You needn’t be a church goer to be a legitimate Christian

I know there’s that worldwide belief that you have to be a church goer in order to be a legitimate christian.

But is there any truth to that? Does being a church goer really qualify or disqualify you as a legitimate christian?


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You’ll remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality. But is cultivating your spirituality synonymous with being a church goer?

I personally don’t go to church. I don’t have anything against church attendance. In fact, I love and support the idea.

I strongly believe that church brings believers together in one place where they can help each other’s faith; not to mention, worship God.


The word of God strongly recommends the idea of being a church goer.

Hebrews 10 v 25: Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer. (CEV)


But we have no biblical evidence that every Christian in the biblical times was a church goer. In fact, the above verse clearly spells out that not every christian was a church goer.

The bible also doesn’t condemn those who are not church goers. The condemnation was cooked up by some christians all on their own.

But of course I welcome corrections. So pick up your bible and start searching and find out where it clearly says or even merely implies that you are condemned if you are not a church goer.

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But why don’t I attend church?

Simply because I haven’t found a church I’m confident will help me develop my spirituality.

Sounds like a petty and childish excuse, doesn’t it? But I don’t want to be a mere church goer who puts away the bible to gather dust until next Sunday.

No. I want to be the kind of church goer who loves every minute of church and can’t wait to read the bible on my own.

I want a pastor that focuses more on teaching the word of God than on performing all the money miracles. And it seems like nowadays money is of more concern to christians than God is.

I don’t need all those miracles. Why? Because my existence on its own is a miracle. And I believe I’m a miracle to others.

So I need a church that teaches the word that cements that so I can use my gift instead of spreading my hands out to receive miracles from God knows where (no pun intended).

So yes, that’s the kind of church goer I want to be and why I still haven’t found a church I really want to attend.


So, why do I believe you need not be a church goer to be a legitimate christian?


  • Reason #1: Christianity is a personal relationship between you and God, not a religion.

Yes. It’s between you and God.

That doesn’t mean it ends there. If you read God’s word and let it change your way of thinking, then you’ll always be willing to obey the word and spread it to everyone else. And you don’t need to be a church goer to do that. You can do that outside of church.


  • Reason #2:  Being a church goer can limit your authority as a Christian

If you understand that being a legitimate christian isn’t based on following set rules and regulations, then you know that you, just like every other christian in the world, is in the ministry of spreading God’s word.

But there are many churches that prevent their attendants from ministering to others.

Those churches say the pastor is the only one who can minister to others and the congregation must listen.

My friend was once prevented by his church from holding morning sermons in our village clinic because the church believed that was solely the duty of the pastor.

Wherever we are, and whatever job we hold, we must each teach God’s word. I recommend that you read how to serve God in your profession.


  • Reason #3: Being a church goer can distract you from the word of God

I spoke about this earlier. There are a lot of christians who go to church, not to hear the word of God but to receive the so-called miracles produced by pastors.

They want prophecies that favor them. They spend so little time on the word that they’ve lost touch with it. They’ve thrown their spirituality out of the window.

This can happen to you if you are a church goer and you’ve chosen a church that focuses more on performing miracles than on spreading the word of God.

On my own at home, I read the word of God and dwell in it, teaching myself the ins and outs of it.

I understand that the word is my tool for every situation in life. I understand wealth differently from many other people who only focus on the financial aspect of wealth.

I feel wealthy in a way that makes my life more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined before I familiarized myself with the word.

You can and should do the same. Read these 6 easy steps to stay connected to your spirituality and get back on the right path to God.


  • Reason #4: Being a church goer can make you spiritually lazy

I’m sure you know of people who attend church because it’s something they feel they must do and have been doing since they were little.

They go to church because it’s family tradition. Many people like that have reduced church attendance to a chore and they don’t do anything to grow spiritually.

It’s people like that who’ll praise you because you are a church goer and condemn you because you are not. They attach your christian worth to whether or not you are a church goer.


  • Reason #5: The idea of being a church goer as a prerequisite leaves many people out

I know this first hand because before I knew my right standing with God, I used to feel left out just because I wasn’t a church goer.

If everyone out there understood Christianity as being a personal relationship between them and God more than it is about being a church goer, then they’d become responsible for their spiritual salvation.

There’s the self-condemnation that ‘I don’t go to church so I must be a bad christian.’

