Break your google habit with these 8 easy tips

If you are looking to break your google habit then you are in good company. Google has run my life for the past few years.

But now I can boldly say that I’ve found the tips that are really working to break this habit. I’ll get onto them immediately.


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  • Tip #1: Trust your own instinct

You might be struggling to break your google habit because you’ve completely abandoned your own instinct.

Now with the internet, people have taken it to do everything for them and they’ve completely forgotten how to listen to their gut. Trust the natural mechanisms God has endowed you with so you can break your Google habit.

You no longer have to struggle with healthy eating if you learn to listen to your body. Check out my post on how to listen to your body.

Don’t google, ‘when should I eat?’ Instead, eat when you are hungry and stop when you feel full. You don’t need google for that.


  • Tip #2: Step away from your screen

Sometimes that’s all it takes to break your google habit. I realize I tend to google things a lot when I’m in front of my computer.

You can’t google if you are not in front of your computer, or your phone. So step away from the screen to  break your google habit and give your eyes a rest.


  • Tip #3: Talk to people

I mean real people, not google. Face to face conversations are the best. Even making a phone call to ask a friend or a relative something is far better than googling.

If you feel like you can’t face people or start a conversation with them, then I suggest you read my post on 12 easy tips to become a good conversationalist.

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It might be that you are scared of talking to people because you’ve chosen to keep away and be on your computer or phone instead.

Talking to people will give you more satisfaction than spending all your time in front of the screen. It will give you a wide range of people to choose from for your conversations and for sharing your life with.

Remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.


  • Tip #4: Read print books

Print books are a great tool to use of you want to break your google habit. There isn’t any answer you can’t find in a book.

So, get into the habit of reading actual books. Go to your local library and read a print book. I find print books to engage you better than audio or ebooks.

But even with books, you have to be careful what you read because you don’t want to end up subjecting yourself to the same thing you subject yourself to when you google.

My post on are you aware of what you read? will be very helpful to you.


  • Tip #5: Be productive with your time

You might struggle to break your google habit if you have ample free time on your hands. It makes sense, because with nothing to do, you can’t help but google everything.

Now, make it a point to be engaged throughout your day. That doesn’t have to mean working from morning to evening. You can be productive in your leisure time too by making the most of your leisure time and being present.

If you are strict about being productive, you’ll definitely break your google habit.

I recommend my post on 8 effective but simple strategies to be productive.


  • Tip #6: Cultivate self-reliance

I realize that it can be difficult to break your google habit if you are too dependent on other people for your everyday answers.

You feel like you must ask questions before you do anything. You are not self-reliant enough to actually make decisions on your own.

I suggest you step away from that dependence by cultivating self-knowledge. Spend time alone and learn about yourself.

This way you’ll learn to enjoy hearing other people’s opinions without being entirely reliant on them and knowing the final decision lies solely with you.

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  • Tip #7: Be the one to offer some advice

This might just help you break your google habit because now instead of rushing to get the advice of google, you are offering advice instead.

Be that go-to person for others when they need advice. Give it from the heart. Be genuine and humble in your approach to others’ questions. God will bless you with more wisdom to impart to others.


  • Tip #8: Cultivate spontaneity

Are you the kind of person who googles the weather for the following five days even though you have nowhere to go and you work indoors?

Then you need to start cultivating some spontaneity so you can break from your google habit.

Even if you have to go somewhere, you don’t have to worry about the weather. People have been traveling long before they could check the weather on google. Let nature take its own course in such matters.


The final word

It’s really not that hard to break your google habit. With determination and patience, you can and you will succeed in doing so. Don’t let the internet take over your own God-given ability to think. Use what God has given you and don’t let it go to waste.


Thank you for reading this post. Do you also need to break your google habit? Have you succeeded? Please let us know how.

Even if you are still trying to break your google habit, let us know what has been working for you so far, and what hasn’t.

6 easy to use tips to avoid gossip

If you are looking for easy to use tips to avoid gossip then you are in the right place. I used to struggle with gossiping and didn’t have any idea how to avoid it.

But then I made a lot of progress in that area and I’m about to let you know how I did that so you can also make progress to avoid gossip.


A message to avoid gossip


Gossip is never good, and it’s always best to avoid it at all costs. Avoid gossip so you can keep your relationships intact because they are an important requirement to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.

Gossip turns loved ones against each other and leads to a broken world. It also hinders you from being the best you can be and sharing that with other people.

There’s so much we can do if we can learn to avoid gossip. Think of all the time and energy you’d save, and all the relationships you’d enjoy.

