Cultivate success everyday with these 7 effective tips

If you want to cultivate success in your everyday life, then you are in the right place.

Stick with me because I’m about to give you tips on how you can do that. Your life is about to become better and simpler than you ever imagined.


A picture for cultivate success in your everyday lifePhoto by Gerd Altmann from Pexels


Before I embarked on my journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, I felt more like a failure than a success.

That made sense because there was a lot I wanted to have achieved but hadn’t. My goals were still not yet achieved and my dreams not yet lived.

I was just a failure trying everyday to salvage what was left of my energy to try to make something of myself.

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this. The world has created a definition of success that only a few of us can meet. The rest of us feel like failures everyday.

What does success mean to you? Because your definition of success will determine if you can cultivate success everyday in your life or not.

OK, here are the tips to cultivate success in your everyday life.


  • Tip #1: Re examine your values, or identify them for the first time

Values are vital if you want to cultivate success in your everyday life. Your values basically define what’s most important to you.

Many of us would like to think we have values. But if we get asked about them,  in a job interview for instance; we go blank.

Now is the time to be clear about what your values are. And you can’t know what your values are if you don’t know yourself.

So, get to know yourself, being honest with yourself about what’s most important to you. Not to someone else but to you. Not to your parents, or spouse, or boss, or best friend but to you.

6 useful tips to know yourself better is a must read.


  • Tip # 2: So then, redefine success

Success means different things to different people. What I define as success might not be success to you, and vice versa.

So what does success mean to you? Forget about the definitions you’ve heard from other people, and I’m sure you’ve heard more than an earful.

What does success mean to you? What does it mean to you to feel successful? To me it means to live my values everyday.

You should have clear answers to these questions if you want to cultivate success in your everyday life.


  • Tip #3: Read the word of God

Simply because it’s the perfect manual for your life, especially as you try to cultivate success.

God says in many places that you are precious, and your value to him has nothing to do with the net worth that the world has attached to your name.

Go on, read the word of God and realize that you are the most important of God’s creation.

Hebrews 2 v 8: …God has put everything under our power and has not left anything out of our power… (CEV)

1 John 5 v 4: Every child of God can defeat the world, and our faith is what gives us this victory. (CEV)

2 Corinthians 2 v 14: …In the Messiah, in Christ, God leads us from place to place in one perpetual victory parade… (MSG)

There are many more verses that define you as successful. Open the word of God and meditate on it.

If you have trouble understanding your bible, I recommend 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.

Ask God to reveal the true meaning of success to you as you pray to him. Read these 10 easy tips to improve your prayer life.


  • Tip #4: Remove money as an issue

This tip must actually come first if you want to cultivate success in your everyday life.

People have given money power it doesn’t deserve. If you define success in terms of money, as in, you feel most successful when you have a lot of money then you are going to have a problem because what happens when you are not making as much money as you think is necessary to make you a successful person?

True success has nothing to do with money. In fact, completely remove money from the equation because it has no place in the definition of success.

In the past few months I’ve been learning to remove money as an issue and to live on less and less money everyday. Soon, I’ll dedicate an entire post to that.

But in the meantime, forget about your bank balances and how much you are making at your job. Cultivate success by removing money as an issue.


  • Tip #5: Recognize and appreciate that your best tools for success are free

If you want to cultivate success in your life, then you need not worry about resources because the best resources are given free of charge.

Have you noticed that nature’s best gifts are not bought with money but are freely available to everyone?

The sun shines on both the rich and the poor, as do the moon and the stars. The rain pours down on the soils of both the rich and the poor, and flora and fauna is for everyone’s eyes.

After all that, there’s nothing more magical. If we have all these free of charge, then we all have success at our disposal.


  • Tip #6: Live life on your own terms.

This is crucial if you want to cultivate success in your life. In fact, I have an entire post called do you have the guts to live life on your own terms? You have to check it out.

Refuse to compare yourself to others by reading how to stop comparing yourself to others.

