How to avoid being taken advantage of in relationships

You can make a decision to avoid being taken advantage of in relationships right now.

Remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.

But if you realize that a relationship is anything but healthy, and you feel like you are being violated, then it’s time to take a step.

So how exactly do you do that?


A picture to avoid being taken advantage of in relationships


  • Have the right intentions for getting involved with other people

Your own selfish intentions about starting relationships can be the ones making it difficult for you to avoid being taken advantage of.

If you are in a relationship for money, for example, then it’s easy to succumb to abuse, as long as you get the money you are looking for.

To avoid being taken advantage of, go into your relationships based only on love  and all the other right intentions of trust, genuine companionship, honesty, etc.


  • Know yourself

Sometimes you can’t avoid being taken advantage of because you don’t know yourself.

You are swayed by whatever happens in the relationship, whatever the other person asks of you, however unfair.

So, know yourself and be acquainted with your own values. Only when you are clear about your values will you not allow them to be compromised.

I recommend 6 useful tips to know yourself better.

The best way to know yourself is to read the word of God. It’s the perfect mirror of who God created you to be.

2 Timothy 1 v 7: God’s spirit doesn’t make cowards out of us. The spirit gives us power, love and self-control. (CEV)

Romans 8 v 37: … in all things we have complete victory through him who loved us! (GNB)

Hebrews 2 v 8: …God has put everything under our power and has not left anything out of our power…(CEV)

There are many more verses that talk of who you are in God’s eyes. So pick up the word of God and immerse yourself in it.

Meditate on it until it is completely carved into your heart. Live by it. If you have trouble understanding the bible, then I recommend 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.

Also read 10 easy tips to improve your prayer life.


  • Be clear about what you want

If you want to avoid being taken advantage of, then be firm about what you want. Let your yes mean yes and no mean no.

What does that mean? It simply means, don’t be ambiguous about anything. If the other person asks something of you and you don’t want to do it, then be firm in saying no.

And make sure to be vocal about what you want so you can avoid being taken advantage of. Don’t assume that will be clear to the other person. No. Clearly communicate it.


  • Get out of unhealthy relationships

You already know that a healthy relationship is based on love, trust, honesty, mutual respect, etc.

Any relationship that falls short of these qualities is not worth being in. So, if you are sure that there’s no hope of the relationship being redeemed, then it’s time to let go of it so you can avoid being taken advantage of.

It’s in unhealthy relationships that people are mostly taken advantage of. So, make sure all your relationships are healthy.


  • Be assertive in accepting correction and advice

Just because now you are clear about what you want doesn’t mean you should be stubborn.

Remember that a healthy relationship is not all about taking; you should be prepared to give as well.

So, don’t be stubborn. Sometimes your obstinacy is the only thing you need to get rid of so you can avoid being taken advantage of.

Be wise and accept correction. Don’t assume you are right every time.

But being timid and gullible is not going to help you either. Be careful about the kind of advice you get because some of it may work against you and not for you.

Learn to be assertive instead. This way, you’ll be wise enough to accept correction without being manipulated. This will definitely help you to avoid being taken advantage of.

Read my post on 9 effective tips to improve your self esteem.


  • Don’t draw rash conclusions about the other person

Being judgmental is definitely a stumbling block when you are trying to avoid being taken advantage of.

Don’t assume the worst of the other person, or you’ll just perpetuate that assumption and actually draw out the worst in that person.

Always give the other person the benefit of the doubt. Actually, do better by thinking the best of them.

Did you know that thinking the best of a bad person can actually draw out the good in them? People act decent when we make it clear it to them that we think they are decent.


  • Ask questions

Sometimes all you need to do to avoid being taken advantage of is ask questions.

When the other person does something that you feel puts you at a disadvantage, then simply ask them questions without being accusatory.

You might discover the root cause of why they do the things they do. Then you can both work toward improving things so you can avoid being taken advantage of again.

If you are wondering how to go about asking questions then I suggest you read my post on 12 easy tips to become a good conversationalist.


  • Forgive

Yes, if you want to avoid being taken advantage of, then playing tit for tat isn’t going to help you.

If you feel that you’ve been wronged, then doing the same thing to the other person is not going to avenge you. It’s only going to make things worse by perpetuating the cycle of abuse.

So, refuse to take revenge against the other person. Instead, forgive them and move on. Don’t keep reminding them of their mistakes. Forgive them and learn to trust them again. Forgiveness heals many ills.


  • Accept each other just as you are

Don’t try to change the other person. This will just backfire on you. People are to be loved, not fixed.

Likewise, refuse to let the other person change you if you want to avoid being taken advantage of.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with you. That doesn’t mean you can’t improve on your behavior. But the choice to do so should be yours and not imposed on you by the other person.


The final word

If you want to enjoy healthy relationships as a key component of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, then you have to take the necessary measures to avoid being taken advantage of.

Follow the tips above and many other tips so you can avoid being taken advantage of. Please note that you should also use the tips above to avoid taking advantage of others.

Remember that relationships are partnerships. They are about mutual love, trust, honesty and respect, so play your role in making yours healthy.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. What do you think of it? What are your own tips on how to avoid being taken advantage of? Please share with us by commenting.














12 easy tips to make friends easily

If you are struggling to make friends easily, then you are reading the right post. I know many people don’t have as many friends as they’d like. But you can accomplish that immediately if you play your cards right. Read on to find out how. 


A picture for how to make friends easily


You’ll remember that friendships are very important when it comes to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.

So make friends easily with the following tips:


Tip #1: Get in the word of God

If you’ve been following my blog you know the word of God is my best answer to everything. The bible is an exact mirror of what the Lord created you to be.

If you read and internalize that you were created in the image of God, then you know you are not supposed to be less than he is. So you’ll know in order to follow in your Father’s footsteps you should form only healthy relationships.

Proverbs 12 v 26: The righteous person is a guide to his friend, but the path of the wicked leads them astray. (GNB)

Proverbs 17 v 17: Friends always show their love. (GNB)

Proverbs 27 v 17: You use steel to sharpen steel, and one friend sharpens another. (MSG)

If you need help with your bible study, read these 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.


