Live stress free with these 10 great tips

Do you want to live stress free? Then you are in the right place because I’m about to share with you easy tips you can start using right now to live stress free.


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I too used to want to live stress free. But at the time, I was riddled with so much stress that the notion to live stress free seemed far fetched.

There was so much going on in my life. I wanted so many things that I didn’t have. And the things that I did have didn’t seem to be helping much to achieve the ones I wanted.

I had too much going on in my head. I stressed about my present and my future so much I couldn’t concentrate on anything long enough to finish it.

This struggle remained even long after I made the decision to start enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

But right now as I write this, I’m confident that I have let go of stress and now live stress free.

It was hard at first letting go of stress because I’d gotten so accustomed to it that it was a legitimate part of my life.

But I can tell you right now that my life is much better without stress and I look forward to every coming day and whatever it brings; pleasures and discomforts.

You can live stress free too, and here’s how:


  • Tip #1: Read the word of God

This is the best tip to live stress free. The word of God is soothing in a truthful way.

It lets you know that you are loved beyond explanation by our father, and also offers counsel. You can’t go wrong if you stick to it.

2 Timothy 3 v 16: Everything in the Scriptures is God’s word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live. (CEV)

You can trust the word of God to always tell you the truth. It doesn’t manipulate you by telling you only what you want to hear. So you can trust it to always be honest with you.

Now you can tailor your life to go in step with God’s counsel. If you do that, you are more than guaranteed to live stress free.

Read 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.

Also read 7 easy steps to help you find rest in God.


  • Tip #2: Re-examine you values

Or examine them for the first time. It’s easy to assume that every one is aware of their values. But some people just live unaware of their values.

Consciously re-examine your values. Your values will always make it clear to you what you want in life.

Now that you are clear on your values, you can begin to pinpoint the things you should do away with.

Those things will highly likely be your stressors, so this tips is extremely important if you want to live stress free.


  • Tip # 3: Forgive yourself

You can’t begin to live stress free if you can’t forgive yourself. You are swimming in guilt or regrets and therefore you have too much stress on your hands.

Remember life is for everyone to enjoy. And it’s a journey, not a destination. Just because you took a detour to the wrong side doesn’t mean you can’t find your way back to the right path.

Work toward becoming a better person. Let your mistakes be life lessons. Everyone makes mistakes, remember that.

Let the mistakes of your past be your past, and those include the mistakes you made yesterday because now they are in the past.


  • Tip #4: Forgive others

Just as it’s important to forgive yourself, it’s equally important that you forgive others for the wrongs they’ve done to you.

Others are just as worthy of forgiveness as you are. Forgiving others frees you more than it frees them.

I’m sure you know what I mean. Have you ever been in the same room as a friend who wronged you a few months ago?

You are still pouting and sulking in the corner and they are laughing with everybody else and having a good time?

I know the feeling. And it just makes you look and feel stupid. Forgive others and free yourself to also enjoy yourself at all times.

Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires forgiveness.


  • Tip #5: Accept your life just the way it is

Yes. This is also very important if you want to live stress free.

So what if your life is pretty bad right now? I know you are wondering about that.

Then accept it just the way it is. Accepting it doesn’t mean settling in it. It means consciously acknowledging it instead of running away from it in denial.

Whatever your life circumstances, accept them. If you’ve been in jail, or you are in jail, accept that.

If you’ve been an abusive spouse, then accept that.

Only when you accept your life circumstances can you begin to take steps to improve them. This will definitely help you to live stress free.


  • Tip #6: Think the best of every situation

I don’t care what it is. Divorce, disease, failing at school, getting fired from work, you name it.

These are bad situations, I know. But it’s the bad situations that always teach us the best lessons in life as long as we don’t play the victim but accept them.

So always see the best of whatever situation you find yourself in. I guarantee that this will help you live stress free.


  • Tip #7: Be present in everything you do

It’s easy to be preoccupied with other things while we are doing one thing, and this elevates stress.

If you are washing dishes, but now you are worried about paying the bills and the kids’ tuition, and the mortgage, then stress is bound to overwhelm you.

Instead, learn to be present in what you are doing. You can teach yourself to think of only washing the dishes.

You can compartmentalize everything so that you don’t let your stressors dominate all your time. This way you don’t let stress prevent you from being productive.

Read 8 simple but effective strategies to be productive.