People who say things like that usually give up on themselves and on God. But if people understood that being a church goer or not, God loves each and every one of us, then we’d see those previously hopeless people spring to life to claim their positions as children of God.

You, as a child of God, church goer or not, should be aware of the many blessings our father has bestowed upon you.

Are you aware of God’s blessings for you? is a post you must read because it talks about one of God’s blessings for you being a life free of condemnation.

Come to God with all your flaws because he loves you regardless. Church goer or not, God wants to use you.

So get yourself ready by reading 5 ways to position yourself to hear from God.


The final word

Again, please don’t take this to mean that I don’t support the idea of being a church goer. Of course not.

However, I feel that people have attached being a church goer to being a legitimate christian and that’s just misleading, and it leaves many people despondent because they’ve been left out of the church ‘clique.’

Church goer or not, we must all be involved in spreading God’s message however we can while being aware of our worth as children of God.


Thank you for reading this post. Are you a church goer or not? Then please share your thoughts with us about this post.





17 simple things you must do to become happier

If you are like every other person on the face of the earth, you want to become happier. Keep reading to learn what you must do in order to become happier.


A picture for things to do to become happier


  • #1: Realize that happiness is a state of the mind

It’s all within you to become happy. It’s all in your mind. If you are currently unhappy, then you need to cultivate your mind for some happiness.

And the good news is, you can become as happy as you want just by exercising your mind the right way. So become happier by working your mind to give you as much happiness as you need.


  • #2: Stop looking for happiness around you

This follows from the point above. Happiness is not external, it’s internal. So, stop looking around you to become happier.

The people around you and the things around you are not responsible for making you become happier.

By letting go of the idea that the people around you must make you happy, you enable yourself to form and enjoy healthy relationships.

Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.


  • #3: Make a choice to become happier

Becoming happier is a choice just like many other different choices you make in life.

If you are currently less happy than you should be, it’s because you’ve made that choice, whether or not you realize it.

So, consciously choose to become happier.


  • #4: Renew your choice to become happier every day

Just because you chose to become happier yesterday doesn’t mean you are set for happiness for the rest of your life.

Renew your decision to become happier every day.


  • #5: Be active in the word of God

You’ll remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality.

The word of God says you have a right to become happier than you are right now. It says happiness is one of the many blessings bestowed upon each and every one of us by our Father.

Don’t skimp out on reading the word. And don’t just read it, live it. This will definitely help you become happier.

Read these 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.

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  • #6: Realize that you have everything you need in order to become happier

Remember that it’s not about the external things. You, all on your own, have everything you need in order to become happier. That’s powerful.

So, use this power you have and don’t let it go to waste.


  • #7: Stop comparing yourself to others

Nothing good can come out of you comparing yourself to others because you’ll always come out feeling short.

Learn to run your own race. Be confident in who you are. Know yourself enough to not be swayed by how people around you are living their lives.

Read my post on how to stop comparing yourself to others.

Also read 9 effective tips to improve your self esteem.

You’ll also definitely want to read 6 useful tips to know yourself better.


  • #8: Focus more on helping other people and less on yourself.

I can honestly say this has helped me become happier. I used to focus too much on myself and my needs. I thought I was happy until I started focusing on other people more.

Then I realized the true meaning of happiness.  You can too if you learn to focus more on other people than you do on yourself.


  • #9: Forgive and accept yourself just the way you are

You are God’s creation, so you are already perfect. Stop trying to fix whatever you think is wrong with you and start celebrating yourself.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Take them as opportunities to grow.


  • #10: Forgive and accept others just the way they are

Become happier by cutting other people some slack, just as you should do for yourself.

Accept others’ mistakes and forgive them. Forgiveness is a medicine for the heart.


  • #11: Give

It can be your money, time, labor, talent or any other resource. Giving is a sure way to help you become happier.

Read my post on 8 important tips to be more generous.


  • #12: Take care of yourself

Just because now you are focusing more on other people than on yourself doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself.

Actually, you can’t successfully care about and love other people if you can’t do those things for yourself first.

You have to be fit in every way to take care of others. So take care of yourself if you want to become happier.

Eat right, exercise, focus on your personal development, spirituality and on nurturing and developing the traits that will enable you to become a part of healthy relationships.


  • #13: Be positive

Positivity will definitely help you become happier. Always try and see the best in every person and every situation. Worry less and rejoice more.