Tip #2: Know what you want out of a friendship

You can’t make friends easily if you are not sure what you want out of a friendship.

This in no way implies that you should enter friendships on ulterior motives. Remember you are forming friendships so you and your friends can accompany each other on this journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


Tip #3: Don’t expect too much from people

You can’t make friends easily if you expect too much from people. Approach people with little, or even better, no expectations. I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate it if someone approached you for friendship with expectations.


Tip #4: Be clear about what you like and dislike

This is very important if you want to make friends easily. You have to be clear about what you like and dislike. Don’t be scared to let the other person know. If you think they might reject you, then that’s a positive thing because it means you and them were never compatible to begin with.

In the end you’ll be left with only those people who share your likes and dislikes, and even if they don’t, at least they are willing to respect yours. But remember to respect theirs too.

You can’t begin to know what you like and dislike if you don’t know yourself. Read this post on 6 useful tips to know yourself better.


Tip#5: Make sure your friendship is based on love and trust

Though you should approach people with no expectations in order to make friends easily, you should ensure that the friendship you are forming is based on love and trust, because those two virtues will make your friendship healthy and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than that.


  • Tip #6: Don’t act desperate

It’s the desperate people who fail to make friends easily. Don’t force yourself onto other people because you might just scare them away, and you don’t want that.

If you know yourself and are able to enjoy your own company, then you should be confident enough to look for the right friends without worrying about the passage of time.


  • Tip #7: Don’t be clingy

It’s the clingy people who can’t make friends easily. You don’t give the other person space when you are friends, or worse still, while you are trying to pursue them for friendship.

Remember, you are responsible for your own happiness. Don’t hang onto the other person for that.


  • Tip #8: Be generous

Yes, you will make friends easily if you are willing to give to them and others. Everyone loves a generous friend. A healthy friendship should be about giving and not taking.

Read my post on 8 important tips to be more generous.


  • Tip #9: Be positive about life

You can’t make friends easily if you are negative about life, walking around with a chip on your shoulder and making everyone around you feel bad.

Be positive about life. Be optimistic. Be hopeful. Live life with vigor and excitement. Then you’ll make friends easily because everyone will want to hang around you.

Encourage others to be positive too. Life is beautiful and that includes even the challenges we go through.


  • Tip#10: Try different things

Sometimes you struggle to make friends easily because you are too stuck in your routine. There’s nothing wrong with having a routine; I also have a routine that makes my life enjoyable.

But you should be flexible enough to try new things especially if you are trying to make friends. You might discover something you like and a friend to go with that.

Trying different things will let you discover some things you didn’t know about yourself. You might even uncover a hidden talent you can share with your friends. Read my post on 10 important steps to discover and develop your talent.


  • Tip #11: Go to the right places

This is also very important if you want to make friends easily. You have to go to the places you know potential friends are likely to be hanging out in.

But be wary of friends you make in places like strip clubs because they might not be genuine friends. Go to the park instead, or church, or the library, or the museum, the list is endless.


  • Tip #12: Let go of unhealthy friendships

Maybe you can’t make friends easily because all your time and energy is spent on those unhealthy friendships you are still hanging onto.

Unhealthy friendships make you love yourself less than you should. They rob you of your self esteem and position you to make more bad friends in future.

If you know the friendship has no hope of being redeemed, then let go of it so you can focus on forming healthy friendships. This way you’ll regain your love for yourself and your self esteem.

Read my post on 9 effective tips to improve your self esteem.


The final word

You no longer have to struggle to make friends easily. Follow the above tips and be well on your way to making friends who’ll join hands with you as you enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

Always remember to not lose who you are. Be firm about upholding your own values. You’ll appreciate that, and your friends will too.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope it was helpful. Please let us know your own tips to make friends easily.


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6 useful tips to know yourself better

In your pursuit to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle, it’s important to know yourself better. You have to know yourself like the back of your own hand, as the saying goes.


A picture for tips to know yourself better


You might dismiss this and say, ‘duh! who doesn’t know themselves?’ Well, the truth is, a lot of people don’t know themselves. Have you ever gone to a job interview and the first question they asked you was, ‘tell us about yourself?’

I know for one that question always sends me into a panic, even though I knew beforehand they were going to ask me that. Let me tell you, I used to be able to prepare for every potential interview question but that one.

For weeks I’d ponder this impending question and for weeks, I’d fail to come up with an answer that perfectly described me.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Many of us would like to think we know ourselves. The truth is, we don’t. It could be out of self-preservation; knowing we might not like what we find out. Or it could be out of ignorance in thinking that a person automatically knows themselves.

Like I said earlier, if you are really serious about enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, you are going to have to set out on purpose to know yourself better.

Here are useful tips to know yourself better.


  • Tip #1: Read the word of God

This is the first thing you need to do because the word has the best answers for this question. The word of God clearly defines you in many places that you are a child of God. 

It says our father loves you and you are his original, his most treasured creation. The word of God says you are worthy of God’s ultimate sacrifice: his son Jesus Christ. It says you have all the promises he’s made. It says he has put everything under your power and has not left anything out.

If this doesn’t help you know yourself better, then I’m afraid you are off to a bad start. People and books might lie to you, but the bible is the truest piece of writing in existence. Take God’s word and trust it.

If you are struggling to understand your bible, then read these 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.

In your quest to know yourself better, remember the significance of prayer. Get your prayer life in order with these 10 easy tips to improve your prayer life.

Remember this is a lifelong journey and you are going to have to do this for as long as you live; immersing yourself in the word to keep reminding yourself of who you are. Use these 6 easy steps to stay connected to your spirituality.


  • Tip #2: Spend time alone

I know a lot of people are scared of spending time alone. The thought of being in their own company scares them. That’s where boredom comes from. Boredom stems from your inability to find pleasure in yourself and your reliance on other people or items to provide you with pleasure.

If you know yourself better, you can’t know boredom. Before I knew myself, I’d get bored. I couldn’t stand the thought of spending time with myself. That was just too much.

