7 simple tips to cure boredom during exercise

Do you have a problem of boredom during exercise? I know I sometimes do. I used to struggle with that a lot more in the past than I do today. Today when I get bored, I know what to do. This post is going to help you cure boredom during exercise.


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In our journey of enjoying a simple healthy exercise, we know we have to exercise. But sometimes the motivation to actually start exercising is there. But then we struggle with following through with our session out of boredom.

You are doing your routine, and you suddenly find yourself bored and tempted to stop. We know we cannot yield to that boredom. So then, how do we proceed to cure boredom if confronted by it?


What could be causing boredom during exercise in the first place?

That’s the question you have to ask first and foremost. If you’ve been doing your routine for months now, and suddenly boredom replaces your usual enthusiasm, then you need to identify where this boredom is coming from so you can now deal with it.


  • Tip #1: Maybe it’s time to change your routine

Maybe you’ve been doing what you are doing for way too long and your body is screaming at you to give it a change. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a routine if it works for you. But when you suddenly experience boredom, it might be time to change things.

Don’t worry. The change might be for a little while until your body can get excited again about the old routine. Cure boredom during exercise with this simple tip.


  • Tip #2: Maybe you just need to rest altogether

I know this one happens with me quite a lot. At first, I didn’t know what was happening. But I’ve since come to learn that when I’m bored, sometimes all I need to cure boredom is to rest from my workouts altogether.

I exercise on weekdays. So taking a rest from my workouts will last all of the 5 weekdays plus the weekend. And during this time I get a lot of rest, including enough sleep. I usually go back to my workouts the following Monday. And usually I’m excited to get back again even if it’s to my old routine.

So, next time you get bored, think about taking a rest from your workouts altogether as a way to cure boredom.


  • Tip #3: It might be time to get an exercise partner

Maybe you’ve been doing your workouts and they’ve been working for you. But suddenly you feel bored. Then maybe you need some company, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Everyone is taking on exercise now in an effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle. So, you won’t be in short supply of people to exercise with. Maybe one of your family members, or a friend, or a colleague.

Exercising with a partner enables you to not only avoid boredom but to actually be excited about making new goals and meeting them, so definitely consider taking on a partner to cure boredom.


  • Tip #4: Change your environment

Sometimes your routine is not the problem; your environment could be your problem. And this is usually the case when you exercise indoors, perhaps at a gym. That same environment everyday, with perhaps the same equipment, and the same faces around you, could be triggering your boredom.

Don’t take this the wrong way. Having regulars at the gym makes you feel like part of the family. But maybe your body is screaming at you to get out into a different environment.

Next time you feel that boredom approaching, leave the gym and jog outside, or take a walk. Go to familiar places, and unfamiliar ones as long as you are safe. Exercising outside beats exercising inside any day, and it’s such a simple and fun way to cure boredom.


  • Tip #5: Go easy on your body

Maybe your workouts are too intense for your body. People who want to achieve results in a short period of time usually put themselves through ridiculously rigorous workout regimes.

Your body will definitely tell you if you push it too hard. So your boredom could stem from the fact that your body can’t handle your workouts, therefore go easy on your body.

Even if you love jogging and you feel like you do it effortlessly, go walking instead of jogging maybe two times out of the five of your workout days. Walking is easier on the body. Your body will appreciate the relief and you’ll cure boredom at the same time.


  • Tip #6: Don’t put off exercising until too late in the day

You are likely to be bored with your workout if you are too tired. If you work during the day and you wait until you get out of the office to exercise, then you might end up not exercising at all.

It’s usually hard to muster the motivation to exercise after a long day. Instead of pushing your workouts to the end of the day, try starting your days with them. Wake up 30 minutes earlier and exercise before you shower and go to work. You’ll feel better throughout your day, have more energy and will likely not have to deal with that kind of boredom again.


  • Tip #7: Exercise by doing what you love

This is perhaps the most important tip and all of the above tips are dependent on it. Do something you genuinely love. Don’t feel compelled to exercise a certain way because you know it works for so and so. Do what makes you happy and that will work for you.

If you love jogging, then jog. If it’s walking for you, then walk. Or maybe you like a sport like tennis, then great, go ahead and play tennis. You are much more likely to stick to something you like than something you don’t like. Please remember that.


The final word

Exercise is something everyone of us must do, and it was meant to be effortless and natural. If it’s anything but, then it’s time to look into what you are doing, identify problem areas and start fixing them.

That will put you in a place where you can cure boredom and exercise regularly for the long term, enabling you to actually enjoy your simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading this post. Please adopt the above tips and watch your workouts transform into a constant practice. Remember to share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.


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