  • #14: Be grateful

Grateful people are way happier than those people who aren’t grateful. There’s plenty to be grateful for.

Stop whining about what you don’t have and start showing gratitude for what you have.


  • #15: Smile and laugh

Smiling and laughing work magic if you want to become happier. On those days when I don’t feel too good, just smiling and laughing literally brighten up my mood and my day.

Please learn to do the same. Your true beauty shows when you smile and laugh.


  • #16: Focus on doing the things you love

Don’t waste time on the things you don’t like if you want to become happier. Live your hobbies and your talents. Read this post on 10 important steps to nurture and develop your talent.


  • #17: Make the most of every day

People who do this become happier. Knowing you are not wasting your days contributes tremendously to your happiness. Read this post on 8 effective but simple strategies to be productive.


The final word

You can become happier right at this very moment if you make a decision to do so. Happiness is available to everyone, regardless of your life circumstances.

So, don’t use your divorce, childhood trauma, disability etc as an excuse to remain unhappy. And don’t grow weary in your journey to become happier because you will definitely get where you want to go.

Judge your growing progress along the way, remembering to focus on the long term rather than the short term. The pursuit of happiness is a lifelong journey after all.

Read this post on 12 signs you are making progress in your life.


Thank you for reading this post. Are you happy? Do you want to become happier? Tell us what you think you need to do in order to become happier.


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6 easy to use tips to avoid gossip

If you are looking for easy to use tips to avoid gossip then you are in the right place. I used to struggle with gossiping and didn’t have any idea how to avoid it.

But then I made a lot of progress in that area and I’m about to let you know how I did that so you can also make progress to avoid gossip.


A message to avoid gossip


Gossip is never good, and it’s always best to avoid it at all costs. Avoid gossip so you can keep your relationships intact because they are an important requirement to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.

Gossip turns loved ones against each other and leads to a broken world. It also hinders you from being the best you can be and sharing that with other people.

There’s so much we can do if we can learn to avoid gossip. Think of all the time and energy you’d save, and all the relationships you’d enjoy.

So here are 6 easy to use tips to avoid gossip.


  • Tip #1: Stop gossiping

There’s no use in saying you want to avoid gossip if you are gossiping yourself. The first thing you need to do is stop gossiping so you can begin to dissociate yourself from it completely.


  • Tip #2: Avoid people who make you gossip

You know who those people are because you’ve been gossiping with them. But remember that you should try to get your friends to also avoid gossip instead of cutting them off altogether.

Give them a chance to realize their mistake and repent. If they insist on gossiping and you know you tried with them, then it’s time to move away from them and form healthy relationships.


  • Tip #3: Be productive with your time

This will definitely help you avoid gossip. Read my post on 8 simple but effective strategies to be productive.

Sometimes we gossip because we have nothing to do with our time. Our days are just so empty that we are looking for empty but harmful talk to fill them up.

Keep busy instead. Find something to do so you don’t have time to gossip. There are many things you can do. Try new things. Engage your talents. Read this post on 10 important steps to discover and develop your talent.

Don’t worry that you won’t find something to do. There really are plenty of things. You can do this.


  • Tip #4: Get in the word of God

I know, this is my answer to everything. But it really works and this is perhaps your best tip. Get in the word of God. The word has a lot to say about gossip and it will teach you to move away from it.

Proverbs 20 v 19: Gossips can’t keep secrets, so never confide in blabbermouths (MSG).

Proverbs 16 v 28: Troublemakers start fights; gossip breaks up friendships (MSG).

We should be eager to follow the word of God because it’s the perfect manual for our lives.

Read my post on 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible. You’ll also want to read 10 easy tips to improve your prayer life.


  • Tip#5: Watch less TV

TV is full of gossip. Celebrity gossip is the perfect foundation for a life of gossip. There’s always plenty to talk about when it comes to celebrities.

Read my post: Watch less TV with these easy tactics. Watching less TV will help you avoid gossip and help free up some time for you to be productive.


  • Tip#6: Spend less time on social media

There’s a lot of gossip going around in social media. All that time spent on Facebook talking to friends you might have never even met is bound to get you talking about someone or something you shouldn’t be talking about.

Some people use social media as a means to cure boredom. Learn to nurture your relationships with others and learn to enjoy your own company. Read this post on 6 useful tips to know yourself better.

Also read this post on the real impact of social media in your life.