Your definition of success doesn’t have to align with anyone else’s definitions, even when you seem to be the only one with your definition.

Don’t be tempted to do what everyone else is doing because you think it’s the right and only way to cultivate success in your everyday life. Stick to your guns about what success means to you.


  • Tip #7: Choose to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle

This tip is the main reason behind this entire blog. We should all aspire to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle because it’s our right as children of God.

Let’s do away with the complicated human philosophies that have robbed us of our joy and success, and replace those with the simple key components of food and diet, exercise, personal development, healthy relationships and spirituality.

There’s nothing complicated about living these key elements. They are all simple and can be enjoyed by everyone.

I recommend the following posts so you can remind yourself of these key components of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle:

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A simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality


The final word

For a long time I was deceived into believing I wasn’t successful just because I was lacking in some areas.

We are all human, so you can be lacking in some areas, many areas, and still be successful. Refuse to wait until you are perfect so you can feel successful because you’ll be waiting forever.

Instead redefine and cultivate success everyday by making it achievable.


Thank you for reading this post. Please share your thoughts with us about what it means to cultivate success in your everyday life.

You needn’t be a church goer to be a legitimate Christian

I know there’s that worldwide belief that you have to be a church goer in order to be a legitimate christian.

But is there any truth to that? Does being a church goer really qualify or disqualify you as a legitimate christian?


A picture for you needn't be a church goer to be a legitimate christianPhoto by Josh Sorenson from Pexels


You’ll remember that a simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality. But is cultivating your spirituality synonymous with being a church goer?

I personally don’t go to church. I don’t have anything against church attendance. In fact, I love and support the idea.

I strongly believe that church brings believers together in one place where they can help each other’s faith; not to mention, worship God.


The word of God strongly recommends the idea of being a church goer.

Hebrews 10 v 25: Some people have gotten out of the habit of meeting for worship, but we must not do that. We should keep on encouraging each other, especially since you know that the day of the Lord’s coming is getting closer. (CEV)


But we have no biblical evidence that every Christian in the biblical times was a church goer. In fact, the above verse clearly spells out that not every christian was a church goer.

The bible also doesn’t condemn those who are not church goers. The condemnation was cooked up by some christians all on their own.

But of course I welcome corrections. So pick up your bible and start searching and find out where it clearly says or even merely implies that you are condemned if you are not a church goer.

You struggle to understand the bible? Then read these 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.


But why don’t I attend church?

Simply because I haven’t found a church I’m confident will help me develop my spirituality.

Sounds like a petty and childish excuse, doesn’t it? But I don’t want to be a mere church goer who puts away the bible to gather dust until next Sunday.

No. I want to be the kind of church goer who loves every minute of church and can’t wait to read the bible on my own.

I want a pastor that focuses more on teaching the word of God than on performing all the money miracles. And it seems like nowadays money is of more concern to christians than God is.

I don’t need all those miracles. Why? Because my existence on its own is a miracle. And I believe I’m a miracle to others.

So I need a church that teaches the word that cements that so I can use my gift instead of spreading my hands out to receive miracles from God knows where (no pun intended).

So yes, that’s the kind of church goer I want to be and why I still haven’t found a church I really want to attend.


So, why do I believe you need not be a church goer to be a legitimate christian?


  • Reason #1: Christianity is a personal relationship between you and God, not a religion.

Yes. It’s between you and God.

That doesn’t mean it ends there. If you read God’s word and let it change your way of thinking, then you’ll always be willing to obey the word and spread it to everyone else. And you don’t need to be a church goer to do that. You can do that outside of church.


  • Reason #2:  Being a church goer can limit your authority as a Christian

If you understand that being a legitimate christian isn’t based on following set rules and regulations, then you know that you, just like every other christian in the world, is in the ministry of spreading God’s word.

But there are many churches that prevent their attendants from ministering to others.

Those churches say the pastor is the only one who can minister to others and the congregation must listen.

My friend was once prevented by his church from holding morning sermons in our village clinic because the church believed that was solely the duty of the pastor.