  • Tip #8: Leave the future where it’s supposed to be, in the future

Don’t stress about the unreal. Everything in the future is unreal; have you ever thought about that? That wedding you are planning for Christmas, it’s unreal. That house you are going to buy next summer, that’s unreal.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for them. But you should remember that tomorrow is unknown and things might turn out differently than you thought, or they might not even happen at all.

So, in this midst of the unknown, why stress? No, focus on what you can do now and leave the future to God to handle.


  • Tip #9: Declutter your life

And do this in every way imaginable if you want to live stress free. People have a lot of stress because they have a lot of material, mental, emotional, financial, intellectual and social clutter. If only they could declutter their lives.

You don’t need all those other things outside of your basic needs. Stop hoarding stuff because managing it means stress. Simplify your life in the best possible way.

Soon I’ll dedicate an entire to post to decluttering your life, so please keep following my posts.


  • Tip #10: Be grateful

I’m surprised by people who roll their eyes at this tip. Don’t underestimate the significance of gratitude if you want to live stress free.

Most people can’t get out of stress because instead of being grateful for the good things in their lives, they are busy whining about the bad things in their lives.

Sometimes they whine even about the good things because they’ve become blind to how lucky they are.

If you are like that, it’s time to change. Gratitude is the best antidote for stress, so take a spoonful and live stress free.


The final word

The decision to live stress free is well within your reach; you just have to make it. If you are used to living with stress, then the thought that you can live stress free can seem inconceivable and unreal at first.

But it is your right as a child of God to live stress free and enjoy the life God has blessed you with.

Many people have died and many are dying right now, so you are blessed to still be alive. Don’t let one more moment of your life go wasted as you wallow in stress.

You can make a choice to be happy from this moment forth. All it takes is a decision to be happy. I recommend 17 simple things you must do to become happier.

Also check out how to be free from anger.


Thank you for reading this post. What do you think of it? Are you trying to live stress free? Then please share with us how you are going about doing that.





Every exercise beginner needs these 10 must-know tips

Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you are an exercise beginner lost as to how you should begin your workouts, then you are in the right place.


A picture for 10 must-know tips for an exercise beginnerPhoto by Dom J from Pexels


Let me remind you that a simple healthy lifestyle requires exercise. Yet four years ago as an exercise beginner, when I first embarked on my journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, I had no idea where to start.

To jog or to walk? Were those even enough? Squats? I didn’t even like them and didn’t understand how they worked.

I knew very little about exercising. Though I was determined to exercise, the unknown about exercising was a little off-putting.

But I did it. Four years later, I’m still going strong in my workouts.


So, read these 10 tips every exercise beginner must know. I guarantee they’ll work for you.


  • Tip #1: Determine why you want to exercise

This tip is very important if you are an exercise beginner. It might seem like an obvious tip. You might be thinking, ‘duh, everyone wants to exercise for better health.’

But don’t take things lightly. Even if that’s a simple question to answer, you have to consciously and intentionally think about it.

You’ll realize that the ‘why’ will surpass the ‘how.’ Though you are lost as to how to start, the ‘why’ of doing it will be strong enough to compel you to start.


  • Tip #2: Clearly define your fitness goals

So you are an exercise beginner and you’ve just determined why you want to exercise. Already that’s tremendous progress.

Now, clearly define your goals. Where do you see yourself in fitness in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and more?

By clearly defining your fitness goals as an exercise beginner, you are propelled even further on your exercise.


  • Tip #3: Find exercises that you love

No one told me this as an exercise beginner. I watched YouTube and blindly copied celebrities’ exercise styles.

It took me a long time to learn that I’d never stick to exercise if I kept doing the exercises I hated.

So I soon discovered exercises that worked for me, and I haven’t looked back since.


  • Tip #4: Find a time that works for you

If it’s morning, that’s great. Read my post on here are 5 reasons why morning exercise is better for you.

But don’t think for a second that you are doomed if you feel morning exercise is not for you.

Find a time that works for you. If it’s afternoon, go for it; the same thing with evening.


  • Tip #5: Take rest days

As an exercise beginner, you want to appropriate rest days into your routine. Just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself for two months, exercising everyday.

No, that will just exhaust you so much you might just quit exercising altogether.

Learn to listen to your body so you know when to take rest days. I recommend my post on how to listen to your body.

I also recommend how to know when to take a break from exercise.

Also check out 5 reasons why rest days are good for you.