So here are 6 easy to use tips to avoid gossip.


  • Tip #1: Stop gossiping

There’s no use in saying you want to avoid gossip if you are gossiping yourself. The first thing you need to do is stop gossiping so you can begin to dissociate yourself from it completely.


  • Tip #2: Avoid people who make you gossip

You know who those people are because you’ve been gossiping with them. But remember that you should try to get your friends to also avoid gossip instead of cutting them off altogether.

Give them a chance to realize their mistake and repent. If they insist on gossiping and you know you tried with them, then it’s time to move away from them and form healthy relationships.


  • Tip #3: Be productive with your time

This will definitely help you avoid gossip. Read my post on 8 simple but effective strategies to be productive.

Sometimes we gossip because we have nothing to do with our time. Our days are just so empty that we are looking for empty but harmful talk to fill them up.

Keep busy instead. Find something to do so you don’t have time to gossip. There are many things you can do. Try new things. Engage your talents. Read this post on 10 important steps to discover and develop your talent.

Don’t worry that you won’t find something to do. There really are plenty of things. You can do this.


  • Tip #4: Get in the word of God

I know, this is my answer to everything. But it really works and this is perhaps your best tip. Get in the word of God. The word has a lot to say about gossip and it will teach you to move away from it.

Proverbs 20 v 19: Gossips can’t keep secrets, so never confide in blabbermouths (MSG).

Proverbs 16 v 28: Troublemakers start fights; gossip breaks up friendships (MSG).

We should be eager to follow the word of God because it’s the perfect manual for our lives.

Read my post on 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible. You’ll also want to read 10 easy tips to improve your prayer life.


  • Tip#5: Watch less TV

TV is full of gossip. Celebrity gossip is the perfect foundation for a life of gossip. There’s always plenty to talk about when it comes to celebrities.

Read my post: Watch less TV with these easy tactics. Watching less TV will help you avoid gossip and help free up some time for you to be productive.


  • Tip#6: Spend less time on social media

There’s a lot of gossip going around in social media. All that time spent on Facebook talking to friends you might have never even met is bound to get you talking about someone or something you shouldn’t be talking about.

Some people use social media as a means to cure boredom. Learn to nurture your relationships with others and learn to enjoy your own company. Read this post on 6 useful tips to know yourself better.

Also read this post on the real impact of social media in your life.


The final word

It can be hard to break a habit. So you’ll definitely face temptations while you are trying to avoid gossip. Keep strong and no matter how many times you fall, get back up and keep moving forward.


Thank you for reading this post. How do you avoid gossip? Please tell us your own tips by commenting.




Watch less TV with these easy tactics

You can do a lot more with your life if you watch less TV. But saying that is a lot harder than actually doing it, and TV almost always wins in the end. So what should you do if you want to watch less TV so you can free up some time to do more important things?


A picture for easy tactics to watch less TV


  • Start by cutting down on the time you spend watching TV

If you want to watch less TV but you are currently watching a lot, then start by cutting down on the amount of time you spend watching TV.

Sometimes suddenly going cold turkey can backfire on you. So take things slowly, step by step until you are satisfied that you watch less TV.


  • Switch the TV off

Yes, switch it off. You can’t watch it if it’s off. Don’t yield to the temptation to switch it on again. If you live with your family who want to watch TV, then simply leave the room when they switch it on. You can’t go wrong with this tactic if you want to watch less TV.


  • Limit the TV to the living room

You can’t watch less TV if you have TVs scattered all over your house. Some people even have it in the kitchen. Some in the bedroom. That’s preposterous. Limit the TV to the living room.


  • Sell your TV/give it away/don’t buy it if you don’t have any

Yes, get rid of your TV and don’t buy it if you don’t have any. You’ll be doing yourself a favor in saving your time and money.

It might be hard at first getting used to living in a house without a TV, but once you get used to it, you’ll be grateful you don’t have it.


  • Fill your days with productive events

Read, exercise, visit a friend, volunteer. Just do something worthwhile with your time so you don’t miss watching TV.  If you are busy doing these amazing things, you’ll definitely watch less TV.

Work on achieving your own goals, on discovering your talents. Read this post on 10 important steps to discover and develop your talent.


  • Spend less time on the internet

Sometimes I get so self-righteous as to say I never watch TV. Yet I watch comedies on my laptop in my office. That’s hypocritical and stupid. I should stop doing that.

The internet can waste your time just as much as the TV in your house, if not more. If you are watching a comedy on TV and on the internet, it’s still the same comedy and it’s still a waste of time. So spend less time on the internet and by doing that, you watch less TV.