But I learned to spend time with myself. Alone. And now I’m my own best companion. I’ve forgotten what boredom and loneliness feel like. Please spend time alone and you will learn to love it.


  • Tip #3: Don’t be too dependent on those around you

This follows from Tip #2. Don’t be too reliant on the people around you because then you won’t give yourself the time and space needed to know yourself better.

If you are always looking to another person to be with you, then there’s a problem. Always needing someone next to you makes you needy, and that’s not a desirable trait to have.

Let go of those around you and know yourself better in the process. This also relieves them to carry on with their lives and know themselves better too. It also helps you cultivate and nurture your own self-esteem. Check out my 9 effective tips to improve your self-esteem.

Instead of being clingy, cultivate healthy relationships that give you and the other person time to breathe and discover life on your own. Remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.


  • Tip #4: Try different things

Most of the time you don’t know yourself better because you never try anything different. You are always doing the same things and therefore don’t even know you have interests outside of those you already know of.

This can happen if you have a strict routine that you follow. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having a routine. But sometimes we get so stuck in our routines that we forget to live outside of what we know.

I know this because I’ve experienced it first hand. I’m one of those people who love a clean, strict routine. And then occasionally when I’m forced to try something new, most of the time out of lack of choice, I end up enjoying it and learning to incorporate it into my routine.

Don’t be so rigid in your life that you do the same things everyday without allowing room for new things. Chances are, those new things are the key that help you know yourself better.

Remember, there’s never harm in trying new things, as long as what you do is safe and doesn’t encroach on anyone else’s rights. Who knows? You might even discover your talent somewhere. Read these 10 important steps to discover and develop your talent.


  • Tip #5: Set yourself new goals and work hard to achieve them

You might be wondering why I’m saying this is one of the tips you can use to know yourself better.

What I’ve realized is that we become too complacent in our lives. Doing what we do everyday, setting out to achieve the same goals we set every time, doesn’t make us grow as much as we’d like.

But if you set yourself new goals, you present new challenges to yourself. Working hard to achieve those new goals will let you assess your threshold for a lot of things like passion and patience as far as those goals are concerned.

Maybe you’ve been considering yourself to be a patient person. But now you take on a new goal that tries your patience. And now you realize for the first time in your life that your patience still needs a lot of work.

Setting yourself new goals and working hard to achieve them will definitely help you know yourself better.


  • Tip #6: Be honest about what you like and dislike

If you feel forced to say you like something just because you are scared of rejection, then you are destroying whatever chance you have to know yourself better.

Be bold enough to honestly assess your liking of different things. If you like something, that’s OK. If you don’t like it, that’s OK too .

Being clear about what you like and dislike will ensure you maximize your life by focusing on your likes instead of spending time trying to convince yourself and others that you prefer your dislikes.


The final word

It’s not hard to know yourself better. And it’s crucial that you do in order to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle. Maybe you’ve been so out of touch with yourself that you’ve completely lost a sense of who you are.

Don’t lose heart. Employ the useful tips above to know yourself better. Don’t rush, remember that you have to exercise patience. With patience and gentility toward yourself, you’ll get where you want to be.


Thank you for reading this post. Do you know yourself better? How did you manage that? Or maybe you are trying to do that? Tell us how.







How to stop comparing yourself to others

You can stop comparing yourself to others if you want to. I know because I have stopped doing that. Now I’m about to share with you how I did that in this post.


A message to stop comparing yourself to others


Nowadays we feel pressured to compare ourselves to everyone else. We must compare ourselves to our friends, colleagues and neighbors. Worse still, we must compare ourselves to people we don’t even know. It’s sickening, but a sad reality that we face everyday. How do you manage to escape that and steer clear of it?


  • Realize that you are unique and celebrate your uniqueness

And people who say that to you are not just trying to stroke your ego. It really is true. Each of us is an original. There’s no one else like you anywhere in this world. Someone on the opposite end of the world might look like you, but they could never be you. That on it’s own is huge and should make you stop comparing yourself to others.


  • Lean on the word of God.

The word of God actually has something to say about this topic and will help you to stop comparing yourself to others.

Galatians 5 v 26: That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. We have far more interesting things to do with our lives. Each of us is an original.

The bible is the ultimate truth. It says you should stop comparing yourself to others because you  are an original who has far more interesting things to do. And this is so true. Make sure you don’t have regrets later in life about wasting your time comparing yourself to others. Make your own impact in the world in the little time you have here.

The bible has plenty to say about your uniqueness, not to mention, the perfect love God has for you. So please familiarize yourself with it. If you have trouble understanding the  bible, then read this post on 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.


  • Be the best you can be

As you celebrate your uniqueness, become the best you can be and this will help you to stop comparing yourself to others. What are your talents? Use them to benefit those around you. Read my 10 steps to discover and develop your talent. If you are busy being the best you can be, you have no time and no desire to compare yourself to others.


  • Carve out your own life and insist on following it

If you really want to stop comparing yourself to others you must make your own life. Sometimes we feel pressured to compare ourselves to others because we are following everything they are doing.

They are following this career so we follow it too. They are married to a football star so we must find a way to do the same thing. How can we avoid comparing ourselves to others if we follow everything they are doing?

Instead, make your own life and insist on following this life. Do what you want to do. Live life on your own terms and not on anyone else’s terms. Only then can you manage to stop comparing yourself to others. Read my post: Do you have the guts to live life on your own terms?


  • Make peace with every aspect of your life.

You can’t stop comparing yourself to others if you are bitter about some aspects of your life because then you’ll always be looking at the next person to see what they are doing better than you. Maybe you had 5 failed marriages. Make peace with that instead of looking at your friend and feeling bitter because she’s been married to the same man all her life.

If you committed some crime in your past and maybe went to jail for it, it’s time to forgive yourself because you’ve paid your dues. Don’t walk around acting like the whole world owes you and feeling like others are better than you. Everyone makes mistakes. You made yours. Now learn from them and become a better person. Stop comparing yourself to others because they also have their own mistakes to learn from.


  • Stop making excuses

Sometimes all you need to do to stop comparing yourself to others is to stop making excuses for the things going on in your life. Making excuses means avoiding responsibility but at the same time being envious of the people who do take responsibility for their lives.