Rest days will give your body the chance to repair and restore itself so you can return to your workouts with vigor.

Exercising for too long can be off-putting, especially for an exercise beginner. It can also lead to boredom. Taking rest days just might be the cure for that boredom.

Read my post on 7 simple tips to cure boredom during exercise.


  • Tip #6: Learn from others

It’s OK to learn from others if you are an exercise beginner.

Just remember that at the end of the day, you have to tailor  other people’s advice to better suit you instead of copying the advice just as it is when it clearly doesn’t work for you.

As you do your walk in the park, or around the neighborhood, you’ll definitely meet people who are trying to achieve similar goals. Don’t be scared to spark up a conversation about exercise, or to ask for their advice.

You can’t bring yourself to start a conversation? Then read my post on 12 easy tips to become a good conversationalist.


  • Tip #7: Stay away from the mirror

During my time as an exercise beginner, I’d step in front of the mirror everyday to judge my progress, even a mere few days after starting my workouts.

If my thighs burned, then I figured they looked toned. And I was always disappointed to realize that wasn’t the case every time I stepped in front of the mirror.

Stay away from the mirror. The mirror is not the perfect gauge for your progress.

You might not see the benefits of exercise manifested on the outside, but they are already taking place on the inside, even for an exercise beginner. Take pride in that.


  • Tip #8: Judge your progress over the long term rather than the short term

This follows perfectly from Tip #7. Exercise as a key component of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle should be a lifelong journey. You should be firm about that as an exercise beginner.

So instead of judging your progress every month, do it every year. You are in it for the long run, remember? Be patient with yourself.


  • Tip #9: Don’t compare yourself to anyone

This is a tip that almost every exercise beginner misses. They want to compare themselves to those people who’ve been exercising for years.

Doing that will just demoralize you. You have to work hard and be patient so you can reach your fitness goals the same way those people did to achieve their own fitness goals.

You’ll want to read my post on how to stop comparing yourself to others.


  • Tip #10: Be grateful

Yes. There are many out there who can’t even start exercising. But you’ve made a decision to start. That’s highly commendable.

There’s always plenty to be grateful for even as an exercise beginner. Be grateful that you are alive and that you are taking correct steps to better your life.

Also be grateful for your progress. Gratitude will work wonders in propelling you toward success in your journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


The final word

I commend you as an exercise beginner for making the decision to make exercise a part of your life. You have to remember to work diligently and patiently to make exercise a habit, just like with everything else in life.

Just take things step by step. Don’t rush into doing anything you are not ready for. Do what works for you and take pride in it. Again, congratulations. You are well on your way to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading this post. Are you an exercise beginner? What are your own tips? Please share with us by commenting.

Or maybe you’ve been exercising for a while now. Please do share your tips of how you managed as an exercise beginner.

7 easy steps to help you find rest in God

In your everyday life, you must strive to find rest in God.

Otherwise you take the weight of the world on your shoulders and let me tell you, that’s a battle you are certainly going to lose.


A picture for steps to find rest in GodPhoto by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels


What does it mean to find rest in God?

It means resting in God while you do your daily work.

A lot of people misunderstand the phrase ‘to find rest in God’ to mean that they fold their hands, sit back and retire from work.

No, it doesn’t mean that. In fact, the scenario above defines laziness. And the bible sternly warns us against becoming lazy.

Instead, to find rest in God means not worrying about anything while you do what you have to do. You are relaxed as you go about your daily hassle, trusting God to take care of you.

It’s important to find rest in God because only then can he make a move in your life. God won’t compete with you. So while you are struggling to make everything happen on your own, he’ll sit back and watch you.

But as soon as you cast your care on him, let him know and show him that you trust him for your provision, then he’ll take care of you.


So how do you find rest in God?

  • Step #1: Read his word

By now you should know that God’s word is the ultimate truth. You can’t successfully maneuver through life outside of his word and his counsel.

Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality.

Immerse yourself in the word and let it carve itself into your heart. Live by it. Things might seem impossible but that’s according to your understanding, which is far from sufficient.

Proverbs 3 v 5: Trust in the Lord with all you heart. Never rely on what you think you know. (GNB)

Proverbs 3 v 5: Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. (MSG)

Proverbs 3 v 5: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. (KJV)

Those are just three translations of the same verse. There are many more translations for your convenience so you can find rest in God.