  • Don’t use TV as a reward

Don’t even tell your mind TV can be a reward because it can’t. Don’t sit for two hours in front of the TV and say you are rewarding yourself for working hard on your project. You can’t watch less TV if you tell your mind watching TV is so pleasurable you can’t wait to be rewarded again.


  • Don’t buy cable

Don’t fill your TV with tempting programs that will keep you glued to it and work against your mission to watch less TV. Limiting your choices means less temptation and this can help you watch less TV.


  • Don’t follow any TV program

That’s what I told my brother the other day. I told him that I didn’t want to watch an episode of Bold and Beautiful because then I’d want to watch it again the next day, thanks to the cliffhanger endings.

If you want to watch less TV, then don’t follow any TV program. If you have to watch TV, and really you don’t, then sit down to watch something with no continuity, like a movie.


  • Spend your days outside the house

Sometimes the temptation to watch TV comes because you are inside the house all day. If you want to watch less TV, get out of the house, even if it’s just to sit outside in the shade. Spending your days outdoor beats spending them indoor any day.


The final word

If you are really serious about enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, you are going to have to watch less TV. The truth is, TV has no place in our lives and we can manage without it. In fact, our lives are better without it.

You might think TV is full of entertainment, but think about the intention behind that entertainment: It’s to keep your eyes glues to the TV so that you can’t do anything else. You are watching people live their lives and make money.

Instead, get up from that couch, switch off that TV, go out and realize your own dreams and create your own life. Tomorrow when you reap the rewards of your hard work and focus, you’ll be glad you made the decision to watch less TV and acted on it.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it and it gave you practical tactics of how you can watch less TV.  Tell us about your own tactics by commenting.


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How to successfully live a celibate life

If you’ve made a choice to successfully live a celibate life then you are not alone. Many people, though a lot of them haven’t come forward about their choice, are choosing to live a celibate life. I have personally chosen to live a celibate life and I’m about to share with you why I’ve made that choice and the benefits of it.


A picture for how to successfully live a celibate life


I’ve had romantic relationships in the past. In fact, two weeks ago I was sitting here in my office and thinking of all those relationships. I counted the number of people I’d gone out with, and sad to say, I’d slept with each and every one of those people. And my fingers fell short of counting those people.

I sat here on this chair and cringed, shaking my head in shame. Now, the moment I accepted Christ into my life, I knew I was free from shame because the bible says those who believe in Jesus Christ will never be ashamed. The bible also says that once I’m in Christ, I’m a new creature, blameless.

But two weeks ago I couldn’t help but feel that shame I’d almost forgotten. I made a decision to become celibate in February 2017. I wasn’t happy with the way my life was going, and I’d just discovered how deeply in love I was with God. So I wanted to focus fully on him and remain as pure as I could be while I did that.

Now, I’m still celibate as of 11 July 2018. If you were to ask me how it’s been trying to live a celibate life, you might not like the answer I have to give. See, many people living this life are struggling. But some have found a way to successfully live a celibate life, and I’ve found that way too.

But people would like for us to tell them that living a celibate life is hard and not doable, just so they can have an excuse to not live a celibate life. The truth is living a celibate life is a personal choice you shouldn’t have to justify. And anyone can live a celibate life. It’s not hard at all and I’m about to share you why I say that.

It’s important to point out that your decision to successfully live a celibate life might not have a spiritual bearing. Maybe you just want to be celibate to avoid the complications of relationships, to focus on finding yourself, or to avoid sexually transmitted diseases because these reasons also had a huge bearing in my own decision.

That’s why I have this post under the Lifestyle category and not the Spirituality category. So that you don’t doubt your decision if it’s not based on spirituality. Whatever your reasons for choosing a celibate life, I’m here to help you.

Here’s how you can successfully live a celibate life too:


  • Be sure about your decision and be happy with it.

And this is really the whole point: that you intentionally want to successfully live a celibate life. You can’t be happy about it if you feel forced to do it. Or if you think you want to do it just because right now you’re single. What happens when you meet someone later today?

No, you have to really establish that you want to live a celibate life and be happy with your decision. It’s the only way you can successfully live a celibate life.


  • Tell God about your decision

You might be celibate for a reason outside of God but you are going to need him in order to successfully live a celibate life. I don’t care who you are. Your self-discipline and self-effort are not going to be enough to get you through this especially in the early stages. Only God’s strength can get you through this. So tell him about your decision and humbly ask for his guidance.