Instead, be responsible for each and everything that happens in your life. Some of it will definitely be beyond your control, but have a good attitude when it happens and try to navigate through it in the best way possible. Now others will actually admire you for the way you handle things and they’ll have something to learn from you.


  • Help other people

Stop comparing yourself to other people and instead help them. Sometimes you are busy comparing yourself to your friend. Meanwhile, your friend is in dire need of help. If only you could see that.

Nurture healthy relationships with others and stop being envious of their lives. Remember that enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships. It goes beyond self to others in service. So take the focus off yourself for a minute and give it to someone else.


  • Avoid people who make you feel bad about yourself

If that’s what it takes for you to stop comparing yourself to others, then so be it. Healthy relationships are vital to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, but there’s nothing healthy about being with people who make you feel less than you are and are always comparing yourself to others.

But don’t cut them off just yet. Speak to them about your concerns and ask them to refrain from doing that. If they insist on continuing to make you feel bad, then cut yourself from them.


  • Be productive

Sometimes we can’t stop comparing ourselves to others because we have nothing better to do with our time. If you just sit at home all day doing nothing of course you’ll have plenty of time to focus on other people lives.

So, refuse to be unproductive. Do something worthwhile with your time. There’s always something worthwhile to do. In the end, you might find that all you needed to do to stop comparing yourself to others was to be productive with your time. If you are having trouble being productive, read my 8 effective but simple strategies to be productive.


  • Avoid the TV

I’m serious about that. I’ve realized that TV has a huge impact on how you view yourself in comparison to others. With all those celebrities and their reality shows, we are bombarded with fake lives whose fakeness we are often even not aware of. We compare our lives to the lives of these celebs and feel inadequate.

I’ve made a decision to stop watching all reality shows, ‘what I eat in a day’ videos and all the so called fitness videos.

I consider myself to be a healthy person in every aspect. But whenever I watch these videos I always find myself doubting my health in an irrational way. My eating is thrown off course whenever I watch all these ‘what I eat in a day’ videos. So I’ve made a decision to stop watching them.

Please do the same thing. There’s nothing you are missing, I promise. Be productive with your time instead.


  • Understand that we all have insecurities

Instead of putting others on a pedestal, realize that just like you, they have their own insecurities. Just because those insecurities are not on display for the world to see doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Things are almost never as they seem and the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I once compared myself to someone who had a perfect life, or so I thought. Until I learned that they were battling insecurities deeper than mine. If you were to walk up to the person you envy and opened up to them, you might be surprised to learn their life is not so perfect after all.


The final word

We each have our own lives, so why would you want someone else’s life when you have your own? Stop comparing yourself to others now because that is a waste of the life God has given you, not to mention an insult to God who gave you that life. Embrace your own life and live it in the best way you can.


Thank you for reading this post. I know it resonates with everyone. So please share your thoughts with us by commenting.




Live debt-free with these 7 easy tips

Do you want to live debt-free? Because I certainly do.

I hate it that most of us have been tricked into believing that we must take on debt in order to reach certain goals in our lives. In other words, we’ve been tricked into believing that we can somehow become free by being someone else’s debtor, and therefore slave.


A picture for tips to live debt-free


We can only enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle if we have a healthy relationship with money. I speak more about that here. And that’s why I have this post as well as other posts about money under the Relationships category.

Now, I have always hated debt. Some people say there’s such a thing as good debt, but I refuse to believe that. I believe that taking on debt is an indication that you are living above your means, and that’s never a wise thing to do.

There was an instance where I could’ve taken debt for the first time in my life. I had just been offered a place in a great school and like most people, struggling with affording my education. So I thought I might take on debt in order to be able to go to school.

My loan application was denied, and an attempt to get my brother to apply for a loan on my behalf also fell through. In the end, I couldn’t go to school.

I’ve looked back at that experience a lot since it happened, now knowing and finally believing that everything has a reason and that everything works together for the good of those that love the Lord.

Today, I look back at the course I was going to do at that school. And I can’t imagine living even a few years of my life on that career. I also realize I wanted to go back to school for all the wrong reasons. School was an escape for me from home into an independent life. And I was going about that independent life the wrong way. Succinctly put, if I’d gotten the loan, I would’ve been led into a life I didn’t even want. I would’ve made the biggest mistake of my life.

I believe many people have been led into taking on debt because somehow they thought the money would improve their lives. Unfortunately for many people, their loan applications get approved, and they never have the chance to find out that they could easily have managed their lives without the loan. Now they are stuck with the belief that indeed the loan made their lives better.

I have an elder brother who’s buried in debt. He has a great job but he doesn’t enjoy the fruits of his labor because at the end of the month, banks take their money and he’s left with little.

But is it possible to live debt-free? Of course it is.


Here are the 7 easy tips for you to use to live-debt free:

  • Tip #1: Live below your means.

Live below, not within your means. Living within your means will mean using up all your money. But living below your means frees up some cash for you to put toward your savings. When you build up savings and invest your money, and you have an emergency fund, you can take care of all your expenses without having to borrow, allowing you to live debt-free.


  • Tip #2: Always have savings and an emergency fund

Now, this tip elaborates on Tip #1. You should always have savings you can invest, and an emergency fund you can tap into when need arises. An emergency fund is usually equivalent to six months’ salary. I’d say, go beyond and make it a year’s salary.

Having an emergency fund is very important because it will ensure you take care of unexpected expenses without having to borrow money. Having an emergency fund and savings will definitely help you live debt-free.


  • Tip #3: Establish multiple sources of income

In this day and age more and more people are establishing multiple sources of income so they can diversify away from their salary. It’s becoming easier to find something else to do besides your regular job.

Many people are making money with online businesses, so you can also look into that and find something that suits you. Having multiple sources of income ensures you always have enough money to cover expenses and you can now live debt-free.


  • Tip #4: Cook your meals at home and stop eating out

Don’t roll your eyes because a lot of people are spending ridiculously large amounts of money eating out. But cooking your meals at home is a lot cheaper than eating out. This will be easy on your pocket and you’ll get to enjoy better health because you are in control of what goes into your food. Cooking meals at home will definitely help you live debt-free.