If you have trouble understanding the bible, read my post on 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.


  • Step #2: Pray

All along I’ve been making the mistake of lumping prayer and word study into one step.

But there are a lot of people who diligently and faithfully read the word, but then fail to pray, hence I’m putting prayer on its own category.

Prayer is effective because it’s your communication with God. Find rest in God by asking for his help.

Remember that prayer is a two way street. So remember to listen to what God is saying instead of you talking the entire time.

Read my post on 10 easy tips to improve your prayer life.

Also read this post on 5 ways to position yourself to hear from God.


  • Step #3: Be productive

This is a very important step.

Like I said earlier, to find rest in God doesn’t mean to be inactive or to cease working. It means to trust God while you are working.

Now, we must remember to be productive at all times. Productivity is not only important when you are doing your office job, or your studying. It’s also important and applicable in your leisure time.

So, do the best you can in the job that pays your bills, and do the best you can in your leisure time.  Do your day job, and in your leisure time, entertain yourself in the word, meditating on it until God’s promise of rest echoes in every fiber of your being.

Read my post on 8 effective but simple strategies to be productive.

Also read my post on this is what you didn’t know about meditation.


  • Step #4: Remove money as an issue

I know money is at the center of everything, and is the cause of stress for most people. But it’s very possible to live a simple healthy lifestyle with less than what you are spending right now.

Don’t be one of those people who work themselves to the bone just so they can afford unnecessary expenses.

Lead a minimalistic life that removes money as an issue and you’ll definitely find rest in God. Don’t be obsessed with money because that’s a burden that will separate you from God.

Hebrews 13 v 5: Keep your lives free from the love of money, and be satisfied with what you have. For God has said, “I will never leave you; I will never abandon you.” (GNB)

Read my post on here’s the truth you didn’t know about money so you can know the real place of money in your life.


Step #5: Be of service to others

Reaching out to others always works the trick of making you less self-absorbed.

Sometimes you think you are struggling, and then you take one look at someone else’s life and you realize there are people with bigger problems out there.

So, in your journey to find rest in God, focus less on yourself and more on others. Give whatever you think you don’t have enough of; your money, your time, your resources. This will make you feel richer and more fortunate.

Read my tips on 8 important tips to be more generous.


Step #6: Find a support system

You will remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.

Your support system must be people who love God. They must have found rest in God or aiming to find rest in God.

Your support system can’t be that pessimistic friend who worries about every little thing.

But it can be your family, your work colleagues, your friends, or your local church.


Step #7: Be grateful

This is very important. When you are trying to find rest in God, it’s easy to become selfish and think all about yourself and what you are trying to achieve.

Realize at this very moment that you already have God’s blessings with you. You are alive and that’s more important than anything else. Be grateful for that and many more things that are going on in your life.

I have a post on are you aware of God’s blessings for you?

Take it a step further by being grateful for your challenges because they teach you a lot.

If you read the word of God, you’ll notice that he calls for us to be grateful.

Philippians 4 v 6: Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. (GNB)

So, instead of complaining in your prayers, offer thanksgiving to God who continues to give us more than we deserve. Gratitude is a virtue we all must work hard to possess.


The final word

We need to strive to find rest in God. It’s the only way we’ll survive this hyperactive, stressed world.

Let’s not be lazy but do all that the word says we must do to find rest in God. Then we’ll have the kind of peace we won’t even be able to explain to those around us, and we can help them achieve that peace too.


Thank you for reading this post. What are your own steps to find rest in God? Please share with us by commenting.

17 simple things you must do to become happier

If you are like every other person on the face of the earth, you want to become happier. Keep reading to learn what you must do in order to become happier.


A picture for things to do to become happier


  • #1: Realize that happiness is a state of the mind

It’s all within you to become happy. It’s all in your mind. If you are currently unhappy, then you need to cultivate your mind for some happiness.

And the good news is, you can become as happy as you want just by exercising your mind the right way. So become happier by working your mind to give you as much happiness as you need.


  • #2: Stop looking for happiness around you

This follows from the point above. Happiness is not external, it’s internal. So, stop looking around you to become happier.

The people around you and the things around you are not responsible for making you become happier.

By letting go of the idea that the people around you must make you happy, you enable yourself to form and enjoy healthy relationships.

Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.


  • #3: Make a choice to become happier

Becoming happier is a choice just like many other different choices you make in life.