The final word

It can be hard to break a habit. So you’ll definitely face temptations while you are trying to avoid gossip. Keep strong and no matter how many times you fall, get back up and keep moving forward.


Thank you for reading this post. How do you avoid gossip? Please tell us your own tips by commenting.




6 easy tips to help you understand your bible

Are you looking for easy tips to help you understand your bible? Then you are reading the right post because I’m about to share with you those tips.


A picture for easy tips to help you understand your bible


Remember the significance of spirituality in enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle by reading this post.

Now, I know a lot of people struggle with reading the bible because I also used to struggle. The bible was just this ancient complicated piece of writing I just couldn’t wrap my head around. Until I discovered the following tips. So I won’t waste your time but I’ll get right into them.


Tip #1: Ask God to help you understand the bible

The first mistake we make when we open the bible is just reading it without first communicating with God and asking him for revelation of what we’re about to read.

The bible isn’t like every other book you pick off the shelves of a library. It’s a book inspired by God, so you need to lean on his understanding and not on yours when you read it. Use this easy tip to help you understand your bible.


Tip #2: Pick a version that’s easy for you to read

I realize one of my worst mistakes when I was trying to get into reading the bible was picking the complicated versions. All those ‘thous’ just made my head churn. Even to this day, I find the King James Version a bit difficult for me to follow, though I’m slowly but surely making progress.

But I started with the simpler versions with ‘clean’ language similar to what we use everyday. The bible I bought from my university bookstore is the Contemporary English Version and I still use it to this day. Picking a version you can understand is definitely one of the easy tips to help you understand your bible.


Tip #3: Look at the other versions

This tip might sound like a contradiction of the second tip, but it’s actually not. This tip doesn’t say for you to start with a complicated version. Tip #2 already established that you are to start with an easier version. This tips now says after you’ve fully familiarized yourself with that easier version, you should now look at the other versions.

What I do nowadays is, I open my Contemporary English Version, and the King James Version, and the Amplified Version, and the Message. I then read the same scripture from all these versions. These are the versions I’m currently focusing on and I’ll be broadening my focus as time goes on. But I’ve found that looking at the other versions will surely help you understand your bible.


Tip #4: Don’t rush

Newbies of the bible world almost always want to rush. I know because that’s what I used to do. I wanted to go through those pages like they were a novel. But that’s a mistake when it comes to understanding your bible.

The bible is meant to be read slowly and followed with meditation. Everything you read should sink in and you should ruminate on it long after you’ve finished reading so that it carves into your heart. That’s the only way you’ll learn to keep every word the bible tells you.

So, please don’t rush. It’s not a race. Read at your own pace, remembering to meditate on everything you read. Taking the bible slowly is one of the easy tips to help you understand your bible.


Tip #5: Talk to others about what you read

This always helps. There are people who are more spiritually mature than you, and you can benefit from discussing scriptures with these people, the same way you can be a blessing to those who are less spiritually mature than you.

I’ve had instances where I have difficulty understanding a scripture, and then I talk to someone who clarifies it for me without even trying to. So, talking to others about what you read will definitely help you understand your bible.


Tip #6: Go over the bible time and again

This tip feeds off Tip #4 that says ‘don’t rush’. Not only should you read your bible slowly, but you should go over the same scriptures as often as you can. Maybe not in one sitting, but for as long as you are willing to follow God and let him be the leader of your life.

Have you ever had a situation where you read something for the first, second, third, fourth, even tenth time and you didn’t understand it? And then, miraculously, on your eleventh attempt, the light just goes on in your head and suddenly you understand?

I’ve experienced it many times while I was still at school. And I’ve also experienced it with reading the bible. That’s why it’s important to revisit the same scriptures as often as you can so you can catch what you might have missed the last time.

And get this: I don’t know if it happens with you too, but I’ve gone over the same verse a thousand times and yet every time I go over it, the message hits me really hard, in a new way, like I’m seeing the verse for the first time. Amazing.


The final word

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the bible is the truest piece of writing in the world. If you read it and meditate on it, you can’t go wrong in life. That’s not my saying, it’s the Lord’s.

So, if you’ve been struggling to understand your bible, then please follow the above tips and become enlightened. Then you’ll be in a position to hear God and do as he says, opening up the doors of his abundant blessings into your life.


Thank you for reading this post. Please share your thoughts about it, and share some of your own tips that help you understand your bible.