  • Tip #5: Drive a reasonably priced but good car

What do you need an expensive car for? Get something that suits your wallet as long as you know it can sustain you for a very long time to come.

You can get a good car that uses up less fuel but lets you enjoy all the qualities you want. And still on this issue, save to buy your car and avoid taking out a loan for it. This will work toward helping you live debt-free.


  • Tip #6: Do not keep up with the Joneses.

Yes, your neighbors and your friends. Turn a blind eye to how they live their lives and avoid copying what they do. If they buy a new car, that’s not a cue for you to also buy a new car, or send your daughter to that expensive school, or upgrade to a heated swimming pool. Just run your own race and this is guaranteed to ensure you don’t fall into debt. Refusing to keep up with the Joneses will help you live debt-free.


  • Tip #7: Avoid relationships that are based on the love of money

If you know that girl is only into you because of your fat bank account, then don’t intentionally ignore that and marry her. She’ll take your money and make you make more bad choices, including taking on debt to meet her demands.

Form relationships that are genuinely about love and not money. If you do that, you’ll avoid getting into debt. You’ll appreciate genuine relationships because they allow you to live debt-free.


The final word

It’s possible to live debt-free, and it doesn’t even take much. All it takes is a decision to live debt-free, and then you are well on your way to doing that. If you haven’t taken any debt yet, then don’t do it and employ the tips above. But if you are already in debt, then don’t despair. Work on paying off your debt and then employ the above tips so you can now live debt-free.


Thank you for reading this post. Please tell us about your debt life. Are you already in debt or you live debt-free? If you are in debt, please share how you are planning to get out of it and then stay out of it. And if you live debt-free, also share with us your tips on how you manage to live that way. Please leave your comments below.


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Tips to save more money from a small salary

You want to save more money. And you’ve been trying for quite a while now. But with the small salary you’ve been earning for years now, it seems impossible to save more money.

We’ve all been there. But I’m about to offer you the best tips you can be sure will work, so keep reading.


A picture for tips to save more money from the same salary


It’s that time of the month when I’m budgeting for our family bills. There’s grocery to buy, water and electricity bills to pay, funeral covers, etc. This month we have to spend less than what we always do so we can save more toward our savings. So since yesterday I’ve been thinking of ways I can cut back on our expenses and save more money.


Here are the tips that have worked for me in the past and continue to work for me:


  • Tip #1: Slash your grocery bill by finding cheaper but healthy alternatives for some of your staples. You don’t have to buy the most expensive brand of pasta. And I’m not asking you to compromise quality. I’m saying there are lots of cheaper options for goods out there that are still healthy.


  • Tip #2: Cut off some of the food completely and instead, buy lots of cheaper vegetables and fruits. Instead of that expensive brand of pasta, ditch it altogether and buy lots of vegetables and fruits to go with your other staples. Your health will thank you.


  • Tip #3: Please, cut back on the bottled water. This is one of the worst wastes of your money.


  • Tip #4: Make your coffee at home. Again, buying ready-made coffee is just an unnecessary expense.


  • Tip #5: Eat out less. I know cultures are different. But in my culture, people almost never eat out. Of course now some families do, thanks to what they copy from TV, but that’s just less than 1%. The rest of us make our own meals and eat at home. I’m 31 now, and in all my 31 years, we’ve never eaten out, not once. We can bring something from the store for the family, but it’s always something too small to be counted as a meal, so we always have our home-cooked meal after eating that anyway.


  • Tip #6: Cut back on the junk food. Junk food can quickly raise your food bill. You can cut back on the junk food by eating more at home and less out. Like I said, in my culture we just don’t eat out. We tend to cook healthy food.


  • Tip #7: Arrange for a single trip to the store once a week. Instead of stopping by the store every afternoon on your way from work, just go once a week. Start by writing all that you’ll need for the whole week, remembering that you don’t even need some of the stuff. If you’ve made a mistake and experience shortage sometime during the week, it’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Go to the store and buy it but correct your mistakes next time.


  • Tip #8: Cut back on the clothes you buy. This one is really a no-brainer. I still get stunned by people who believe they must have a new item of clothing every month end. Why would someone do that? Buy just enough to wear. Having a closet full of clothes you’ve worn once and even forgotten about isn’t funny, not even when we see all those celebrities doing it on TV.


  • Tip #9: Drop your gym membership. Do you really need a gym? Almost all people who go to the gym think they do, but trust me, you don’t. You have your own body to use for exercise, so do exactly that. There’s plenty of space around you to walk, jog, do squats, pretty much everything people do at the gym, minus the equipment. But even then, remember that the fancy equipment at the gym is just an imitation of the real thing we have at our disposal at all times. You have enough things to lift at home, so you don’t need dumbbells. You don’t need the treadmill, or that stationery bike.


  • Tip #10: Quit drinking and smoking. Drinking and smoking take all your money. You don’t need them, in fact, you’d be better off without them, and that goes well beyond your pocket. Quit these nasty habits, save more money and enjoy better health.


  • Tip #11: Walk to the nearby mall instead of driving. Yes, save that gas money for something else, or to put toward your savings.


  • Tip #12: Learn to live only on your salary and avoid loans. Without the burden of loans, you learn to live within your means, can use your salary more wisely and save more money.


  • Tip #13: Buy a good second hand car, or a car that won’t deduct too much from your salary. You don’t need that fancy car. It does nothing but take from you.


  • Tip #14: Pay yourself first. When you get your salary, pay yourself first. And not so you can go and lavishly spend that money, but so you can put it toward your savings. Most people make a mistake of paying everyone else and then themselves last, and most of the time, after paying everyone else, there’s nothing left for you. Commit to paying yourself a set percentage of your salary every month. Then learn to work with the remainder to pay for all your other expenses. This will force you to be creative in cutting back your expenses. Believe me, this works.


