5 ways to position yourself to hear from God

Do you want to hear from God? Do you find the concept of hearing from him far-fetched and something only other people but you can achieve? Then you’re reading the right post because I’m about to teach you how to position yourself so you can hear from God.


A picture for positioning yourself to hear from God


I used to feel as distant from God as you probably do right now. People claimed to hear from him, but I could never even fathom him speaking to me. I conjured up images of what it must be like to have an encounter with him.

Those images were out of this world and somewhat spooky, and that made things even worse for me. I’ve come a long way since then, and now I’m absolutely positive that I can’t enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle unless I hear from God.


What did I do?

One day I felt a strong urge to be close to God after not acknowledging him my entire life. At first, I didn’t quite feel his presence but I acknowledged his existence. And then I felt like I wanted to get to know him. I became aware he was the creator of everything, including myself, and I wanted to connect to this great power.

But I didn’t push myself to hear from him. I was serious in forming an intimate relationship with him but I didn’t hash things. I just took things one step at a time until one day I knew I’d heard from him, and I continue to hear from him.


So, how do you position yourself to hear from God?

Number one: Read God’s word


A picture for position yourself to hear from God


I get baffled when people say they want to hear from God, but then they say they rarely read their bibles. The bible tells the only truth there is: God’s truth. The bible is God’s answer to every life question you have right now. It has the solution to every problem you are facing right now. If you study your bible diligently, you can position yourself to hear from God.


Number two: Spend time with other people who want to hear from God and those who have already heard from him.

Maybe you want to go to church to meet those people, that’s great. Now, the topic of church attendance is somewhat unsettled with me because church attendance is not the only way to position yourself to hear from God. You can hear from him without church attendance.


But here’s how I think church attendance is important:

  • Many people do not read the bible outside of church, so attending church is instrumental in this journey because you can read the word at church. (But remember, whether or not you are at church, you should read the bible.)
  • At church, there are many believers who can teach you something. Those are the believers who’ve been nurturing their relationship with God longer than you have been nurturing your own relationship with him. These people can teach you a lot about positioning yourself to hear from him.

Please, I hope you’re not thinking that I’m discouraging church attendance. Absolutely not. I think every Christian should attend church for the reasons I’ve stated above.


A picture for positioning yourself to hear from God


The bible says we should attend church, and that’s more than enough reason to do so.

Hebrews 10 v 25: Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer. (CEV)


Number 3: Pray

Prayer is powerful because it’s your communication with God. What comes up in your mind when you hear the word ‘pray?’ Do you take it to mean going down on your knees with a shawl over your shoulders and a head cover, clutching a cross in your fingers, shouting in tongues?

Prayer can mean that if you want it to. But it can also have no embellishments whatsoever. Just a simple private conversation between you and God.

I used to hate praying because I thought it required too much preparation and I just couldn’t stand that. But once I learned that prayer could just be a simple private conversation between me and God, I started enjoying it because I didn’t have to meet certain requirements before I could pray.

I could just open my mouth and talk to him, and I could pray inwardly if there were other people around me. Praying became so fulfilling that I wanted to do it all the time, and I still do.


A picture for positioning yourself to hear from God


Number 4: Be in the right environment

You are not going to hear from God if you are constantly in an environment that inhibits his presence. You can’t go to a strip club and expect to hear from him, the same way you can’t go to a bar and expect to hear from him.

That’s not to say there’s an environment that can hinder God from speaking. NO. He can speak wherever. But you have to intentionally want to hear from him and so avoid such environments. You can hear from him at a strip club once or twice or three times as he tells you to leave the place. But for you to constantly be hearing from him, you have to leave the strip club and find an environment conducive to a conversation with him.

After all, if you are at a strip club and you hear from God the first, second and third time, why would you go back for the fourth time?


Number 5: Humble yourself before God

God knows everything about you, whether or not you tell him. Now, if you act better than you are and you show up in front of him with that ‘holier than thou’ attitude, then you can’t hear from him. There’s no one holier than him so stop pretending already.

Approach him with your flaws. He knows about them and loves you anyway. Drop the pretense, admit you sins to him, and he’s faithful enough to forgive them. Only if you approach him with a genuine, humble heart will you position yourself to hear from him.