  • Renew your mind with the word of God

And there’s only one way to do this: read God’s word. You can’t think the way you’ve been thinking all along and think you can successfully live a celibate life. Remember, you haven’t been able to successfully live a celibate life because you’ve been thinking like the world.

When you renew your mind, you exchange your own ideas for God’s ideas. And God’s word clearly says that we have everything we need in order to live a life that pleases God. That life includes being celibate as long as you are single. If you renew your mind and start thinking along these lines, you’ll feel your sinful desires melting away to be replaced by contentment in celibacy.

And renewing your mind is not just a one time thing. No, you have to stay in the word every day to renew your mind. You are always going to need the word for you to successfully live a celibate life.


  • Avoid temptations

Just because you’ve now renewed your mind doesn’t mean you are immune to temptations. If fact, don’t be foolish and subject yourself to temptations. You can’t intentionally watch porn and think you won’t be tempted. Of course you’ll be.

You can’t go out to the strip club and think you won’t be tempted by all that nudity. Of course you’ll be. If you want to successfully live a celibate life you have to remove yourself from all temptations.

By the way, if you’ve truly renewed your mind, you won’t even consider watching porn or entering a strip club.


  • Associate with people who can help you

That means rethinking your old friendships. If you want to successfully live a celibate life you can’t keep hanging around with friends you used to hang around with while you were still sleeping around. But do them a favor by letting them in on your decision to successfully live a celibate life.

Invite them to join in that life. Let them decide. If they want to live this life, then partner with them so you can help each other. But if they are intent on continuing with their current way of live, wash your hands off them because it’s the best thing for you to do.

Again, don’t listen to people who mock you and make fun of your celibate life. Be proud of your life and don’t be afraid to speak about it when confronted, though you shouldn’t have to defend yourself about that.

Remember that enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle is dependent upon being in healthy relationships.


The final word

It’s possible to successfully live a celibate life even in these times when sex rules the world. Remember that you first have to be sure and happy about your decision. That’s extremely important.

Don’t worry about what people say to you and behind your back. Take pride in your celibate life, knowing you are avoiding a lot of disappointments and heartache by choosing this life, not to mention you can have the most intimate relationship with God.

Remember to lean on God, whether or not the choice to live a celibate life is based on a spiritual reason.


Thank you for reading this post. Tell us what you think of it. Maybe you are not celibate, but you definitely have some thoughts about celibacy. So let us know what those thoughts are. And maybe you are celibate. Tell us how you successfully live a celibate life.


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10 easy tips to use if you want to sleep better

If you want to sleep better then you’ve come to the right place because I’m about to share with you easy tips you can use to do just that. Remember, you need to sleep better if you want to get up in the morning feeling rested and ready to take on your day.


A picture for 10 easy tips to use to sleep better


Sleep is vital to your journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. But a lot of people aren’t getting enough of it. There are so many demands on our time that we find ourselves going to bed late and having to get up early.

But the demands are not the problem. The problem lies in the poor management of our time that drives us to sleep later than we should.

So I’m about to share with you tips that will help you sleep better so your body can repair itself and keep carrying you for the rest of your life.


  • Tip #1: Be honest with yourself about the amount of sleep you need

This tip is very crucial if you want to sleep better. Some people think they need only a short sleep because they heard such and such a millionaire is only getting four hours of sleep every night and now they must do that because somehow they think it’s trendy.

I used to have that mentality. If I read of a great person who slept five hours, I’d try to copy them and feel like a failure if I didn’t succeed at doing that. You cannot copy another person’s sleep pattern. Our bodies are different so you have to listen to yours about how much sleep you need.

Read my post on how to listen to your body here.

Now that I’m listening to my body more and being honest with myself, I know I need between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night. So I always make sure to get those hours and doing that ensures I wake up feeling well rested and eager to start my day.

So, don’t worry about how many hours your spouse, or neighbor or colleague is sleeping. Listen to your own body to learn how much sleep you need. That will definitely help you sleep better.


  • Tip #2: Go to bed at the same time every night and get out of bed at the same time every morning

People often talk about the first part of this tip: going to bed at the same time every night. And that is extremely important because it gets built into your body’s own clock so that your body knows when it’s ready to get to bed.

Ever since I started listening to my body, I’ve established the time I go to bed and my body knows that time well. I’m wiped out and my eyes automatically close between 09:30 and 10pm.

Now, equally important  if you want to sleep better, is the second part of this tip: get out of bed at the same time every morning. By going to bed at the same time every night and getting out of bed at the same time every morning, you just about cement your body’s clock system.

