Cultivate success everyday with these 7 effective tips

If you want to cultivate success in your everyday life, then you are in the right place.

Stick with me because I’m about to give you tips on how you can do that. Your life is about to become better and simpler than you ever imagined.


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Before I embarked on my journey of enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle, I felt more like a failure than a success.

That made sense because there was a lot I wanted to have achieved but hadn’t. My goals were still not yet achieved and my dreams not yet lived.

I was just a failure trying everyday to salvage what was left of my energy to try to make something of myself.

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this. The world has created a definition of success that only a few of us can meet. The rest of us feel like failures everyday.

What does success mean to you? Because your definition of success will determine if you can cultivate success everyday in your life or not.

OK, here are the tips to cultivate success in your everyday life.


  • Tip #1: Re examine your values, or identify them for the first time

Values are vital if you want to cultivate success in your everyday life. Your values basically define what’s most important to you.

Many of us would like to think we have values. But if we get asked about them,  in a job interview for instance; we go blank.

Now is the time to be clear about what your values are. And you can’t know what your values are if you don’t know yourself.

So, get to know yourself, being honest with yourself about what’s most important to you. Not to someone else but to you. Not to your parents, or spouse, or boss, or best friend but to you.

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  • Tip # 2: So then, redefine success

Success means different things to different people. What I define as success might not be success to you, and vice versa.

So what does success mean to you? Forget about the definitions you’ve heard from other people, and I’m sure you’ve heard more than an earful.

What does success mean to you? What does it mean to you to feel successful? To me it means to live my values everyday.

You should have clear answers to these questions if you want to cultivate success in your everyday life.


  • Tip #3: Read the word of God

Simply because it’s the perfect manual for your life, especially as you try to cultivate success.

God says in many places that you are precious, and your value to him has nothing to do with the net worth that the world has attached to your name.

Go on, read the word of God and realize that you are the most important of God’s creation.

Hebrews 2 v 8: …God has put everything under our power and has not left anything out of our power… (CEV)

1 John 5 v 4: Every child of God can defeat the world, and our faith is what gives us this victory. (CEV)

2 Corinthians 2 v 14: …In the Messiah, in Christ, God leads us from place to place in one perpetual victory parade… (MSG)

There are many more verses that define you as successful. Open the word of God and meditate on it.

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  • Tip #4: Remove money as an issue

This tip must actually come first if you want to cultivate success in your everyday life.

People have given money power it doesn’t deserve. If you define success in terms of money, as in, you feel most successful when you have a lot of money then you are going to have a problem because what happens when you are not making as much money as you think is necessary to make you a successful person?

True success has nothing to do with money. In fact, completely remove money from the equation because it has no place in the definition of success.

In the past few months I’ve been learning to remove money as an issue and to live on less and less money everyday. Soon, I’ll dedicate an entire post to that.

But in the meantime, forget about your bank balances and how much you are making at your job. Cultivate success by removing money as an issue.


  • Tip #5: Recognize and appreciate that your best tools for success are free

If you want to cultivate success in your life, then you need not worry about resources because the best resources are given free of charge.

Have you noticed that nature’s best gifts are not bought with money but are freely available to everyone?

The sun shines on both the rich and the poor, as do the moon and the stars. The rain pours down on the soils of both the rich and the poor, and flora and fauna is for everyone’s eyes.

After all that, there’s nothing more magical. If we have all these free of charge, then we all have success at our disposal.


  • Tip #6: Live life on your own terms.

This is crucial if you want to cultivate success in your life. In fact, I have an entire post called do you have the guts to live life on your own terms? You have to check it out.

Refuse to compare yourself to others by reading how to stop comparing yourself to others.

Your definition of success doesn’t have to align with anyone else’s definitions, even when you seem to be the only one with your definition.

Don’t be tempted to do what everyone else is doing because you think it’s the right and only way to cultivate success in your everyday life. Stick to your guns about what success means to you.


  • Tip #7: Choose to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle

This tip is the main reason behind this entire blog. We should all aspire to enjoy a simple healthy lifestyle because it’s our right as children of God.

Let’s do away with the complicated human philosophies that have robbed us of our joy and success, and replace those with the simple key components of food and diet, exercise, personal development, healthy relationships and spirituality.

There’s nothing complicated about living these key elements. They are all simple and can be enjoyed by everyone.

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The final word

For a long time I was deceived into believing I wasn’t successful just because I was lacking in some areas.

We are all human, so you can be lacking in some areas, many areas, and still be successful. Refuse to wait until you are perfect so you can feel successful because you’ll be waiting forever.

Instead redefine and cultivate success everyday by making it achievable.


Thank you for reading this post. Please share your thoughts with us about what it means to cultivate success in your everyday life.

Live stress free with these 10 great tips

Do you want to live stress free? Then you are in the right place because I’m about to share with you easy tips you can start using right now to live stress free.


A picture to live stress freePhoto by Pedro Figueras from Pexels         


I too used to want to live stress free. But at the time, I was riddled with so much stress that the notion to live stress free seemed far fetched.

There was so much going on in my life. I wanted so many things that I didn’t have. And the things that I did have didn’t seem to be helping much to achieve the ones I wanted.

I had too much going on in my head. I stressed about my present and my future so much I couldn’t concentrate on anything long enough to finish it.

This struggle remained even long after I made the decision to start enjoying a simple healthy lifestyle.

But right now as I write this, I’m confident that I have let go of stress and now live stress free.

It was hard at first letting go of stress because I’d gotten so accustomed to it that it was a legitimate part of my life.