Thank you for reading this post. More is coming on spirituality. God is our reason for existence and the one we live for.  We can’t enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle until we acknowledge him. Tell us what you think of this post. Have you heard from God? How did you position yourself to hear from him?

How to happily celebrate birthdays on the other side of 30

That’s me. Soon to start celebrating birthdays on the other side of 30. In fact, I’m only counting hours until I turn 31.


A clock for celebrate birthdays


I used to dread birthdays. I thought getting older sucked. Well, it was cool until I turned 21. And then I thought birthdays were just an uphill struggle to old age, and ultimately death.

Well, I wasn’t entirely wrong about that. Birthdays mean you are approaching old age, and of course, eventually death.

But now I wouldn’t call them an uphill struggle. ‘Uphill struggle’ sounds really bad, and negative. It’s indicative of a person afraid of adding one more year to their time on this earth. And that thinking can’t possibly help you enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


I’m very happy to say, that’s no longer my mentality. See, I used to live outside of God. I didn’t acknowledge his existence, and I actually used to mock the idea.

But I’ve come a long way since then, and today I consider myself as having an intimate and inseparable relationship with God. I love him more than I love myself. I live for him and can’t imagine living without him. I’m aware of the countless blessings he’s made available to me, one of which is getting older so I can continue to do his work and bring honor and glory to his name.

Now, I celebrate birthdays like I used to before 21. In fact, I celebrate much more joyfully than I did during those times. I view old age as a privilege that a lot of people have missed out on due to an early death.


A bible verse for celebrating birthdays


So, tomorrow (09th June 2018) is my 31st birthday. I’ve never looked forward to a birthday like I do with this one at this very moment. And tomorrow is  a day I’ll be focusing on celebrating other people versus celebrating myself. I’ve already made arrangements to help some people, and that fulfills me more than if I to merely focus on myself.

Not that I don’t deserve some self-attention. Of course I do. How can I successfully take care of others if I don’t start with myself? But lately I’ve been bombarded by the desire to help others, to put others before myself. And that fulfills me beyond explanation.


You will remember that I put a lot of emphasis in this blog about reaching beyond self to others as one of the key elements to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


Anyway, this is what I want to tell you.

Life doesn’t end at any particular age. When you reach your birthday, that’s a call for you to celebrate another year added onto your life. Appreciate that because many have died before they reached that age.

Think about all that you have, and that doesn’t necessarily mean material things because those are way less important than most people think. Rather focus on the more important things that truly make you prosperous, and those are things money can’t buy.


A gratitude message to celebrate birthdays


Think about your health. Maybe it’s failing. But be grateful because you’re still alive, and as long as that’s the case, you can always reach out in faith and grab the health that Jesus Christ made available to you when he died on the cross 2000 years ago.

Think about your family. Maybe you are divorced, but you can still appreciate the time you spent with your partner in God’s union, even though they are gone.

Maybe you are barren and desperately want children. All is not lost. In faith, know that nothing is impossible with God.


There’s always something to be grateful about, so focus on that, and not on what you don’t have.


Maybe you made a lot of mistakes in your past years. Now is the time to grow wiser. Wisdom really does come with life experience. And a birthday means you are increasing your experience in life and therefore your wisdom. Appreciate that because wisdom is worth much more than any amount of money you can think of.

As I enter into my life on this other side of 30, I thank God for my health, for my family, and my life altogether. He’s been generous, as undeserving as I am. His love and commitment to me are so faithful that he keeps increasing my days on this earth. I love him, but he loves me more than I could ever dare ask or imagine.

Thank you God!



This was only meant to be a short post. I just needed to share my gratitude to God for this wonderful gift of 31 years.

Please share with us your thoughts on getting older. Do you embrace it like I do now? Or do you dread your birthdays like I used to? Your thoughts are very valuable to us.

A simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality

A simple healthy lifestyle is NOT possible until you connect with your spirituality.


A connect with your spirit message for a simple healthy lifestyle


What is spirituality?

Spirituality is a state of being connected with your spirit rather than believing you are only physical.