If you are currently less happy than you should be, it’s because you’ve made that choice, whether or not you realize it.

So, consciously choose to become happier.


  • #4: Renew your choice to become happier every day

Just because you chose to become happier yesterday doesn’t mean you are set for happiness for the rest of your life.

Renew your decision to become happier every day.


  • #5: Be active in the word of God

You’ll remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality.

The word of God says you have a right to become happier than you are right now. It says happiness is one of the many blessings bestowed upon each and every one of us by our Father.

Don’t skimp out on reading the word. And don’t just read it, live it. This will definitely help you become happier.

Read these 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.

Also read these 10 easy tips to improve your prayer life.


  • #6: Realize that you have everything you need in order to become happier

Remember that it’s not about the external things. You, all on your own, have everything you need in order to become happier. That’s powerful.

So, use this power you have and don’t let it go to waste.


  • #7: Stop comparing yourself to others

Nothing good can come out of you comparing yourself to others because you’ll always come out feeling short.

Learn to run your own race. Be confident in who you are. Know yourself enough to not be swayed by how people around you are living their lives.

Read my post on how to stop comparing yourself to others.

Also read 9 effective tips to improve your self esteem.

You’ll also definitely want to read 6 useful tips to know yourself better.


  • #8: Focus more on helping other people and less on yourself.

I can honestly say this has helped me become happier. I used to focus too much on myself and my needs. I thought I was happy until I started focusing on other people more.

Then I realized the true meaning of happiness.  You can too if you learn to focus more on other people than you do on yourself.


  • #9: Forgive and accept yourself just the way you are

You are God’s creation, so you are already perfect. Stop trying to fix whatever you think is wrong with you and start celebrating yourself.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Take them as opportunities to grow.


  • #10: Forgive and accept others just the way they are

Become happier by cutting other people some slack, just as you should do for yourself.

Accept others’ mistakes and forgive them. Forgiveness is a medicine for the heart.


  • #11: Give

It can be your money, time, labor, talent or any other resource. Giving is a sure way to help you become happier.

Read my post on 8 important tips to be more generous.


  • #12: Take care of yourself

Just because now you are focusing more on other people than on yourself doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself.

Actually, you can’t successfully care about and love other people if you can’t do those things for yourself first.

You have to be fit in every way to take care of others. So take care of yourself if you want to become happier.

Eat right, exercise, focus on your personal development, spirituality and on nurturing and developing the traits that will enable you to become a part of healthy relationships.


  • #13: Be positive

Positivity will definitely help you become happier. Always try and see the best in every person and every situation. Worry less and rejoice more.


  • #14: Be grateful

Grateful people are way happier than those people who aren’t grateful. There’s plenty to be grateful for.

Stop whining about what you don’t have and start showing gratitude for what you have.


  • #15: Smile and laugh

Smiling and laughing work magic if you want to become happier. On those days when I don’t feel too good, just smiling and laughing literally brighten up my mood and my day.

Please learn to do the same. Your true beauty shows when you smile and laugh.


  • #16: Focus on doing the things you love

Don’t waste time on the things you don’t like if you want to become happier. Live your hobbies and your talents. Read this post on 10 important steps to nurture and develop your talent.


  • #17: Make the most of every day

People who do this become happier. Knowing you are not wasting your days contributes tremendously to your happiness. Read this post on 8 effective but simple strategies to be productive.


The final word

You can become happier right at this very moment if you make a decision to do so. Happiness is available to everyone, regardless of your life circumstances.

So, don’t use your divorce, childhood trauma, disability etc as an excuse to remain unhappy. And don’t grow weary in your journey to become happier because you will definitely get where you want to go.

Judge your growing progress along the way, remembering to focus on the long term rather than the short term. The pursuit of happiness is a lifelong journey after all.

Read this post on 12 signs you are making progress in your life.


Thank you for reading this post. Are you happy? Do you want to become happier? Tell us what you think you need to do in order to become happier.


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8 important tips to be more generous

The world would be a better place if we’d all learn to be more generous. I believe that generosity is a human trait everyone is born with, but our own selfish desires sometimes dampen it until it’s so dormant that we can’t even believe we have it.


A picture for tips to be more generous


I know for one that I’d love to be more generous. In fact this is one of my life goals. Now, being generous wasn’t something I thought of until recently. Since accepting God into my life and having his word tell me to love others, I’ve been burning with the desire to be more generous.

