How to be a morning person

Do you want to be a morning person? You want to rise early so you can have more time to do the things you need and want to do? Then you’ve come to the right place.


A cup of coffee for being a morning person


You know that I’m all about enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. And getting up early is instrumental in making this journey possible.


What is ‘early?’

Early can mean different things between you and me.

  • I could be getting out of bed at 9am every day and now want to rise at 6am.
  • I could be getting out of bed at 6am and now want to rise at 4:30am

Whichever the case, you want to get out of bed earlier than you do now.


But you cannot successfully be a morning person unless you have a REASON

Without a reason there can’t be enough motivation for you to get up early. Remember,getting up earlier than you do today is painful, that’s why you haven’t been doing it. Or maybe you are trying to do it but it’s very hard for you to maintain.

Finding a reason to rise early means finding a PURPOSE that will eliminate that pain and replace it with pleasure. So that instead of rising early being painful for you, now it’s pleasurable enough for you to want to keep doing it.

I’m a morning person. I didn’t use to be. But now I can confidently say I’m a morning person. It took a lot of discipline and practice to get out of bed early in the morning. But most importantly, it took a purpose.


A message for being a morning person


I knew I wasn’t going to succeed at being a morning person if I got out of bed and had nothing to do. In order to be a morning person and keep at it, I had to find something that would make waking up that early enjoyable and eventually effortless. I found what I was looking for and now I’ve developed a routine that just makes my journey of a simple healthy lifestyle all the more enjoyable.


  • Reading the bible

I feel at most connected to God very early in the morning. He becomes the first thing I think of in the morning, and the perfect start to my day. The Lord is my reason for existence so nothing fulfills me more than acknowledging him first thing in the morning before the demands of the day take over.


  • Exercising

Right after I finish my morning time with God, I go outside for some exercise. 30 minutes of exercise get me going. I breathe in the fresh air and share it only with the trees. I watch the beautiful sky as I do so: the stars, the moon (depending on what time of the month it is), and then the beautiful skies just before sunrise. I listen to all kinds of domestic animals, and at that time of the morning every rooster is calling.


  • Doing chores

I do my chores next so that anywhere between 8am and 9am I’m done and now I can sit down to write.


  • Writing

I’m a writer who writes everyday, or at least tries to. But I don’t write early in the morning, as you can see in my order of activities. But I do everything else very early so I can free a lot of time to focus on my writing until I start getting dinner ready at 4pm, and then resume working at 6pm until 10pm.


This is my routine, and I’m more than happy with it. Your routine might be different, it doesn’t matter. As long as you find that one thing that you feel passionate about doing first thing in the morning, even if it’s just to enjoy a cup of coffee and have some quiet time before everyone gets up.


Enjoying coffee and a good book for being a morning person


  • Maybe you are writer too and want to put a few words on paper early in the morning
  • Maybe you want to do your chores before the kids get up
  • Maybe you want to get to work early so you can have time to prepare for your day.

Whatever the reason. Just remember that there’s no insignificant reason to get up early. Every reason that gets you excited is a good reason and you need to keep it alive so it can work for you for the long term. Find your purpose.

Getting out of bed in the morning is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s an essential element to enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle. You begin with the day and have time to do everything you want to do before you retire to bed at night.

Getting up in the morning fills you with vigor. It makes you feel powerful. It makes you feel like you can do anything, and you can. So practice doing it. Take it step by step, be patient with yourself and you’ll get there.


Thank you for reading this post. Please share your own tips on how to be a morning person.


A simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality

A simple healthy lifestyle is NOT possible until you connect with your spirituality.


A connect with your spirit message for a simple healthy lifestyle


What is spirituality?

Spirituality is a state of being connected with your spirit rather than believing you are only physical.

I wasn’t going to add spirituality as a category of its own. I thought maybe I might be able to cover spirituality under self-development. But then I thought it better to separate the two. That way, we’d bring out the importance of connecting with your spirituality without lumping it with other concepts.