  • Tip #15: Cut back on your cellphone bill. If you are the kind of person who always has to be calling someone else and speaking until in the end you’ve both said all you possible can and all you can exchange is ‘ya, ya” then you need to cut back on your cellphone spending. Learn to talk to people face to face more. If you have internet at home, skype. This will also help you cut back on the time you use on the phone, and now you can put that time toward something worthwhile.


  • Tip #16: Enjoy free entertainment. You don’t need to spend money to be entertained. Go to the park, the library, free concerts, and most importantly, learn to entertain yourself so you don’t have to look to other people to entertain you.


  • Tip #17: Tithe. Now, I know this sounds counter-productive. How can I expect you to take a percentage of your already little money and give it to God? But you need to understand this. Tithing is  proof of your trust in God. That he’s your creator, the one in charge of your life, your provider, your protector, your everything. By tithing, you say to God that you trust him and are willing to give back a little of all that he gives you. When you tithe, God will give you the wisdom to deal with your money, and you’ll learn to save more.


The final word

You don’t need more salary in order to save more money. If you are misusing your salary right now, how do you expect to save more on a larger salary? Wouldn’t you just increase your spending and still struggle to save more money? Rather, all you need to do is work with what you have now to save more. That will keep you content with your salary now instead of complaining about the salary you don’t have but wish you had. It’s very possible to save more money. Employ the above tips and you are guaranteed to smile all the way to the bank as you watch your savings grow.


Thank you for reading this post. I loved writing it because money has become easy for me to handle. Of course, it helps to look at it as just another resource like air instead of giving it the high place we tend to give it. These are definitely not all tips to save more money from a small salary, so please share with us your tips in the comments below.


How to listen to your body

Listen to your body. We hear that all the time, yet a lot of people still struggle with what it really means. In our journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, listening to your body is very important.

Having a deep relationship with your body will enable you to pick up every sign it’s giving you, thereby taking the necessary measures to get it to where it should be.


A picture for how to listen to your body


We’ve talked about listening to your body before. But I want to dedicate this post solely to the topic just to make sure everyone understands what we really mean when we say listen to your body.


So what does ‘listen to your body’ really mean?

Now, your body is your best messenger. It will tell you when things are going well and when they are going not so well. The best thing you can do is listen when it’s telling you these things. It will never lie to you.

But many of us have chosen to ignore everything the body tells us in favor of what we think it needs. We push it too hard to achieve the things we want to achieve. We want a lean toned body. So we push ourselves too hard at the gym for the physique. Great, now we’ve achieved fitness at the expense of health.

It means nothing to be fit but not healthy. OK, maybe your body rocks and you turn heads everywhere you go. But in the long run, your body is going to break down if you are exercising 4 hours at the gym, eating very little and not getting enough sleep.


  • If you are committed to your exercise regime but today you feel fatigued, then maybe you need to take a step back from that treadmill, from those weights, and take a break, sometimes not just for the rest of that session but for the rest of the day, and the next day, maybe even the next week.

If you worry that taking a break from your workouts will drag down your progress, then don’t worry. The opposite is actually true. Taking a break will actually benefit your body.


  • When you are eating, your body will tell you when you are full. Don’t argue with it by continuing to stuff yourself with food.


  • Your body will tell you when you are thirsty. Headache is a sign of dehydration. Next time you have a headache, drink some water. It always works for me.


  • Listen to your cravings. I know this might sound a bit controversial but please hear me out. I used to struggle with cravings. I still do. Before I discovered what I’m about to share with you, I refused to yield to my cravings. Now, I’m sure this has happened with you before. Maybe you crave a cookie, but you try really hard to not reach for that cookie. Instead you reach for an apple.

You are thinking ‘good choice’ right? Well, an apple is definitely healthier than a cookie. But you are lying to yourself if you think that apple is going to satisfy your craving for a cookie. I guarantee you: you will eat the apple, and then the cookie.

So, I was that misguided before. Remember you can’t argue with your body. You can certainly try, but it will backfire on you. But you can trick the body.


Now this is what I do to trick my body, and it actually works.

Everything that I eat is home made. I make all my food. So, when I crave a cookie, I always make a healthier version of that cookie. I’ll make a cookie and sweeten it with fruit instead of table sugar. I’ll make the cookie smaller and that always tricks my mind into thinking that having more than two helpings is just too much.

You can try doing that. Make a healthier version of the food you crave. Your body will still get to have that food it craves, but it will be a healthier version.


  • When you feel sick, your body needs to rest. Let it rest and don’t push it to work. This past week I had a cold. I didn’t want to take time off from my work, but I also knew I needed to let my body rest. That meant not working as hard as I do when I’m not sick, and going to bed earlier than I usually do. I tend to recover much quicker when I do that.


  • Your body will also tell you when you are stressed. Don’t simply dismiss that stress but address it. Identify why you are stressed, and then deal with that stress. 

I’ve found my refuge in the word of God, so that’s always my cure for stress. I read about God’s solution to the problem I’m having. I tell him about it and trust that his solution is the best.

The bible says we shouldn’t worry about anything but we should pray about everything. It also says, worrying won’t make you an inch taller, in other words, it won’t achieve anything good. So the best thing to do is rest in God’s promise to take care of us in every way. That’s the most effective solution to stress.


The final word

Your body is always talking to you. Respect it by listening to it. Be in tune with it so you are aware of even the slightest communication it tries to make with you. If you do that, your body will never fail you. It will sustain you as you enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading this post. Hopefully, by now you have an understanding of what it means to listen to your body. Now it’s your turn. How do you listen to your body? Share with us in the comments below.


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Tips to get rid of cellulite for good

The media had me convinced I couldn’t do anything about cellulite. My biggest mistake was believing that nonsense. Remember that just because cellulite is a stubborn problem doesn’t mean it can’t be gotten rid of.

It’s important to remember that a good relationship with our bodies is essential to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.  We have to love our bodies just the way they are. Only when we love our bodies can we take care of them and watch them transform into machines that will not quit on us for as long as we live.


A picture showing orange peel for getting rid of cellulite


Most of us have struggled with that ‘orange peel’ appearance of our skin. You know when you look in the mirror and all you can see on your thighs are unattractive bumps that just make you go, ‘ugh.’