Generosity might actually seem counterproductive to your own growth if you look at it in the shallow way. I mean, you are trying to get more stuff and yet you must give some of it away.

And remember that generosity is not about giving away only material things. There are other resources to give like your talents, time, labor etc.

Our relationships with others are more strengthened if we learn to be more generous. And we know that in order to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle we must form and nurture healthy relationships. Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires healthy relationships.

Now, I present to you tips to be more generous.


  • Tip #1: Get in the word of God

If you follow my blog, you already know by now that getting in the word of God is my first step and tip toward everything in life.

The word of God is a true manual for our lives and if we follow it, we can never go wrong. The word of God encourages us in more places than one to give to those in need.

2 Corinthians 8 v 12: It doesn’t matter how much you have. What matters is how much you are willing to give from what you have (CEV).

If that’s the case, then everyone of us must give because whatever our situation, there’s always someone more in need than we are.


  • Tip #2: Be content with what you have

You can’t be more generous if you are always complaining about what you don’t have. You want more clothes, more cars, more money. You believe you can never have enough.

If that’s your mentality then you can’t possibly be more generous because all you are concerned with is hording more things.

Instead, be happy with what God has given you. He promises to always be with us, so whatever you have, he’s given you. Be happy with it.


  • Tip #3: Stop copying and envying others

If you want to be more generous, you are going to have to stop copying those around you. This tip is a great complement to tip #2: Be content with what you have.

Copying others is so detrimental it will lead you spiraling into an unfulfilled life. Whatever your friends, your neighbors, your relatives have, that’s none of your business. Run your own race. Do you have the guts to live life on your own terms? is a post you’ll need to really live this tip.


  • Tip #4: Get involved in the lives of others

Sometimes we want to be more generous, but we can’t be if we live in our own little bubbles because then we are not aware of how other people live and the lacks they have.

Get involved in the lives of others. Definitely not in an intrusive kind of way but in a way that lets them know you care about them. This way, you’ll be able to identify who needs what and you are at a much better position to help and be more generous toward others.


  • Tip #5: Be grateful

This sounds similar to tip #2: be content with what you have. But being content is one thing, actually showing gratitude for that contentment is quite another.

If you are content but that contentment is hidden inside of you, you can’t fully be more generous. There’s something about giving thanks for what you have, audibly giving thanks, that just opens up your spirit to be more generous.

So don’t be shy, or take gratitude for granted. Show it.


  • Tip #6: Partner with others

You don’t have to be more generous alone. Encourage others to also be more generous. Sometimes it’s not that people don’t want to be more generous, it’s just that they don’t know where to start.

So without being boastful, let others know what you are doing and partner with them so you can all be more generous.


  • Tip#7: Be modest in your generosity

By modest I mean don’t tweet your own horn and let everyone know last night you fed so and so’s family. It’s in fact better to not be generous at all than to brag about what you do for others.

If you want to be more generous, do it to help others, not for your own glory.


  • Tip #8: Start small

If you worry that you have to do big deeds in order to be more generous then you are wrong. It’s actually the little things that might count most with those you help.

Start small, and that can be buying school stationery for a poor kid, or helping them with homework. Sounds simple enough, right? Maybe you have the talent to tutor kids, so use that talent to benefit those kids. Read these 10 important steps to discover and develop your talent.


The final word

We can all be more generous if we step up and realize that we already have so much. Stop complaining about what you want, and start being thankful for what you have. As long as your needs are already met, then you have more than enough to live on and to be more generous with.


Thank you for reading this post. Please share your thoughts with us by commenting. Let us know your own tips of how we can all be more generous.


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10 important steps to discover and develop your talent

Are you looking for steps to discover and develop your talent to fruition? Maybe you’ve found out what your talent is, but you have no idea how to develop that talent to fruition. Or maybe you still struggle with discovering that talent in the first place. Then this post is for you.


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Every one of us has a talent. I don’t believe the people I meet who say, “I don’t have a talent.” Our God would never put us on this earth without a purpose. We all have talents that we must use to bring honor and glory to our Lord.

My talent is writing. I’ve loved writing from as early as I can remember, and I write passionately and effortlessly. I was telling my sister sometime ago, that when I have my fingers on the keyboard of my computer, sometimes I find myself writing phrases that don’t feel like they are coming from me.