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8 effective but simple strategies to be productive

Are you looking for effective but simple strategies to be productive everyday? Maybe you are just like the rest of us. You get out of bed every morning with the intention to be productive, but when you go to bed at night and look back at your day, you feel like you didn’t achieve much. I used to struggle a lot with that.

That was before I discovered effective but simple strategies to be productive. Now I’m about to share with you those strategies, so keep reading and get ready to receive.


A picture message for effective but simple strategies to be productive


I know we never give this much thought, but when you sit down and really reflect on how quickly time passes, then you realize we can’t and mustn’t waste even a single second. This moment that you are in right now, you’ll never get back. You might get to do the same thing you are doing right now, but not at this minute of this day. The past second is gone forever and you’ll never get it back.

So then, we have to use our time wisely, be as productive as we possibly can so that we make best use of the little time God has given us on this earth.

OK, so what are my effective but simple strategies?


Strategy #1: Make the decision to be productive.

This might sound like a stupid strategy, but many people miss everything because they miss this first step. Everything begins with a decision. I’m not talking about what we usually say. “You know, I have to learn to be productive with my days.” That’s not a decision. That’s just a frivolous comment you make in passing.

“From this moment forth, I make a decision to be productive with my days.”

This statement is the kind of decision I’m talking about here. Make this decision and stick to it.


Strategy #2: Get out of bed early every morning

I don’t know about you. But if I get out of bed late, like 9 or 10 am, I feel like I’ve lost a huge and important chunk of my day. And now I feel like I have limited time to do the things I need to do.

And getting out of bed early in the morning, around 5, for me is so important that when I miss these first few hours, I just lose the motivation to do anything else throughout my day.

The earlier you get out of bed, the longer your day will be in a good way, a way that lets you do everything that needs to be done. People are still struggling with getting out of bed early in the morning. Maybe you are too. Just practice and you’ll get there. Don’t beat yourself up over failed efforts, just get back up and carry on.


Strategy #3: Read the bible

The word of God gets me going every morning, first thing before I do anything. The word gives me the courage to face my day, the zeal to get out and make things happen. Our God speaks against laziness. So a few years ago I made a decision to no longer have anything to do with laziness because I prefer to stay in good terms with my God.


Strategy #4: Exercise

Exercise, like reading the bible, will get you going. Exercise wakes the body up in ways you can’t possibly imagine. I stretch every part of my body from head to toe, and can literally feel the blood running through my veins. After I’m done with my 30 mins session, I feel ready to face my day.


Strategy #5: Shower or take a bath very early in the morning

After your workout, don’t wait before you take your shower. Just do it right away. I do it even before I think about breakfast. There’s something about bathing that makes me think ‘OK, now the train has left the station.’ Maybe showering early in the morning takes me back to my school and work days when I knew my day was on right after I showered.


Strategy #6: Have a healthy breakfast

Many people roll their eyes at this one, but it’s very important. If you have nothing healthy to eat, take the time to prepare it. Of course you if don’t have the time, you would’ve prepared for your breakfast the previous day. Don’t be one of those people who claim they are too busy to cook or to eat healthy. Be smart and know that a healthy breakfast is the right fuel for your body.


Strategy #6: Make a to-do list and tackle the most difficult things first

I never used to understand this one but now I do. I always start with the things I consider difficult or important. For example, I write my posts as soon as I get into my office. And then I go on to my novel. Even before I reach my word limit and have to stop, I feel energized to come back and meet my count because I already started.

The most difficult or important thing could be anything. It could be household chores for you, like it is for me. Anything. Just remember to do that first.


Strategy #7: Take some time to interact with those around you.

Notice I didn’t say take some time ‘off’. The people around you are not a break from your day, they are part of your day. Don’t be one of those people who doesn’t want visitors because you want a productive day. No, a simple healthy lifestyle that excludes the social aspect is not possible.


Strategy # 8: Always reflect on your day and be grateful for whatever you accomplished.

This lets you see where you went wrong. But even then, give your self an applause for the little that you did, as long as you know you’ll keep trying. Thank God for your productive day. After all, he’s the one who gives you the strength to work.


The final word

Being productive can take time to master, but you’ll get there if you work hard at it and remain patient with yourself.


Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share some of your effective but simple strategies for being productive. Remember to leave a comment below.