I’ve come to not let the media influence me as much as it used to. The media are people just like you and me. They can only give their opinions and talk about their experiences. And yet, they take those and make them the standard by which everyone else must measure themselves. And the tragedy is: we let them.

Just remember: you don’t have to listen to everything the media says. What are your own opinions and experiences? Because those matter more to your life than the opinions and experiences of other people.

Anyway, I was saying that for a long time the media had me believe I could never get rid of cellulite. At best, I could reduce its appearance. That’s nonsense. I’ve gotten rid of the cellulite on my thighs though some is still visible at the backs of my thighs. But I believe it won’t be there for long.


So, what did I do?

Before I share with you what I did, I have to tell you that I didn’t set out on my journey of a simple healthy lifestyle with getting rid of cellulite on my mind. Like I said, I’d let the media convince me I couldn’t do that. So, what I did was accept my body and love it just the way it was. With that love, I set out to make my life better and my body just followed that and positively changed.


So, this is what I did:

  • I ate clean. I stopped the junk food. Seriously, what is nourishing about feeding your body greasy, overly sweet food? Nothing. Those foods are actually damaging to your body. I dropped all those foods and ate clean. That means lots of fruits and vegetables, grains, healthy fats etc.


  • I drank a lot of water. I talk about the effortless and natural way of drinking water here. Drinking a lot of water helped me in ways I never thought possible. A few weeks into drinking a lot of water, I felt better in every way. Water flushes out toxins from your body and just makes your body work efficiently.

I’ve said before that I like sticking to the basics because they make things simple for me. I can’t claim to know a lot of science behind drinking a lot of water. But I listen to my body and I know it responds well when I drink a lot of water, including getting rid of cellulite.


  • I exercised regularly. For me that’s five days out of the seven days of the week. I rest on Saturdays and Sundays. But during these two days, my body still works hard because there’s a lot of yard work to do, including chores and laundry. Exercising just revitalized me and made me feel alive. With all that blood pumping through my body, the cellulite on my body reduced.

I jog and do strength training. I don’t force myself to do a lot. I just go with what my body can take and rest when I feel tired. I exercise for only 30 mins, and though you might feel like that time is just too short, for me it’s perfect. It lets me exercise without feeling bored or overwhelmed and keeps me doing my workouts every week day.


  • I adopted a positive mindset. Enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle can’t be possible if you are not mentally healthy. I feel like a lot of people ignore that, and they do all the right things but nurture their mental health.  I avoided stress and gave myself a lot of pep talks when I was feeling down.

I prayed and conversed with God about everything I was feeling, both good and bad. I let him take care of me while I rested in his finished works. That rest allowed me to have the peace of mind that still boggles my mind to this day (loving the pun here). With my mental health in shape, my body just followed through and I started feeling and looking healthy and the cellulite just packed and left.


  • I took care of my skin. I always cringe at people who say they don’t apply any lotion or cream to their bodies, or that they feel lazy to do it. In my culture that’s unheard of. It doesn’t matter how much of a hurry you are in, you have to apply lotion or cream after bathing. That’s how I grew up and the notion that I could take a bath and then put on my clothes without applying lotion or cream never even existed until I read of people who did it.

Anyway, applying some form of lotion or cream to your skin will keep your skin moisturized, lessening the appearance of cellulite. Don’t skimp out on the lotion. And don’t buy into the lie that you have to have an expensive cream. No, buy what you can afford and lather it on your skin.


  • I stopped obsessing over what I saw in the mirror. Please, remember to love your body. If you know you’re just going to hate your body when you look in the mirror, then don’t look in the mirror. But if you do, appreciate every part of your body and wish yourself good health.


The final word

Cellulite is a problem for many women. There’s no reason to hate yourself just because you have it. As you actively pursue a simple healthy lifestyle, your body is bound to change and your cellulite will slowly disappear until one day you look in the mirror and it’s gone. Remember to love your body just the way it is.


Thank you for reading this post. What are your experiences with cellulite? Please share with us in the comments below.

Tips to learn how to budget and be successful at it

Money. It evokes different emotions for different people. We’ve heard of the good and the bad about it. We can never agree on many things about money. But I’m sure we can agree that we have to budget before we spend it.

And we have to adopt budgeting not just as a one time thing, but something to do for the rest of our lives if we are to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle and not have money as an issue.


A wallet for learning how to budget and be successful at it


Remember: We all have a relationship with money. Whether that relationship is good or bad is entirely dependent on us. Creating a budget for your money ensures a good relationship with money. Creating a budget ensures you never have to worry about misusing money or not being able to track your spending.

Money was never something I drooled over. That was my sister’s department.  For me, from as long as I can remember, money was just a valuable resource we used every day. It wasn’t something to be loved or hated, just something to be used. And like all the other resources like water and air, money was to be used with respect.

I have to admit that seeing the need to budget didn’t come to me until I was much older. Even then, I had trouble putting it to work. It sounded easy to say: budget for your expenses before you actually incur them. But to actually do it was hard.

Everything takes practice, and patience. And I employed the same for learning how to budget and be successful at it. I’m still practicing, but I feel like I’m at a point where I can say I know where my money is going and how to best manage it. Let me share with you some tips.


Tip #1: Be determined to learn how to budget and be successful at it

That’s right. That’s a tip. You can’t hope to accomplish something if you are not determined to. And being determined doesn’t take a lot of action. It’s a decision, a decision that happens in a nano-second. You decide right here right now: I’m going to learn how to budget and be successful at it. There you go. You are off to a good start.


Tip #2: Know your expenses before you incur them

You can’t budget for something you don’t know. You have to know when your kid’s school fees will be due and how much they’ll be so you can budget for them.

Now, you can’t usually foretell what your electric or water bill will be, but you’ve paid them before. So go through your past bills to get a feel of how much you’ve been paying.

Then for this month, though you’ve been using your utilities at pretty much the same rate or quantity, make that estimate a little bit higher just to avoid surprises.

I’ll give you an example. If your water bill has been around $11 for the past three months, when you budget, put it as $15. That’s so you can cover any unexpected rise. If you end up paying $15, then that’s great because you budgeted for it. But if you end up paying that $11, it’s also great because you get to spare $4.