My fingers are on the keyboard, and it’s like there’s something deeper in me that’s directing my fingers to all the right letters. Many times, I finish writing, look back at what I wrote, and it feels so magical that I think, “did I really write that?”

I believe that’s what a talent feels like. You have abilities that seem almost supernatural. And you do things in a way no one can really describe. These are the very things that make us unique. And you do those things effortlessly.

And it goes without saying that we should use our talents to benefit others. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about others. Focusing beyond self to others is one of the important keys to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. I talk about extending your love to others by forming healthy relationships in this post.

OK, by now you should be eager to hear what I have to say about how to discover and develop your talent to fruition, so I’ll get right into it.


  • Step #1: Know and understand that you have a talent, regardless of whether or not you’ve found it yet.

This post would be fruitless if you carried on with the belief that you don’t have a talent, or that you are one of those people not meant to have a talent. I would hope the reason you are reading this post in the first place is because even though you haven’t yet discovered what your talent is, you believe you do have it. Realizing you have a talent is the first important step to discover and develop your talent.


  • Step#2: Pray and ask God to help you discover your talent

I feel the need to remind you as often as possible that we can’t do anything outside of God. Well, we can try but we’ll fail. Don’t be fooled by the temporary victory you see, outside of God, that can’t hold.

Anyway, humble yourself before God and ask him to show you what your talent is. The bible clearly says if we ask for what pleases God, he’ll grant our wishes. As long as you want to discover and develop your talent not for selfish reasons, but for the benefit of others, God will reveal your talent to you.


  • Step #3: Try different things

I’m not saying be foolish and walk into trouble. You should exercise caution and use common sense in everything you do. Again, your talent was meant to bring honor and glory to God, so obviously by saying try different things, I’m not suggesting you swing around a pole to see if God gave you a talent to be a pole dancer, or a stripper.

No, when I say try different things, I mean whatever is not in contradiction with the word of God.


  • Step #4: Refuse to let failure bring you down

We’ve heard of great people who discovered great things after many failed attempts. Hello, Thomas Edison, anyone? And he isn’t the only one. If you feel inclined toward something and you feel strongly about it, then keep doing it. Chances are you’ll fail once, maybe twice, maybe more than a hundred times, but keep trying because you are bound to get it right someday, sooner if you don’t give up.


  • Step #5: Refuse to take criticism for your attempts

I can imagine what people were saying to Thomas Edison every time his experiments with the light bulb failed. Maybe people outside of his family didn’t know what he was doing, but I’m sure his family did. I can imagine his child saying, “Just drop it, will you, Dad? It’s never going to work.”

What would’ve happened if Edison had given up? His great invention would never have existed. And the world wouldn’t be enjoying the fruits of his tireless labor everyday.

It’s hard when people criticize your attempts. It’s even harder when those people are very close to you. But don’t lose heart. Explain to them why you need to keep trying and then keep trying. Don’t give up.


  • Step #6: Surround yourself with positive people who inspire you.

You have a higher chance to discover and develop your talent if you are around positive people who inspire you. You might be able to do it around negative people, but it would be hard. Whether or not you’ve discovered your talent, you should still always surround yourself with positive people. Make friends with positive people and spend time with colleagues who are optimistic about life.


  • Step#7: Remember to be humble

Not just to God but to those around you. You can’t be arrogant and go around with a chip on your shoulder because you still haven’t found your talent. No, be humble. Humility is a virtue that will never fail you.

Here’s how humility will benefit you even more. When you discover and develop your talent, you might explode into a celebrity among your people. Now is the time to remember your background and identity. And humility will help you do that.


  • Step #8: Help other people discover and develop their own talents

While doing that, you might just discover and develop your talent. Maybe your talent lies in being of service to others. Yes, that’s a talent. One that we are more than ever in need of now when the spirit of individuality has taken over.


  • Step #9: Express gratitude

Gratitude is another virtue that will get you far. When you express gratitude, you tell your mind that things are going well. You keep reassuring yourself. Gratitude is like a magnet that draws good fortune to you. A content and grateful heart has a better chance of helping you discover and develop your talent than a begrudged and ungrateful heart does.


  • Step #10: Don’t stop living your life

In an attempt to discover and develop your talent, you might get caught up in the hype of trying different things and forget to breathe and live like you’ve been living. It’s the case sometimes that your talent is hidden in the little mundane things you do everyday.