But I can tell you right now that my life is much better without stress and I look forward to every coming day and whatever it brings; pleasures and discomforts.

You can live stress free too, and here’s how:


  • Tip #1: Read the word of God

This is the best tip to live stress free. The word of God is soothing in a truthful way.

It lets you know that you are loved beyond explanation by our father, and also offers counsel. You can’t go wrong if you stick to it.

2 Timothy 3 v 16: Everything in the Scriptures is God’s word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live. (CEV)

You can trust the word of God to always tell you the truth. It doesn’t manipulate you by telling you only what you want to hear. So you can trust it to always be honest with you.

Now you can tailor your life to go in step with God’s counsel. If you do that, you are more than guaranteed to live stress free.

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Also read 7 easy steps to help you find rest in God.


  • Tip #2: Re-examine you values

Or examine them for the first time. It’s easy to assume that every one is aware of their values. But some people just live unaware of their values.

Consciously re-examine your values. Your values will always make it clear to you what you want in life.

Now that you are clear on your values, you can begin to pinpoint the things you should do away with.

Those things will highly likely be your stressors, so this tips is extremely important if you want to live stress free.


  • Tip # 3: Forgive yourself

You can’t begin to live stress free if you can’t forgive yourself. You are swimming in guilt or regrets and therefore you have too much stress on your hands.

Remember life is for everyone to enjoy. And it’s a journey, not a destination. Just because you took a detour to the wrong side doesn’t mean you can’t find your way back to the right path.

Work toward becoming a better person. Let your mistakes be life lessons. Everyone makes mistakes, remember that.

Let the mistakes of your past be your past, and those include the mistakes you made yesterday because now they are in the past.


  • Tip #4: Forgive others

Just as it’s important to forgive yourself, it’s equally important that you forgive others for the wrongs they’ve done to you.

Others are just as worthy of forgiveness as you are. Forgiving others frees you more than it frees them.

I’m sure you know what I mean. Have you ever been in the same room as a friend who wronged you a few months ago?

You are still pouting and sulking in the corner and they are laughing with everybody else and having a good time?

I know the feeling. And it just makes you look and feel stupid. Forgive others and free yourself to also enjoy yourself at all times.

Read my post on a simple healthy lifestyle requires forgiveness.


  • Tip #5: Accept your life just the way it is

Yes. This is also very important if you want to live stress free.

So what if your life is pretty bad right now? I know you are wondering about that.

Then accept it just the way it is. Accepting it doesn’t mean settling in it. It means consciously acknowledging it instead of running away from it in denial.

Whatever your life circumstances, accept them. If you’ve been in jail, or you are in jail, accept that.

If you’ve been an abusive spouse, then accept that.

Only when you accept your life circumstances can you begin to take steps to improve them. This will definitely help you to live stress free.


  • Tip #6: Think the best of every situation

I don’t care what it is. Divorce, disease, failing at school, getting fired from work, you name it.

These are bad situations, I know. But it’s the bad situations that always teach us the best lessons in life as long as we don’t play the victim but accept them.

So always see the best of whatever situation you find yourself in. I guarantee that this will help you live stress free.


  • Tip #7: Be present in everything you do

It’s easy to be preoccupied with other things while we are doing one thing, and this elevates stress.

If you are washing dishes, but now you are worried about paying the bills and the kids’ tuition, and the mortgage, then stress is bound to overwhelm you.

Instead, learn to be present in what you are doing. You can teach yourself to think of only washing the dishes.

You can compartmentalize everything so that you don’t let your stressors dominate all your time. This way you don’t let stress prevent you from being productive.

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  • Tip #8: Leave the future where it’s supposed to be, in the future

Don’t stress about the unreal. Everything in the future is unreal; have you ever thought about that? That wedding you are planning for Christmas, it’s unreal. That house you are going to buy next summer, that’s unreal.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for them. But you should remember that tomorrow is unknown and things might turn out differently than you thought, or they might not even happen at all.

So, in this midst of the unknown, why stress? No, focus on what you can do now and leave the future to God to handle.


  • Tip #9: Declutter your life

And do this in every way imaginable if you want to live stress free. People have a lot of stress because they have a lot of material, mental, emotional, financial, intellectual and social clutter. If only they could declutter their lives.

You don’t need all those other things outside of your basic needs. Stop hoarding stuff because managing it means stress. Simplify your life in the best possible way.

Soon I’ll dedicate an entire to post to decluttering your life, so please keep following my posts.


  • Tip #10: Be grateful

I’m surprised by people who roll their eyes at this tip. Don’t underestimate the significance of gratitude if you want to live stress free.

Most people can’t get out of stress because instead of being grateful for the good things in their lives, they are busy whining about the bad things in their lives.

Sometimes they whine even about the good things because they’ve become blind to how lucky they are.

If you are like that, it’s time to change. Gratitude is the best antidote for stress, so take a spoonful and live stress free.


The final word

The decision to live stress free is well within your reach; you just have to make it. If you are used to living with stress, then the thought that you can live stress free can seem inconceivable and unreal at first.

But it is your right as a child of God to live stress free and enjoy the life God has blessed you with.

Many people have died and many are dying right now, so you are blessed to still be alive. Don’t let one more moment of your life go wasted as you wallow in stress.

You can make a choice to be happy from this moment forth. All it takes is a decision to be happy. I recommend 17 simple things you must do to become happier.

Also check out how to be free from anger.


Thank you for reading this post. What do you think of it? Are you trying to live stress free? Then please share with us how you are going about doing that.