Tip #3: Cater for contingencies

This takes off from Tip #2. Always cater for the unexpected, just like in the tip above. But taking it farther, put money aside for whole expenses that don’t occur often, but are likely to come up.

For example: Put money aside in case your electric kettle suddenly quits on you. Or in case a relative calls asking for emergency money. By budgeting for contingencies, you have peace of mind to take care of unexpected expenses and not feel the brunt of that spending.


Tip #4: Cut out unnecessary expenses

And I’m not talking about contingencies. I’m talking about expenses for the things you don’t really need. Do you really need that fifth pair of shoes? Do you really need to buy that scarf that’s on sale?

People are misguided in thinking that when they buy something on sale, they get a bargain and therefore save money. No, they don’t. They still waste money on something they don’t need, even if it’s at a discount.

Stick to only what is necessary. We are trying to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle so we are trying to avoid clutter and be minimalists. So avoid stuff you don’t need and put that money toward something you really need.


Tip #5: If one item makes you go over your budget, then cut back on the other items.

Maybe you budgeted $500 for medical expenses, but then they go up to $700, look carefully at your whole budget and identify where you can cut back to cater for that extra $200 in expenses. Reduce your groceries by maybe cutting back on your snacks, or bottled water, something to help you not overspend.


Tip #6: Keep all your budgets in one place.

You are entering July and are done with June’s budget? Don’t throw it away. Neatly file it away. And don’t stash it in that cupboard until you can dispose of it. No, go back to it time and again as you move along with your budgets for the following months. Learn from your past mistakes and successes.


Tip #7: Budget to put some money in your bank

That’s right. Don’t let your budget be about spending and exchanging your hard earned money for goods and services. Put some money into your savings account and invest it. This way, budgeting is working for you and you are more likely to carry on with it now that it’s helping you build your net-worth.


The final word

Learning how to budget can be hard at first. But only for as long as you want, and it’s as hard as you want it to be. Anybody can budget, including you. If you learn how to budget and be successful at it, you’ll feel more peaceful, more in control, enabling you to enjoy your simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading this post. We definitely need more tips so please share with us how you budget by commenting below. Thank you.


How to love your body just the way it is

Are you struggling to love your body just the way it is? Maybe you feel too short, or too tall, or too thin, or too fat. Bottom line; you feel like there’s something wrong with your body, something that needs to be fixed.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


First, let me say this: you are not alone. Most if not all of us have been at that point, many still are. That point where we are unhappy with a part of our body and we want to do whatever we can to fix it.


Learning to love your body just the way it is is one of the key ingredients of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


Love conquers whatever insecurities you might have about your body. It’s the one thing that won’t make you feel disgusted with yourself when you look in the mirror. The one thing that will make you feel grateful for your body even when the numbers on that scale are a little bit too high.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


Why do we get dissatisfied with our bodies in the first place?

Primarily, it’s the comparison of our bodies with other people’s bodies and the society’s definition of beauty in regards to body shape and size.

Remember how you felt beautiful when you were young? You felt like a princess, even called yourself a princess. You had friends you didn’t think were more beautiful or less beautiful than you were. You were just a happy creation celebrating your uniqueness every day.

And then you grew up, became more aware of the media and its influence in our lives. Magazines and television said you had to be of a certain size and if you weren’t you were to follow strict measures to get your body to that size. They compared you to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and said something was wrong with you if you didn’t look like her.

So then you became intensely aware of your friends, how they looked in comparison to you. You felt jealous of those who looked more like Kim Kardashian than you did. And then one day you just woke up to realize you are just too unhappy with the way you look.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


What’s the ideal body size, shape and weight?

There’s no such thing. We were all created differently, and we are all beautiful. There’s no reason to change who you are. Let me tell you something. If you strive to be healthy at all levels, then you are where you’re supposed to be in terms of size, shape and weight, regardless of what those are.

Maybe you are naturally a thick person, or tall person, whatever. Embrace that. God created you that way and he doesn’t make mistakes. He said you were created in his likeness so you are the best you can be.

So love yourself just the way you are right now. Love your body with all its flaws, its imperfections, because they are yours and they make your body what it is: a temple of the Lord.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror. At the same time, don’t obsess over what you see in the mirror.


Let me share my own past struggles with my body

I used to worry like many others about what I saw in the mirror. At one point, I was eating right, exercising, I had no stress, and I was doing everything to be healthy. I’ve always been a tiny person, but at that point I was what you’d call skinny fat with no muscle tone and lumpy thighs.

But then I learned to love my body just the way it was, and I learned to concentrate on important things like caring for others instead of being self-focused all the time.

I found myself slowly but surely moving away from the dissatisfaction I had about my body, and one day I realized I loved my body just the way it was.

But then, because doubts always manage to creep up, I was looking at myself in the mirror one day and realized that all my cellulite was gone. I hadn’t expected that to happen because the internet says you can never get rid of cellulite.

Be careful what you let yourself believe when it comes to the internet. Those people are not wrong, but like I just said, people are different. And they can only write based on their own experiences. Make your own experiences.

I was over the moon when I realized this. But then I turned around and saw that the back of my thighs, just under my butt, were still heavily dimpled. That small area of cellulite erased all the joy I’d just felt moments back when I realized the appearance of my cellulite had improved. I was angry. Why was this part of my body so stubborn? What was I doing wrong?

But then I caught myself before I went too far. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Everything was fine. I was living my best life and a little cellulite was nothing. I told myself at that point that never again would I ever allow anything or anyone to ruin my journey of a simple healthy lifestyle.

Now I embrace every part of my body because it makes me who I am. I am content with what God gave me and I express gratitude instead of complaining about it. Please do the same.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


The final word

Please remember that the worst thing you can do for your body is to hate it. Hating it undermines everything it does, and can even go as far as putting your health at risk. On the other hand, loving your body keeps sickness and disease at bay and gives you the zeal to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for  reading this post. What do you think of it? Do you love your body just the way it is, or you are still struggling like many of us? Please let us know in the comments below.