The mundane act of ushering at church could turn out to be your very own talent. So could mothering your kids. There are many mothers out there, but few great ones. So take pride in your everyday life lest you miss your calling.


The final word

Don’t despair if you are struggling to discover and develop your talent. You will. Just implement the steps above. Most importantly lean on God because he’s the one with all the answers, including yes, what your talent is.


Thank you for reading this post. Tell us what you think of it by commenting. What did you do to discover and develop your talent? Please share your steps with us.


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How to love your body just the way it is

Are you struggling to love your body just the way it is? Maybe you feel too short, or too tall, or too thin, or too fat. Bottom line; you feel like there’s something wrong with your body, something that needs to be fixed.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


First, let me say this: you are not alone. Most if not all of us have been at that point, many still are. That point where we are unhappy with a part of our body and we want to do whatever we can to fix it.


Learning to love your body just the way it is is one of the key ingredients of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.


Love conquers whatever insecurities you might have about your body. It’s the one thing that won’t make you feel disgusted with yourself when you look in the mirror. The one thing that will make you feel grateful for your body even when the numbers on that scale are a little bit too high.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


Why do we get dissatisfied with our bodies in the first place?

Primarily, it’s the comparison of our bodies with other people’s bodies and the society’s definition of beauty in regards to body shape and size.

Remember how you felt beautiful when you were young? You felt like a princess, even called yourself a princess. You had friends you didn’t think were more beautiful or less beautiful than you were. You were just a happy creation celebrating your uniqueness every day.

And then you grew up, became more aware of the media and its influence in our lives. Magazines and television said you had to be of a certain size and if you weren’t you were to follow strict measures to get your body to that size. They compared you to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and said something was wrong with you if you didn’t look like her.

So then you became intensely aware of your friends, how they looked in comparison to you. You felt jealous of those who looked more like Kim Kardashian than you did. And then one day you just woke up to realize you are just too unhappy with the way you look.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


What’s the ideal body size, shape and weight?

There’s no such thing. We were all created differently, and we are all beautiful. There’s no reason to change who you are. Let me tell you something. If you strive to be healthy at all levels, then you are where you’re supposed to be in terms of size, shape and weight, regardless of what those are.

Maybe you are naturally a thick person, or tall person, whatever. Embrace that. God created you that way and he doesn’t make mistakes. He said you were created in his likeness so you are the best you can be.

So love yourself just the way you are right now. Love your body with all its flaws, its imperfections, because they are yours and they make your body what it is: a temple of the Lord.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror. At the same time, don’t obsess over what you see in the mirror.


Let me share my own past struggles with my body

I used to worry like many others about what I saw in the mirror. At one point, I was eating right, exercising, I had no stress, and I was doing everything to be healthy. I’ve always been a tiny person, but at that point I was what you’d call skinny fat with no muscle tone and lumpy thighs.

But then I learned to love my body just the way it was, and I learned to concentrate on important things like caring for others instead of being self-focused all the time.

I found myself slowly but surely moving away from the dissatisfaction I had about my body, and one day I realized I loved my body just the way it was.

But then, because doubts always manage to creep up, I was looking at myself in the mirror one day and realized that all my cellulite was gone. I hadn’t expected that to happen because the internet says you can never get rid of cellulite.

Be careful what you let yourself believe when it comes to the internet. Those people are not wrong, but like I just said, people are different. And they can only write based on their own experiences. Make your own experiences.

I was over the moon when I realized this. But then I turned around and saw that the back of my thighs, just under my butt, were still heavily dimpled. That small area of cellulite erased all the joy I’d just felt moments back when I realized the appearance of my cellulite had improved. I was angry. Why was this part of my body so stubborn? What was I doing wrong?

But then I caught myself before I went too far. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Everything was fine. I was living my best life and a little cellulite was nothing. I told myself at that point that never again would I ever allow anything or anyone to ruin my journey of a simple healthy lifestyle.

Now I embrace every part of my body because it makes me who I am. I am content with what God gave me and I express gratitude instead of complaining about it. Please do the same.


A picture message to love your body just the way it is


The final word

Please remember that the worst thing you can do for your body is to hate it. Hating it undermines everything it does, and can even go as far as putting your health at risk. On the other hand, loving your body keeps sickness and disease at bay and gives you the zeal to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you forĀ  reading this post. What do you think of it? Do you love your body just the way it is, or you are still struggling like many of us? Please let us know in the comments below.