I wasn’t going to add spirituality as a category of its own. I thought maybe I might be able to cover spirituality under self-development. But then I thought it better to separate the two. That way, we’d bring out the importance of connecting with your spirituality without lumping it with other concepts.


You have to be aware that you are a spirit and you live in a physical body. We’ve heard it being said before: that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. And this is so true.


If you are physically healthy but spiritually unhealthy, then you can’t possibly enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

And we see people attempt to do that all the time. They don’t believe in the concept of spirituality. They actually mock the idea.

They have everything they need and want when it comes to material things, and marriage, and kids, friends etc. They are on the right track of course. But they lack spiritual health and you see the way they handle issues that they struggle.


Maybe you are one of those people. But think about this.

Look at your life, and the things you pursue. They are all important of course. A career, marriage, kids, having your own home, and your own car.

But what else is there after you’ve counted all these things? What do you think is your true purpose? To pursue those things only to die in the end and leave them behind?


I respect your views, but I’d like to ask you a question:

Do you really think we were meant to live physically until our death, and that’s it? You never think you have a contribution to make to this earth that is not self-focused? You never think about what’s waiting for you beyond death?


A picture of a road for a simple healthy lifestyle


I didn’t use to believe in spirituality before. I thought we were alive today and dead tomorrow and that was it. That made life seem shallow and pointless. I even realized that kind of mentality could drive one to suicide.

But I’ve come a long way since then, and I’ve developed an intimate and inseparable relationship with God. That intimacy calls for me to think not only of myself but of others and understand I’m here on this physical earth to further God’s mission.

Now I don’t think of physical death as the end, but the beginning of my eternal spiritual life.

I have to say, that way of thinking has put a new meaning to life and death. I enjoy life now knowing I’m living for my God. And when I think of death, I’m not afraid. I’m actually relieved because physical death means my spirit gets to go home and be with my Father.


I love this biblical verse:

If I live, it will be for Christ, and if I die, I will gain even more. Philippians 1 v 21 (CEV)

These are the words of Apostle Paul summing up his whole existence. Every time I read this, I thank God for my existence because in this physical body and out of it, I get to spend all eternity with my Maker.

That makes me live every second of every day with tremendous zeal. It makes me want to do God’s work more and more so that I can keep my connection with Him intact and growing.


A holy bible for a simple healthy lifestyle


So how do you connect with your spirituality?

  • Spend time with God by reading his word and praying

The bible teaches us that God’s spirit lives in us. That He is one with us and we are one with Him. What does that mean for us? That we are the true likeness of God and we can have the life he envisions for us. And we can’t know what that life is unless we read God’s word.

Pray for God’s assistance in connecting with your spirituality.


  • Find rest in God

This is a big part of connecting with your spirituality. Casting your cares upon God lets him know you trust him. You work hard but knowing he’s taking care of you and your steps are ordered by him.

That truly takes the pressure off thinking you are single-handedly in control of everything and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

When you trust God, you know that everything happens for your good, and that trials and tribulations make you grow.

This is in contrast to what you think when you live outside of your spirituality, because then problems always make you feel like a failure and trials and tribulations cause depression and hopelessness.


  • Spend time with other people who are also trying to connect with their spirituality.

People like that make you grow simply because some of them are spiritually more mature than you are and they’ll teach you how they got where they are.

These people will also encourage you when you stumble.


  • Be willing to let go off your pride and embrace humility

And that’s all it takes to begin connecting with your spirituality. As long as you are too proud to realize that there’s a higher power called God, and you think you are in control of everything, you’ll never enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

Be humble and let God guide you, and he will. Humbly ask for his wisdom in everything you do.


Biblical verse for a simple healthy lifestyle


Connecting with your spirituality is a choice you have to make on your own. No one is going to force you, not even God because our God lets his people have their own free will.

But realize you’ll be doing yourself a favor by embracing the truth. And the truth is, you are a spiritual being. So, embrace your spirituality, nurture it and enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


I feel so happy after writing this post and now can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. Do you think it’s possible to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle and not be spiritual? If you are already spiritual, what are your experiences? How do you connect with your spirituality? Please let us know in the comments below