Wherever we are, and whatever job we hold, we must each teach God’s word. I recommend that you read how to serve God in your profession.


  • Reason #3: Being a church goer can distract you from the word of God

I spoke about this earlier. There are a lot of christians who go to church, not to hear the word of God but to receive the so-called miracles produced by pastors.

They want prophecies that favor them. They spend so little time on the word that they’ve lost touch with it. They’ve thrown their spirituality out of the window.

This can happen to you if you are a church goer and you’ve chosen a church that focuses more on performing miracles than on spreading the word of God.

On my own at home, I read the word of God and dwell in it, teaching myself the ins and outs of it.

I understand that the word is my tool for every situation in life. I understand wealth differently from many other people who only focus on the financial aspect of wealth.

I feel wealthy in a way that makes my life more fulfilling than I could ever have imagined before I familiarized myself with the word.

You can and should do the same. Read these 6 easy steps to stay connected to your spirituality and get back on the right path to God.


  • Reason #4: Being a church goer can make you spiritually lazy

I’m sure you know of people who attend church because it’s something they feel they must do and have been doing since they were little.

They go to church because it’s family tradition. Many people like that have reduced church attendance to a chore and they don’t do anything to grow spiritually.

It’s people like that who’ll praise you because you are a church goer and condemn you because you are not. They attach your christian worth to whether or not you are a church goer.


  • Reason #5: The idea of being a church goer as a prerequisite leaves many people out

I know this first hand because before I knew my right standing with God, I used to feel left out just because I wasn’t a church goer.

If everyone out there understood Christianity as being a personal relationship between them and God more than it is about being a church goer, then they’d become responsible for their spiritual salvation.

There’s the self-condemnation that ‘I don’t go to church so I must be a bad christian.’

People who say things like that usually give up on themselves and on God. But if people understood that being a church goer or not, God loves each and every one of us, then we’d see those previously hopeless people spring to life to claim their positions as children of God.

You, as a child of God, church goer or not, should be aware of the many blessings our father has bestowed upon you.

Are you aware of God’s blessings for you? is a post you must read because it talks about one of God’s blessings for you being a life free of condemnation.

Come to God with all your flaws because he loves you regardless. Church goer or not, God wants to use you.

So get yourself ready by reading 5 ways to position yourself to hear from God.


The final word

Again, please don’t take this to mean that I don’t support the idea of being a church goer. Of course not.

However, I feel that people have attached being a church goer to being a legitimate christian and that’s just misleading, and it leaves many people despondent because they’ve been left out of the church ‘clique.’

Church goer or not, we must all be involved in spreading God’s message however we can while being aware of our worth as children of God.


Thank you for reading this post. Are you a church goer or not? Then please share your thoughts with us about this post.





6 easy steps to stay connected to your spirituality

Remember that you have to stay connected to your spirituality if you want to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle. But if you find yourself feeling disconnected at times, you are not alone. At the moment, that’s how I feel. I’m a pretty spiritual person but lately I’ve been feeling the connection weakening.


A picture for how to stay connected to your spirituality


So what brought this on?

I make it a point to spend time with God every day, an hour a day, at least. That’s not too much time. In fact, just this morning I decided to increase the time to at least 2 hours, preferably 3.

That might sound like a lot of time. And it used to feel that way to me. There was a time when reading the bible and spending time with God was something I did to pass time. And whenever I did that, I found myself feeling guilty because I thought I was losing valuable time I could be using for something productive.

That’s it. I didn’t think highly of my relationship with God and thought it was time-wasting. But lately I’ve been determined to seek God more. The bible urges us to avoid spiritual flabbiness and to exercise our spiritual muscle a lot harder and more often.

So how do you stay connected to your spirituality if you feel yourself slipping?


  • Step #1: Identify the source of your disconnection

This is the most critical step. You have to know what caused you to lose touch with your spirituality. Maybe you are dealing with family issues? Maybe you recently faced disappointment that made you lose your trust in God?