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5 ways to position yourself to hear from God

Do you want to hear from God? Do you find the concept of hearing from him far-fetched and something only other people but you can achieve? Then you’re reading the right post because I’m about to teach you how to position yourself so you can hear from God.


A picture for positioning yourself to hear from God


I used to feel as distant from God as you probably do right now. People claimed to hear from him, but I could never even fathom him speaking to me. I conjured up images of what it must be like to have an encounter with him.

Those images were out of this world and somewhat spooky, and that made things even worse for me. I’ve come a long way since then, and now I’m absolutely positive that I can’t enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle unless I hear from God.


What did I do?

One day I felt a strong urge to be close to God after not acknowledging him my entire life. At first, I didn’t quite feel his presence but I acknowledged his existence. And then I felt like I wanted to get to know him. I became aware he was the creator of everything, including myself, and I wanted to connect to this great power.

But I didn’t push myself to hear from him. I was serious in forming an intimate relationship with him but I didn’t hash things. I just took things one step at a time until one day I knew I’d heard from him, and I continue to hear from him.


So, how do you position yourself to hear from God?

Number one: Read God’s word


A picture for position yourself to hear from God


I get baffled when people say they want to hear from God, but then they say they rarely read their bibles. The bible tells the only truth there is: God’s truth. The bible is God’s answer to every life question you have right now. It has the solution to every problem you are facing right now. If you study your bible diligently, you can position yourself to hear from God.


Number two: Spend time with other people who want to hear from God and those who have already heard from him.

Maybe you want to go to church to meet those people, that’s great. Now, the topic of church attendance is somewhat unsettled with me because church attendance is not the only way to position yourself to hear from God. You can hear from him without church attendance.


But here’s how I think church attendance is important:

  • Many people do not read the bible outside of church, so attending church is instrumental in this journey because you can read the word at church. (But remember, whether or not you are at church, you should read the bible.)
  • At church, there are many believers who can teach you something. Those are the believers who’ve been nurturing their relationship with God longer than you have been nurturing your own relationship with him. These people can teach you a lot about positioning yourself to hear from him.

Please, I hope you’re not thinking that I’m discouraging church attendance. Absolutely not. I think every Christian should attend church for the reasons I’ve stated above.


A picture for positioning yourself to hear from God


The bible says we should attend church, and that’s more than enough reason to do so.

Hebrews 10 v 25: Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer. (CEV)


Number 3: Pray

Prayer is powerful because it’s your communication with God. What comes up in your mind when you hear the word ‘pray?’ Do you take it to mean going down on your knees with a shawl over your shoulders and a head cover, clutching a cross in your fingers, shouting in tongues?

Prayer can mean that if you want it to. But it can also have no embellishments whatsoever. Just a simple private conversation between you and God.

I used to hate praying because I thought it required too much preparation and I just couldn’t stand that. But once I learned that prayer could just be a simple private conversation between me and God, I started enjoying it because I didn’t have to meet certain requirements before I could pray.

I could just open my mouth and talk to him, and I could pray inwardly if there were other people around me. Praying became so fulfilling that I wanted to do it all the time, and I still do.


A picture for positioning yourself to hear from God


Number 4: Be in the right environment

You are not going to hear from God if you are constantly in an environment that inhibits his presence. You can’t go to a strip club and expect to hear from him, the same way you can’t go to a bar and expect to hear from him.

That’s not to say there’s an environment that can hinder God from speaking. NO. He can speak wherever. But you have to intentionally want to hear from him and so avoid such environments. You can hear from him at a strip club once or twice or three times as he tells you to leave the place. But for you to constantly be hearing from him, you have to leave the strip club and find an environment conducive to a conversation with him.

After all, if you are at a strip club and you hear from God the first, second and third time, why would you go back for the fourth time?


Number 5: Humble yourself before God

God knows everything about you, whether or not you tell him. Now, if you act better than you are and you show up in front of him with that ‘holier than thou’ attitude, then you can’t hear from him. There’s no one holier than him so stop pretending already.

Approach him with your flaws. He knows about them and loves you anyway. Drop the pretense, admit you sins to him, and he’s faithful enough to forgive them. Only if you approach him with a genuine, humble heart will you position yourself to hear from him.


Thank you for reading this post. More is coming on spirituality. God is our reason for existence and the one we live for.  We can’t enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle until we acknowledge him. Tell us what you think of this post. Have you heard from God? How did you position yourself to hear from him?