moment forth, challenge yourself to love yourself enough.

Think about all the good things about yourself, no matter how hard. Express gratitude for those things.

Think about your purpose in this life. You were born to bring good to this world. You don’t need to do anything major to exercise your life purpose. Begin by sharing, and being good to people.

Then you’ll be strengthened and your lot increased so you can share more and be even better to people.

So, go ahead. Think of your purpose RIGHT NOW, of how you can contribute to this world.  And sip some water while you do that because water is nature’s best free drink.


Most importantly, tell us your thoughts because we are in this journey with you.

What are your thoughts on the power of loving yourself as a key ingredient of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle?

What do you struggle with? Please let us know in the comments below.

I’ll be with you in spirit until we meet next time.  I see success for you in the near future. A simple healthy lifestyle awaits you.

Now avert your eyes from the screen so they can rest. In the meantime, stand up to stretch your legs. Get yourself another glass of water.

We’ll continue with this guide when we meet again. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.