Whatever the case, you need to identify the source of your disconnection if you truly want to stay connected to your spirituality.


  • Step #2: Take your concerns to God

Now that you’ve identified the source of the disconnection, confide in God. Tell him everything you feel in the most honest and humble way. Ask for his guidance in getting rid of this problem.

Talking to God about such matters cements your trust and reliance on him. And it will also definitely help you stay connected to your spirituality.  So get on with that prayer. Read these 10 easy steps to improve your prayer life. Also read these 5 ways to position yourself to hear from God. This way you are ready for when God gives you the answers you are looking for.


  • Step #3: Don’t just read the word but set a time to read it

If you want to stay connected to your spirituality, now you have to get in the word.

But before picking up your bible, put that in your schedule. I used to pick up the bible randomly. I’d just open it whenever I felt like it. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you have to count reading the word just as important as the rest of the items in your to-do list, if not more.

This way you don’t feel like reading the bible is eating into your valuable time. And you approach your spirituality with purposefulness and seriousness.

So, fit this item somewhere in your list if you want to stay connected to your spirituality. Treat the bible as your manual for life because it truly is. Read my post on 6 easy tips to help you understand your bible.


  • Step #4: Focus on others

Sometimes all you need to do to stay connected to your spirituality is to focus on others more than you focus on yourself. You know how self-obsessed the world is now. We are always concerned about ‘me,’ rather than ‘you.’ You will definitely struggle to stay connected to your spirituality if you are self-obsessed.

I used to be self-obsessed too. I catch myself being this way sometimes. But now I’m focusing more on others. When I pray, I always ask God to help me love others and be concerned about them more that I am about myself. I spend a huge chunk of my prayers praying for others and asking God to bless them.

It can be difficult when you start putting others before yourself. But when you do, your spirituality shifts in a positive way. So please remember this step if you want to stay connected to your spirituality.


  • Step #5: Perform an act of kindness

This follows perfectly from Step #4. As you focus on others, perform acts of kindness toward them. The other time I felt like I was in lack. But then I bought a piece of winter clothing for an orphaned child in my neighborhood. Instantly, my spirits lifted, and I felt abundant, fortunate and grateful.

That elevated my spirituality in a way I can’t even begin to describe. Stay connected to your spirituality by performing acts of kindness. You might think you don’t have the resources to do that.

But remember, your resources don’t mean money alone. Your resources could be your time, your talents and your attention. This will definitely help you stay connected to your spirituality.


  • Step #6: Stay away from the world’s philosophies at all costs

You can’t stay connected to your spirituality if you follow the world instead of God’s word. That’s because the world’s philosophies are a contradiction to the word of God.

The world says you can’t eat that but the word says you can eat whatever you want if you give thanks for it.

The world says you should get caught up into the cutthroat competition of getting more money but the word says you should be content with what you have.

The world says you should love yourself and put your needs first but the word says you should love others as much as you love yourself and put their needs before your own.

But the world can’t give you eternal life, only the word can. If you want to stay connected to your spirituality, you are going to have to choose what the word says over what the world says.


The final word

The only way to stay connected to your spirituality is to live the word of God. The word is the perfect manual for your life. Be honest with yourself and you’ll realize that the times when you feel disconnected from your spirituality are the times you deviate from the word. So then, the best way to stay connected to your spirituality is to live the word. Take care of your spirituality because in its absence, you can’t enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


Thank you for reading this post. What are your thoughts on it? Do you sometimes struggle to stay connected to your spirituality? What do you do then? Please share your story by commenting.


A simple healthy lifestyle requires spirituality

A simple healthy lifestyle is NOT possible until you connect with your spirituality.


A connect with your spirit message for a simple healthy lifestyle


What is spirituality?

Spirituality is a state of being connected with your spirit rather than believing you are only physical.

I wasn’t going to add spirituality as a category of its own. I thought maybe I might be able to cover spirituality under self-development. But then I thought it better to separate the two. That way, we’d bring out the importance of connecting with your spirituality without lumping it with other concepts.