You have to be aware that you are a spirit and you live in a physical body. We’ve heard it being said before: that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. And this is so true.


If you are physically healthy but spiritually unhealthy, then you can’t possibly enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

And we see people attempt to do that all the time. They don’t believe in the concept of spirituality. They actually mock the idea.

They have everything they need and want when it comes to material things, and marriage, and kids, friends etc. They are on the right track of course. But they lack spiritual health and you see the way they handle issues that they struggle.


Maybe you are one of those people. But think about this.

Look at your life, and the things you pursue. They are all important of course. A career, marriage, kids, having your own home, and your own car.

But what else is there after you’ve counted all these things? What do you think is your true purpose? To pursue those things only to die in the end and leave them behind?


I respect your views, but I’d like to ask you a question:

Do you really think we were meant to live physically until our death, and that’s it? You never think you have a contribution to make to this earth that is not self-focused? You never think about what’s waiting for you beyond death?


A picture of a road for a simple healthy lifestyle


I didn’t use to believe in spirituality before. I thought we were alive today and dead tomorrow and that was it. That made life seem shallow and pointless. I even realized that kind of mentality could drive one to suicide.

But I’ve come a long way since then, and I’ve developed an intimate and inseparable relationship with God. That intimacy calls for me to think not only of myself but of others and understand I’m here on this physical earth to further God’s mission.

Now I don’t think of physical death as the end, but the beginning of my eternal spiritual life.

I have to say, that way of thinking has put a new meaning to life and death. I enjoy life now knowing I’m living for my God. And when I think of death, I’m not afraid. I’m actually relieved because physical death means my spirit gets to go home and be with my Father.


I love this biblical verse:

If I live, it will be for Christ, and if I die, I will gain even more. Philippians 1 v 21 (CEV)

These are the words of Apostle Paul summing up his whole existence. Every time I read this, I thank God for my existence because in this physical body and out of it, I get to spend all eternity with my Maker.

That makes me live every second of every day with tremendous zeal. It makes me want to do God’s work more and more so that I can keep my connection with Him intact and growing.


A holy bible for a simple healthy lifestyle


So how do you connect with your spirituality?

  • Spend time with God by reading his word and praying

The bible teaches us that God’s spirit lives in us. That He is one with us and we are one with Him. What does that mean for us? That we are the true likeness of God and we can have the life he envisions for us. And we can’t know what that life is unless we read God’s word.

Pray for God’s assistance in connecting with your spirituality.


  • Find rest in God

This is a big part of connecting with your spirituality. Casting your cares upon God lets him know you trust him. You work hard but knowing he’s taking care of you and your steps are ordered by him.

That truly takes the pressure off thinking you are single-handedly in control of everything and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

When you trust God, you know that everything happens for your good, and that trials and tribulations make you grow.

This is in contrast to what you think when you live outside of your spirituality, because then problems always make you feel like a failure and trials and tribulations cause depression and hopelessness.


  • Spend time with other people who are also trying to connect with their spirituality.

People like that make you grow simply because some of them are spiritually more mature than you are and they’ll teach you how they got where they are.

These people will also encourage you when you stumble.


  • Be willing to let go off your pride and embrace humility

And that’s all it takes to begin connecting with your spirituality. As long as you are too proud to realize that there’s a higher power called God, and you think you are in control of everything, you’ll never enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

Be humble and let God guide you, and he will. Humbly ask for his wisdom in everything you do.


Biblical verse for a simple healthy lifestyle


Connecting with your spirituality is a choice you have to make on your own. No one is going to force you, not even God because our God lets his people have their own free will.

But realize you’ll be doing yourself a favor by embracing the truth. And the truth is, you are a spiritual being. So, embrace your spirituality, nurture it and enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


I feel so happy after writing this post and now can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. Do you think it’s possible to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle and not be spiritual? If you are already spiritual, what are your experiences? How do you connect with your spirituality? Please let us know in the comments below