Now, without even being conscious of time your body shuts down at the right time and is awake even before your alarm clock goes off in the morning. In fact, now you don’t even need your alarm clock anymore.

I fall asleep between 09:30pm and 10pm and get out of bed at 05:30am. My body has gotten so eerily familiar with that that most times I wake up a few seconds before my alarm goes off. Sometimes it goes off right as I’m turning it off.

So, take this tip as a complete set if you want to sleep better. Don’t practice the first part and neglect the second part because they are equally important.


  • Tip #3: When you are not sleeping, spend your day outside of the bedroom

This is a tip no one talks about but it’s very important. You are going to get the most out of your sleep if you go into your bedroom just to sleep at night. Spend the rest of your day outside of your bedroom. If you have to work, take your work to another part of the house.

The same thing goes for when you want to nap during the day, maybe in the afternoon. Do your napping on the couch in the living room, or someplace else if the living room is noisy.

That works wonders for me. It’s funny because if I lie on my bed and fall asleep during the day, I can’t sleep a wink during the night. Yet if I’m sitting at my desk working, and I feel sleepy, I can drop my head on the desk and easily sleep for an hour and I’ll still get to sleep the whole night. Maybe it’s just entirely psychological for me, but that’s how it works.

Because I spend all of my time outside of the bedroom during the day, I actually look forward to going to bed at night.


  • Tip #4: Reduce your naps during the day

This follows from Tip #3. Reduce your naps during the day so you can sleep better at night. During the day, take one nap and limit it to an hour maximum. You are supposed to be working during the day anyway.


  • Tip #5: Get the TV out of the bedroom

Seriously. Those bedrooms you see on TV, fully furnished with every kind of furniture including the TV are not ideal if you want to sleep better. Put the TV in the living room where you can watch it during the day.

Even then, stop watching TV several hours, maybe 4, before you retire to bed. This lets your mind go into a peaceful calm state. You don’t want to watch the news and have your mind agitated and your body unable to fall asleep.


  • Tip #6: Don’t read before bed

Reading before bed just doesn’t work for me. But I do have a book I can read anytime in my bedroom: the bible. That’s the only book you should have handy beside you.

Reading any other material like novels, newspapers and magazines just before bed works against you the same way watching TV just before bed does. It agitates your mind and body too much.


  • Tip #7: Don’t eat just before going to bed

I’ve been guilty of doing this so many times before. I still do it sometimes, and eating before bed is such a bad idea. There’s nothing worse than falling asleep on a full stomach. Rather, stop eating at least two hours before you go to bed.

That way you let your food settle and your body digest your food so that now it works on repairing itself during the night. It’s not ideal to have your body digest your food during the night when it could be working on repairing itself.


  • Tip #8: Meditate before going to bed

Meditation doesn’t require anything other than some quietness. In fact if you do it often and long enough, you can even meditate wherever you are, even inside a noisy bus.

Read about meditation in this post.

Meditating on the right things works wonders in calming your mind. I do my meditation in my bed. Even as I lie there dozing off, I’m meditating on God’s word and repeating his promises and blessings to myself. That’s the most perfect way to doze off.


  • Tip #9: Have clean bedding at all times

This tip is very crucial. You can’t sleep better on dirty sheets. Set a schedule for when you change your bedding. I have a schedule, and if I go over it by even a day, I can’t fall asleep, even when my bedding isn’t any dirtier than it was yesterday. Programming yourself to use clean bedding will put your mind and body at ease and help you sleep better.


  • Tip #10: Keep the lights on or switch them off, whichever is preferable for you

We used candles for light at home when I was growing up until we finally had electricity when I was 16. So until I was sixteen we slept in the dark because you know you can’t have a candle burning when you are asleep. So I thought lights always have to be off.

When we got electricity, it turned out I loved sleeping with the lights on much more. But I did switch them off at first because that’s what I thought was the right thing to do. But it wasn’t for me. I prefer to sleep with the lights on.

If you live with others, you might be compelled to copy their preferences when it comes to sleeping with your lights on/off. Don’t. If everyone else sleeps with their lights off and you sleep better with your lights on, then keep your lights on. You want to be as comfortable as possible if you want to sleep better.


The final word

A good night sleep is indispensable to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, so ensure that you get as much as your body needs. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have so much work that it should eat into your sleep time.

No, revise your work schedule so you do your work during the day and you sleep during the night. Up your time management skills. Everyone should be able to get at least 6 hours of sleep at night. Everyone.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope it was helpful in helping you sleep better. Please tell us what works for you by leaving a comment.


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