You have to be aware that you are a spirit and you live in a physical body. We’ve heard it being said before: that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. And this is so true.


If you are physically healthy but spiritually unhealthy, then you can’t possibly enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

And we see people attempt to do that all the time. They don’t believe in the concept of spirituality. They actually mock the idea.

They have everything they need and want when it comes to material things, and marriage, and kids, friends etc. They are on the right track of course. But they lack spiritual health and you see the way they handle issues that they struggle.


Maybe you are one of those people. But think about this.

Look at your life, and the things you pursue. They are all important of course. A career, marriage, kids, having your own home, and your own car.

But what else is there after you’ve counted all these things? What do you think is your true purpose? To pursue those things only to die in the end and leave them behind?


I respect your views, but I’d like to ask you a question:

Do you really think we were meant to live physically until our death, and that’s it? You never think you have a contribution to make to this earth that is not self-focused? You never think about what’s waiting for you beyond death?


A picture of a road for a simple healthy lifestyle


I didn’t use to believe in spirituality before. I thought we were alive today and dead tomorrow and that was it. That made life seem shallow and pointless. I even realized that kind of mentality could drive one to suicide.

But I’ve come a long way since then, and I’ve developed an intimate and inseparable relationship with God. That intimacy calls for me to think not only of myself but of others and understand I’m here on this physical earth to further God’s mission.

Now I don’t think of physical death as the end, but the beginning of my eternal spiritual life.

I have to say, that way of thinking has put a new meaning to life and death. I enjoy life now knowing I’m living for my God. And when I think of death, I’m not afraid. I’m actually relieved because physical death means my spirit gets to go home and be with my Father.


I love this biblical verse:

If I live, it will be for Christ, and if I die, I will gain even more. Philippians 1 v 21 (CEV)

These are the words of Apostle Paul summing up his whole existence. Every time I read this, I thank God for my existence because in this physical body and out of it, I get to spend all eternity with my Maker.

That makes me live every second of every day with tremendous zeal. It makes me want to do God’s work more and more so that I can keep my connection with Him intact and growing.


A holy bible for a simple healthy lifestyle


So how do you connect with your spirituality?

  • Spend time with God by reading his word and praying

The bible teaches us that God’s spirit lives in us. That He is one with us and we are one with Him. What does that mean for us? That we are the true likeness of God and we can have the life he envisions for us. And we can’t know what that life is unless we read God’s word.

Pray for God’s assistance in connecting with your spirituality.


  • Find rest in God

This is a big part of connecting with your spirituality. Casting your cares upon God lets him know you trust him. You work hard but knowing he’s taking care of you and your steps are ordered by him.

That truly takes the pressure off thinking you are single-handedly in control of everything and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

When you trust God, you know that everything happens for your good, and that trials and tribulations make you grow.

This is in contrast to what you think when you live outside of your spirituality, because then problems always make you feel like a failure and trials and tribulations cause depression and hopelessness.


  • Spend time with other people who are also trying to connect with their spirituality.

People like that make you grow simply because some of them are spiritually more mature than you are and they’ll teach you how they got where they are.

These people will also encourage you when you stumble.


  • Be willing to let go off your pride and embrace humility

And that’s all it takes to begin connecting with your spirituality. As long as you are too proud to realize that there’s a higher power called God, and you think you are in control of everything, you’ll never enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.

Be humble and let God guide you, and he will. Humbly ask for his wisdom in everything you do.


Biblical verse for a simple healthy lifestyle


Connecting with your spirituality is a choice you have to make on your own. No one is going to force you, not even God because our God lets his people have their own free will.

But realize you’ll be doing yourself a favor by embracing the truth. And the truth is, you are a spiritual being. So, embrace your spirituality, nurture it and enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle.


I feel so happy after writing this post and now can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. Do you think it’s possible to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle and not be spiritual? If you are already spiritual, what are your experiences? How do you connect with your spirituality? Please let us know in the comments below